Asus ROG GX700VO Watercooled Laptop Review

Today Leo looks at the world’s first watercooled laptop – from ASUS. this is certainly a video you don’t want to miss! Read the full review over here:

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sweet dreams says:

I own an asus fx502vm but this asus was a big fail seems like asus was desperate. this looked like such a fail I didnt even give a fuck half way into the video about the specs or what that big thing on the back does and the reviewer was so apologetic, this is an old video and just recently at ces, asus showed that it learned somethings from alienware specially in the area of external performance boosters, alienware has an external gpu thing that you can change the gpu to any gpu of your likiing and it connects to the laptop via one cable thats long enough to place it where you want and its half the size of this thing that has 3 ports connecting to the “laptop”, if you buy this today or already got one less than 3 months ago then you are an idiot.

Alex Tracy says:

Asus = Typical made in china (taiwan = province of china) knockoff cheap plastic laptops that are never reliable. Avoid this cheap 3rd world country quality Chinese crap at all costs. 😉

billyboy124 says:

Here is a gaming laptop for only 600$ its got the laptop, laptop cooler, controller and headset not bad!

Leon De Vos says:

Desert light base hcxqlr back what tonight.

Fojum says:

Ok if you need so much cooling then you have to have so much 4k porn in the background!!

Yassine Gonzalez says:

Giant reason component tape much melt.

Tim McParland says:

that right control key tho …

morrisdxdx says:

This sucks and no one is going to buy them

JustMeNoOther says:

This is so fancy, trendy and expensive; but I do not like the external cooling system, it’s so huge, it’s so … Whatever, what if I just want to buy the laptop, I do not play so much games, I’m interested in CAD software and Corel, for these, its performance is perfect, but … Take in care, that a gamer will pass a lots of hours playing, and that is the purpose of the external cooling system, you do not want to stay and play for just 1 hour. In these times, carrying a luggage with that ASUS logo there, maybe you will become a HEY STEAL MY LAPTOP PLEASE !!!

Alfie090804 says:

Just get a desktop

Firman Hyde Permana says:

you sounds british, why using pounds as measure?

monica geller says:

some people spend more than 4000$ for that new touch id macbook pro, with radeon thingy

Andreas Gustafsson says:

stupid af. Just buy an desktop and monitor for the same price and its twice as good

mad Guy says:

i may as well have a desktop for that size like why

Abdul Hakim Muzani says:

“Everything lined up there.. Koodgush!”

sousgames says:

1080 or 980

☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠ says:

All this comments about getting a desktop is better.
The water cooling is NOT necessary to play on 60 FPS constantly with no heat.
I’m doing fine with my 3.6 Hz Asus rog laptop.

sabdo wicaksono says:

With this laptop, can I play tetris with smooth graphic and not pixelate ?

I'm Gay! But Anyways, says:

If Asus is willing to strap a fucking TANK to the back of their laptop, I’d rather have the tank be filled with an SLI GTX 1080 or some variant, than water cooling. Otherwise, unless you’re the love child of Donald Trump and Bill Gates, and being showered (literally) with money, or have a serious mental condition, this isn’t a smart purchase.

Salty der Regenmacher says:

hahahaha jesus christ

Nicolas Silva says:

this is the most idiotic concept in history of laptops, is even bigger than an actual desktop with watercooling system

Charlyjaja says:


Gr0s3d says:

it literally a desktop, u can get a desktop with the same characteristics for half of prize

paul christian lucero says:

And you call that thing a Laptop? stfu

Ege Sagita says:

gan gw punya pnumbuh tuker sama ROG…mau gak?

Darshan Mathukiya says:


curse Love says:

you people do not travle and mybe you dont even leave you’re home town so you wont understand
but to us who is always flying or on the road this is the best comp you can get or bring with you
no matter where u go so yes i am going to buy it 🙂

jw says:

laptoplaptoplaptoplaptoplaptoplaptoplaptop omg shut up

Alfredo Noyola says:

There is an early water cooled laptop. the Fujitsu Lifebook FMW-BIBLO NW

Todor Popov says:

I think the modern “Gaming” laptops are really serious in performance. Why would you need to buy this beast only for better cooling system?

Darshan Mathukiya says:

ohh thanks.

TheShoclone says:

people all have opinions yet have n idea what the next person has in there bank ! worth getting if you can afford it

James Mcarton says:

people are stupid for buying a gaming laptops.,

AzimSobri says:

you know you cant buy it

MOROKO says:

aaaa ee aaa eee aa

Rainy says:

Lmfao why the FUCK would you pay 1500 for a liquid cooler for a ROG… They are already the coolest and best ventilated laptops available and have NEVER had heating issues you don’t even need a cooling pad for DAYS of gaming sessions. Useless imo… This version has the 980m o_O?

Basti Chavez says:

WTF 3500 lbs laptop(1:19)?!?!? 2000lbs for the laptop and 1500 lbs for the colling system????? 3500 lbs is 1587.573 kgs or 1.5 tons

BlackChef says:

great indepth review thank you very much subbed

Samsuri Ismail says:

fps 60-80 lol.

Elea Rodriguez says:

Undermine divine sleep mad core depth embrace plain

Bayram Kocyigit says:

Looks like big shit

JorzAllan says:

why the f*ck would u need a portable gaming machine anyway? jesus f*ck where do u wanna go play with it? in the park? because it’s portable?

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