Asus ROG GX800VH Review: The World’s Fastest Gaming Laptop?

Overclocked Core i7 6820HK, dual GTX 1080s in SLI – all in a portable form factor. It takes quite a lot to take Rich by surprise these days, but the performance on this thing is simply epic. Just don’t ask how much it costs.

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America, FuckYA! says:

Just got a ASUS ROG G752VM-RB71 laptop. Love it.

AndiSeli li says:

Not the fastest, the MSI GT83VR SLI GTX 1080 is faster..
2 GTX 1080 in SLI and 64 GB Ram same as this one but no cooling box
Also, on MSI you have the option of upgrading the hardware and cost much less than this one.
And who the hell would take this cooling box around with them??
I used to only buy Asus until having problems with my brand new Asus Gaming Laptop and it is a fact that Asus customer care is the absolut worst i have ever had to deal with..

Shafik Jininy says:

How much in kidney currency?

douglasr74 says:

Now this is an apples to apples price comparison against the 2016 Macbook pro!

Lightskin Thoughts says:

just got it for 6000 on new egg

Daniel R. says:

“If you have to ask how much it costs chances are you can’t afford it” that’s something someone who hasn’t gone through puberty yet would say.

MrMAAKK says:

Make a new vid now ,the ACER 21″ beast is here!

David Santos says:

where I can buy?

Deadpool says:

@7:48 “you won’t be able to afford it”, LOL not everyone is as poor as you are.

Luis Ska says:

only 299$

Real_Big_Boss says:

Where to buy this?

Killermy3 says:

Finally, I can play Runescape.

Sam Vicari says:

Holy shit….

Basim Shadow says:

what is the names of games in the video,please?

rick admiraal says:

This is gonna be my new laptop ones i can order one here in the netherlands !

David Wielander says:

Im asking myself which is the bigger bottleneck, the lack of cooling or the mobile cpu

dogb8t says:

#DigitalFoundry My Alienware M18X R2 Intel i7-3920XM Extreme 32GB 2x GTX 880m 1TB SSHD was stolen from my home and the insurance company is replacing it with a GT83VR Titan SLI though I’m not to pleased with it’s lack of a 4k screen. Is this a good replacement or is there better options ?????????????

alexgrazie93 says:

i can afford it but its still weak for me if doesnt have at least 200 fps on 4k

Edwin Garcia says:

Hey can you at least buy it in a single gtx 1080 and 3k resolution???

Leonardo Mireles says:

All I heard was “HG300 thousand 3 MM DOUBLE THREE NINETYFIVE 23 22% SECOND EDITION” SOO….its pretty good.

Roe Larry says:

LMAO @ 7:15 “bee-he-moth”.

Gio Delacruz says:

Imagine You Got This From Christmas ^O^

Marcelino Dreams says:

Great really expense so only some people can have this. Yay. So tired of how technology is only for one group of people.

dhirar faisal says:

razer is much better than that shit huge laptop LOL

Кристопер влалимир Алехандер Армстронг says:

I came watching this video about the laptop
not because the laptop
is because Richard
Richard you are so hot, you should be as a porn star

MusicL0veSiencePeace says:

Elmer Fudd? Your voice was somehow familiar to me. No disrespect.

ke kk says:

what about MSI GT83. ROG keyboards are so ugly, I hope they come with a piece of cloth to cover it up as the MSI

Workout Baby says:

Best gaming laptop under $1,500? Please reply.

Juron Lobo says:

Holy fuck

Cliff Lee says:

this might sound nuts but considering the price, they should have added a touchscreen. even the new razerblade pro has a 4k touchscreen, with a gtx1080.

on a laptop I’ve gotten sucked into the touchscreen. desktop the touchscreen isn’t necessary. laptop it’s much nicer to have especially since not everyone likes touch pads.

Daniel Pollard says:

That’s going on my list for this year

The Uncanny One says:

Honestly, might get this on finance just for the hell of it. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS THING!

Tech Nirvana says:

Most interesting pronunciation of Behemoth I’ve heard 7:15!!!

James Watts says:

How does it compare performance wise to Sagers dual 1080 laptop. I know maxed out spec-wise that beast runs around 6,000 USD.

Mtc Net says:

$ 5،999.00

Azfar90 - A2ZGames - says:

I thought I was already satisfied with my own current GTX980 laptop..but I wish I would own this…someday…if I have Bill Gates’ assets…

DavKellar says:

It’s bigger than him

laith alwedyan says:

do i need to remind you guys that within 5 years a 1500$ Desktop or a 2000$ laptop would be faster than this ? and btw the 2000$ would be half of it’s size with a better battery life

douglasr74 says:

Now this is an apples to apples price comparison against the 2016 Macbook pro!

Mr AnonymousStar says:

How much does this Behemoth cost?

Duane Locsin says:

It’s a “because we can” kind of product of today.

I expect in a few years SLI/Crossfire GPU laptops that are very thin to be even more common and no longer the extreme.

☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠ says:

As an MMORPG player, why do I need a stronger laptop? can’t find any good games ..

Carter says:

this machine is definitely in the 4-5k range. I’ll take a custom gaming pc instead thanks.

Brandon Lucia says:

I hope Asus enjoys there victory while they can. Because that Acer Predator 21X is right around the corner.

MSI ASUS says:

Can’t wait to get this laptop and upgrade later on oh wait you can’t.

Sports Video Games says:

Where can I buy this?

Will this take Intel® Core™ i7-6970HQ Processor ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Papa Bizon says:

who the f would buy this for college lol

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