ASUS K501LX-EB71 2015 Review: Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000

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Gameplay recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay
Edited with Sony Vegas 12
Commentary recorded with Blue Yeti USB microphone
Live action video recorded with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Abdullah k777 says:

what’s better Asus K501LX or K501UX ?

Viorel Grecu says:

How about the temperatures ? is heating ? its noisy or silent ?

Bibek Bhandari says:

It is on amazon with 1TB hard disk included.

Chris Spreitzer says:

Within this video you have managed to drop the computer out of the box, accumulated an excessive amount of fingerprints on the screen lid, scratched the side of it with a dime and mistakenly kept on calling it a NOTEBOOK

codmiester says:

had this laptop for a year now, the performance is really good and boots up really fast but the screen is not good (but you can get used to it) and the trackpad is pretty bad. battery lasts like 6 hours so not bad

Juan Pais says:

I’ve bought a 2.5″ HDD and it wont fit, do i need a slim one? 7mm maybe?

Kai Jiang says:

Does that have a Ethernet port?

JoPer says:

How well can this laptop stream/record games?

Sakata Gintoki says:

Can I run Dark Souls 3 on 720p at medium settings with 35-40 fps at this laptop?

Stylze says:

ok wow that was a mouth full…..thats what she said.hahaha dude your awesome.

Rob Gauthier says:

Just got one of the these for Video editing, what u think it’ll look like ?

TheVin Guy says:

why do asus keep making toasty fckn laptops

Jackson Haskell says:

I’ve had this laptop for around 9 months now, and it’s impressive. It plays Borderlands 2 on high settings and my modded version of Skyrim on medium settings (unmodded high). It can also play more recent graphics intense games like Black Desert Online on medium settings (FPS ~45-63) (Note: I think it could do mid-to-high if my internet connection wasn’t such a performance bottleneck).

When used for gaming the battery lasts a commendable 3-3.5hrs. When web browsing, writing essays, listening to music, etc. I’ve had it last more than 7hours with the screen brightness turned low (note: I’ve optimized power settings for long battery life.)

This isn’t the lightest laptop in the world, but everyone I’ve let hold is always is impressed with how little it weighs. I always carry it in my backpack (in a case) and I would say it rates well in terms of portability.

The 256GB SSD was smaller than I liked, so I upgraded it with an additional 512GB SSD. It was my first time doing this and it took me all of 10 minutes, very simple even without the easy access panel.

For professional applications (engineering) it doesn’t match up to a workstation so if you’re running something like MATLAB or Solidworks expect to wait longer than your work computer. But, thanks to the SSD, it actually breaks about even with my home system (i5-4670k, MSI GTX 660, 8GM RAM, 7200RPM 2TB HD).

I hope this helped!

Valerie Mcleven says:

kinda wished it look more like a gaming laptop. I’m looking for a laptop like this but that looks more like a gaming laptop. Yes, looks matter to me I don’t know why but they just do.

sherri419 says:

The screen looks really good from the side could it be this is a Samsung screen with PLS (since it doesn’t mention IPS) I’d think a TN screen wouldn’t look so good from the side like this one does?.

Donnie Wessler says:

this laptop looks really good, though I agree with you moving the caps lock indicator to the front is pretty stupid.

Marouane says:

hi plz help me i have a problem how i can switch intel HD graphics 5500 to nvdia gtx 950m for my videos games

boraa syr says:

yes resident evil hd run great with high setting but what about nfs 2015 ????

Ausseriridische says:

Lol! I haven’t even watched the whole vid, but i’m liking it for the cheesy joke!

Theelimeted says:

I have a $12,000 gaming laptop and it is 10/10

Feken Baboyan says:

Is the fan really that load??

that guy says:

so dual core’s good enough for gaming?

Mustafa Hasan says:

Does it run Cs Go on high ?

seyhan köseoğlu says:

I know ı am a bit late but can it run GTA5-adobe after effects-photoshop at once ?

FMG Gaming says:

how do you turn on the backlight says:

Why you did not show the back side to check the upgrading posibilities?

TrainGuy says:

Two questions. 1. Is it easy to upgrade? 2. Is the SSD in the M.2 slot? I’m thinking about getting this laptop.

Bleach it m8 jejd says:

It costed me $6800 on my country wtf

John Bergman says:

2:00  “THAT’S a knife!”

Abdullah k777 says:

ابغى ناس عرب جرب الابتوب ذا وتحطه في اليوتويب

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