ASUS GL702 Review (GTX 1060) – Is This Gaming Laptop Too Hot?!

Dave2D review of the best thin and light 17″ gaming laptop from Asus. ASUS ROG GL702 STRIX with the GTX 1060. Covering build quality, gaming performance and battery life.
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adsnyd57 says:

I have this laptop and it’s AWESOME!!! I SERIOUSLY recommend it!

Abhishek Prakash says:

your graphical description is just simply great, each component very well defined.

DoubleUThings says:

Thanx, man! Just what I needed to know and needed. Ordered one!

Kunal Arora says:

Can you please do a video reviewing how the Opolar LC05 vacuum cooler performs with GL702VM?

fearflounder says:

I’m only getting 75 fps on overwatch 75hz how do I un enable this

Arief Raihan S. says:

Just wanted to share my (little bit) horrible experience.This runs laptop runs hot for me and it thermal throttles. What i do is to sadly undervolt it to -135mV with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and do almost the same procedure on my GPU so that it ran at maximum temp of 85c(i tried it on a very demanding games such as Battlefield 1 and GTA V on Ultra[it runs smooth though]) in relatively warm tropical country. So due take a note that this laptop runs quite hot and you should consider wether or not buying it if you live in a warm country. But as for myself im quite limited on the option for a Thunderbolt 3 and 1060 equipped laptop in my country which is Indonesia because others cost a ton of tax money and GL702VM is my only choice.

Lucas Blaney says:

did you block the speakers when gaming? I feel like my wrist would rest right near where it is placed which seems like a huge oversight

Husaini T says:

Is that NVME ssd?

CROner Gaming says:

damn dat orange is ugly 🙁 I got an Alienware 15 r3 instead because I couldnt stand that orange

Amin Nikkhah says:

hi can this labtop hold on by 7 hours playing a not so strong games like cs go and dota and dont get hot?

jamreal18 says:

thank you for this review…

i almost buy this laptop, im glad i watched your review first… thanks!!!!

ChocolateMoose says:

Dave is in gold in Ovverwatch? Wow i thought he was in diamond.

Anitrex006 says:

Why did you not point out that the GPU fails to maintain anything above the 1550 Mhz base clock due to thermal throttling? The bigger and better cooled G752 reaches and stays at 1900Mhz easy. That is a 20%+ difference.

V3MD says:

Is the GL702VS the one with the GTX 1070?

Ahraz Iqbal says:

Sir can you please review the latest Asus GL702VM(titanium) with the new Kabylake Quad core processor which was announced at recently at CES 2017. Thanks!
I love your vids. Love from India.

Easy life says:

Still trying to figure out who the hell pays 3000$ for iMacs… When there are laptops 2 times as good and only cost half the price.

Diego De Marco says:

Hiya please can u help me? I’m really confused if to buy asus gl702vm with i5 6300,1060 gtx or the hp omen 17 with i5 6300,1060 gtx… please help guys

RapidSausage says:

I’ve read lots of complaints about gpu throttling and bad cooling design, can anyone confirm that?

Satya Manohar says:

Which is best laptop in GTX 1060 card.

Aryan Mishra says:

Dave will it get much hotter after operating it for 6hr with surrounding temp of 30 degree celcius … I am about to buy it soonnnn

Paulo says:

Waiting for the versions without the “Republic of Gamers”in front of it. looks childish i prefer the “Asus” printed

leo taupin says:

Hi dave ! Thanks for your good advices 🙂 I’m gonna buy this computer and take a computer’s cooler. I’m a French guy, as you say in hot countries it could create some issues but it’s pretty cold in my country, i think everybody here will confirm this (even in summer ) so it’s not a problem for me. I’m an editor and musician, i’m gonna have this kind of computer’s usage , work on adobe creative (not all the softwares ) and maybe some avid pro tools for the sound , and eventually play some games sometimes, i’m a big fan of telltale’s work , sorry to narrate my life. For the battery i think if i always think to well treat the computer , everything will be fine ^^.

Good continuation


Digonto Ahmed says:

what is the price in Malaysia?this laptop?

Peyton Greer says:

Would really like to get your opinion if I could, I’ve been searching for a gaming laptop(and will need one for school). I’ve been leaning majorly towards the Asus gl502 or gl702. Would you recommend one of those, or more so something like the MSI ge62 or something like that?

Unboxed Tech says:

My top row of keys aren’t working straight out of the box anyone have this problem

sweetsandman says:

why is it I can’t find any reviews on the GL702VS?

What's the geek says:

does it have a full desktop card or a mobile version ?

FiredGnu says:

how many does it cost??? pls reply

Blackdoxx says:


What the Frickidyfrackety says:

Can you change the color off the backlighting

cristian ._.mingle says:

Is this better than msi?

thanh thai says:

guys, i need some votes.
this, or the msi ge63vr. note that the msi is 100$ cheaper

Humor Muzik says:

can i use video editing programs on this laptop? for example after effects,sony vegas etc

Omar Gould says:

hey Dave I just bought this laptop it works great except it keeps freezing after 2 or more hours of use Im not sure why? I might contact Asus to figure this out at first I thought because it was getting hot so I bought a fan and its still freezing after 2 hours of use especially when Im using Zbrush or 3Ds max could it be a driver issue?

Dhanan Jayan says:

Hi D, plz help, I finalize MSI GS63VR(1060) and GL502/702(1060). mostly I’ll work video editing, Photoshop work n music. plz plz help me.

NotRexer says:

I prefer Razer

Emilio Gallegos Garcia says:

so this may sound stupid but can I just throw a Cooler Master pad belox this and make it better? Not just a 3-4 degrees but make it worth to buy? And how’s the sound when playing? if i play on class will everyone hear a airplane coming from my pc?

Hds Sergiu says:

Good review , thanks

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