ASUS GL752 Review – 17″ Budget Gaming Laptop (Late 2015)

My review of the 2015 ASUS GL752V. A moderately priced 17″ gaming laptop Enjoy!
A comprehensive review covering the screen, keyboard, trackpad, build quality with video editing and gaming performance.

Is this the best valued 17″ gaming laptop? Is this thing good for gamers?

Review unit: i7/16G/1TB/960M

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Zero VNE says:

review the gl553vw the new one thanks

Matus Island says:

has it ssd

Russell Lin says:

I got it yesterday

Nexus :3 says:

Anyone who doubts this piece of pure awesomeness. I got this laptop 1 month ago and i love it, not a single this i would regret!

angelo dancel says:

which do you prefer when you’re using it in college? gl752? or gl552?

Jamiro Smajic says:

Is this any good for music production? I guess the specs suggest so. .

TheArabianCamel says:

cant wait i work at best buy and gl752vw just went on clearance for employees getting it for 600

The Zapster says:

I have this laptop and I can confirm this review also well done, but what sucks about the laptop is it can get pretty hot after multiple hours of use but the worst comes in when the laptop caps the fps to 30 without charge to save battery, also at random when gaming it just drops to 30fps reguardlesss

Gaming The right way says:

Hey their is a website called kevinbtech that is selling it for 780 dollars is it safe


Very helpful video.  I do love the potential of this laptop,  with it’s upgradability.  I have just Purchased the Asus ROG G752VS-GC054T 17.3 inch Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7-6820HK 2.7 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD, Nvidia GTX1070 8 GB VRAM, Windows 10)  & will be using it for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro  with After effects.  Did purchase the 15″ Mac book Pro but had to return it after they sold me one with a small 256GB SSD RAM Drive when I requested a minimum of 512GB SSD RAM.   I got a instant refund of £2550 approx. and purchased the Asus .   I do love your well presented videos Thanks again Tony from the UK London

Ali Vanessa says:

Just bought this for $800. And I need his Tshirt!

Andero Müürisepp says:

can it run overwatch and rainbow 6

hello world says:

lol i guess we have a different definition of affordable; this thing is $1000.

realization@alltimehigh says:

HI could you tell me if this laptop comes with any games preinstalled?

Connor Kenway says:

This looks like the g752V’s little brother lol

Yul Reon says:

Can it Run Witcher 3?

mrproduccione says:

name of the game ? 4:40 plis 😀

Curtis A.R says:

My old Asus G73 lasted about 6 years until the MB died. How long do you think this PC will last?

Radu Dragne says:

Nice aim bot you got there, Dave

d_oragon says:

what is the best asus gl752 or lenovo y700?

Luigi OG says:

GL752 -TN display vs GL 552 IPS display. Is a deference? The GL 752 is good for photo editing or I should go with GL 552?

GoTeamScotch says:

What model of the GL752VW is this? I’m thinking of getting a GL752VW-DH71 and I’m not sure if it’s an IPS screen or not. The one in the video is, but the author doesn’t state what version of the GL752VW it is.

Martines 007 says:

asus gl552 is good for vfx editing ???

Biomix x says:

Hello , is there a internet port on it ?

Ivan Matias says:

can you take the battery?

wilson ramos says:

hi guys, just want to ask what’s the best ssd for this laptop? thankyou

BenjoThe Toast says:

Thank’s for the Infos! It was a very good Review! 🙂 I liked and subbed. Keep up the good work!

Russell Lin says:

I am typing on that computer right now

Super Sonic says:

How much storage space does the chocolate have?

Doctor Sad says:

since i own an old alienware, im used to low fps and low quality. will this run some newer games (or some older games) like fractured space, space engineers or dark souls?

Gizmo Doge says:

I need a cheap laptop that can handle Roblox… I really want an Asus laptop. Does anybody have suggestions?

jim g says:

Lmao Puts a Candy wrapper straight on motherboard

Abraham Michaels says:

Is this laptop good for c# programming and webdevelopment? (Visual studio)

rizki santosa says:

Hay Dave, can you also add Cinebench Test in your next video, it will be great , and helpful, for gamer and designer. so they know how much is The FPS and the Render point for designer.

Bours911 says:

can i play league of legends on max settings ? i only play this game and might play csgo. Is it worth buying only for these two games ? i heard these asus gaming laptops have many defects is it true ?

Спутник says:

What is the material of where your palms will rest when gaming?

Foxy Grandma says:

the chocolate will melt

Koay Qian Wei says:

is this model suitable for playing GTA V?

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