The Asus ROG Strix GL502 is available in FHD for $2599 AUD and UHD 4K for $2699 AUD from selected ASUS Partners & ASUS E-Shop


This review focuses mainly on the gaming performance of this machine.

An incredibly slick exterior with a smooth brushed aluminium top panel emblazoned with the Asus ROG logo illuminated in a cool orange glow.

Opening the lid reveals more of the same orange and black colour work which extends over to the WASD keys giving the laptop a unique look.

LED’s illuminate the chiclet style keyboard, featuring a full num-pad.
Below this we find a nice smooth multi-touch touchpad.

The screen on this particular model is a 4k panel, it is incredibly sharp and makes reading text an absolute pleasure due to such a high pixel density.
Other models can be purchased with 1080p screens too if 4k isn’t something you need.

The model I have also has a 256GB NVME PCI SSD installed, these units outperform conventional 2.5″ SSD’s by a substantial margin.
If you want the fastest performing drive in your laptop, get one that supports this!

Coupling an Intel i7 with an Nvidia GTX970M gives this laptop a really solid performance base to run some of the latest games at settings that might just surprise you!
( During the review period of this model, newer units are now available with Nvidia 10 series GPU’s for even more powerful gaming performance )

Games tested :
Dark Souls 3
Grand Theft Auto V

All in game footage was recorded while running on this laptop.

Reviewed machines specifications:
Intel Core i7 6700HQ
Nvidia GTX970M 3GB GFX
4k screen (3840×2160)

The product featured in this video was supplied by Asus Australia for the purpose of review.

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Marechan28 Gaming says:

I do I had lenovo y510p but I had to send it because the motherboard went, so now I have get a new laptop, would I need a laptop cooling pad if I just to have on the counter.


malade !!!! 🙂

The Ultimate Noob says:

Asus pronunciation “EHHHH! SOOOS!”

A part of me apart from me says:

laptop nah thanks

NovaRatchet says:

Really enjoyed this, thanks!

jake clarke says:

I had an old ASUS ROG G74 which I just upgraded to an MSI GE72 Apache pro, kinda wish I waited a little bit longer for this but oh well

Cris Garcia 6 says:

can i use this laptop for twitch livestream

Matsimus Gaming says:

God I would love to have this beast!!

jonathan standley says:

I have one these. I like it a lot but mine hot as dicks fast. Do you have this problem kizz?

Ct Nasty says:

Is this the new one with gtx 1060

Mazing400 says:


Death Elitist says:

Masterkizz? Or LinusTechTips? Regardless, awesome video.

ArmandoIsBack says:

You were scammed.

Tino Stephens says:

Why did he run everything in Medium or high lol

Masterkizz says:

How many of you game on a laptop?

whiterabbit_obj says:

Beast review as always. Love the new camera scan 😀

KKK Mob Gang says:

RIP this channel

Hax4Snax says:

Thats a ton of money for a gaming PC, obviously its very high end laptop but thats a substantial investment. I suppose if you have the money and are on the road a lot this laptop would be a solid purchase. Good review Kizz, glad to see some youtube love from you!

TheOmegaOni says:

I have a question about this laptop. I just bought it for my birthday, and it seems to be working very fast and smooth outside of games. Inside of games… not too much. CSGO runs well at medium only, H1z1 struggles to run on medium, ark runs on high, but for some reason the graphics are really bad looking, even though the settings are turned up. I made it use the dedicated 970m instead of the integrated chip as well as setting it to high performance mode on and off battery, and it still does this. Do you know why this is?

player9195 says:

If you aren’t gonna use it can I have it ? Thanks I’ll send you my info 🙂

Bunt Scottish Gamer says:

I can see me buying this when it comes out in the U.K Nice review mate would love to see more like a laptop with two 1080’s “Cough Cough” Asus hook my man Kizz up he Da Bes 🙂

Ashtro Live says:

This is my first gaming PC and i only want it for gtaV and Minecraft. Both with mods, i feel like i made the right choice!

Nevid Kotoboshi says:

I have this particular laptop, under load for about an hour of gaming my gpu gets upwards of 85c. Is this your experience or is mine just weird?

Ki11er Six says:

Great review, Kizz and CONGRATS on 100K!!

pdavda says:

Great video Kizz, the production values are top notch.

KingJimO8 says:

all i need now is a roll of 100’s and we’re all good.

Sean Bollis says:

Do you have a link to the SSD you installed?

Sebastián Lazarte says:

Hey, just saw your video and I think I’ll buy this laptop next month. I was looking for MSI laptops but they are kind of the same but more pricey. I found this model at ASUS store at 1200, so I think this is the choice. Answer this for me tho, this laptop works fine with medium-heavy games like Skyrim, FarCry, The Witcher III, etc? I need it for college too, is this the right choice? Great video btw, already suscribed.

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