Asus GL553 / GL753 Review (GTX 1050 TI) – 25% Faster!

Dave2D review of the GL553VD + GL753VD. How good is the cheapest gaming laptop from Asus equipped with the Kaby Lake 7700HQ and GTX 1050 TI?
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Elevator says:

my laptop does not have the app to change the keyboard lightting. Is it pre installed or do i have to download it from somewhere?

Tamir7893 says:

wich one is better? this one or the lenovo y700?

Kevinacho Murillo says:

is the refresh rate of these displays higher than 60hz?

Deepak Rao says:

Hey are these replacement for the gl552vx/vw ?? O.o

michael palomo says:

Please help someone I have a quick question if you were to pick between ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71 and ASUS GL553VD-DS71 15.6 for music production and gaming but focused on music production which would be a better choice both are same price

Kotovod Kotov says:

Authors of this review ( ) are not that optimistic concerning this laptop. Biased as they may be for the competitors of Acer and Dell with cheaper TN screens, the reviewer report following issues of Asus ROG Strix GL553VD:

1. There is still some overeating under heavy load, as one could expect from a single-fan cooling system. Though tbe overall internal temperatures stay in tolerable limits, the exhaust vent spot seems to overheat badly. Initial temperature of the spot is 110F (43C), but in an hour the temperature raises as high as 130F (54C). Basically, the data corresponds perfectly with measurements provided by Mr Dave Lee, and by some other reviewers. However, taken the temps as tolerable for casual usage, the laptop still cannot be recommended for prolonged work sessions under heavy loads on CPU and GPU, since 54C may cause potential damage to any adjacent internals of your laptop – probably in a course of several months. Not to say that your left palm rest area may get constantly burning hot.

2. A serious structural issue: the laptop aluminium lid, as the reviewer claims, is too thin, tending to bend under slightest pressure with high potential risk of damaging LCD while carrying in a bag. On the other hand, some owners of MSI GE62/72 6QF reported the same issue, so the problem is universal payback for a light weight. It seems like Alienware alone is still free from this plague.

Amazon users also report some other issues, like BSODs and yellowish spots all over the screen, as well as occasional overheating. But since the user reviews are still scarce, they can be referred to the category of casual factury defects rather than structural flaws.

However, other than that, the build quality seems to be OK. Hinges looks like firm and reliable enough (as compared to MSI GE series laptops). Keaboard, touchpad are OK. IPS screen which seems to be of higher than average quality (75% Adobe RGB, 840:1 contrast ratio), which is definitely step forward from those poor TN screens. GTX 1050 Ti 4 Gb yeilds a half of performance of 1060, but the deal is relatively fair for the price.

Can any real owners of Asus ROG Strix GL553VD affirm or deny these preoccupations concerning Asus ROG Strix GL553VD?

Diego Vazquez says:

I can just take out the battery, and just keep it plugged in so I could get unlimited play time on it, right?

RΛZΞR says:

gosh Asus I would like to have one

Shelby S says:

It’s so much cheaper than the g752 that I got last year 😐 That’s impressive.

mohd syafiq says:

should i buy this laptop?? hmm im very fucking confused msi or asus much better.. anyone can give me suggestion

Brian Go says:

i thought it dual fan cooling?

Mass imo says:

Anyone? GL553 or the acer VN7? Using it for video editing

Personal Goliath says:

pls do a review of msi gl62 7rd

Merry Blind says:

Any laptop with a numpad is an automatic skip for me. I don’t understand why so few companies understand that it’s much more ergonomic to have the keyboard centered on your laptop. Macbooks do it, Surface Book, Dell XPS, etc. and they’re among the best laptops out there… why don’t other companies get the hint?

markus jewell says:

I wish your product reviews were on amazon haha. short and sweet but I feel like you didn’t miss a single question I had. Keep doing what you do man!

LifeOFGaming says:

why would u need touchscreen for a gaming laptop but in normal laptops ya u might need touchscreen

Wingless Bear says:

Do you mind make a review of the GP 62M 7RD-053 and make the comparison with GL553VD?

persianguynick says:

can I upgrade the gtx 1050 ti to newer versions???

Tree Wood says:

for 1400 I can get a refurb alienware with gtx 1070 this is pricing for the jackass scrubs

Qone Lim says:

is ASUS FX53 better than this model anyone?

Aymen Fatihi says:


vamsisai reddy says:

hey Dave Lee suggest me some websites those ship to INDIA

Sensed says:

i’d rather not have a dvd player and use that space for example a bigger battery

Pranesh Arry says:

if we change the included 2.5 inch sata drive with a 2TB ssd, would we have to reinstall windows??

Karol Nowobilski says:

Can i buy them are they on marcket??

chronoz says:

Should i get this or GL502?

Retard Projekt says:

should i get this or the asus rog g752vl?

Jesse Galdos says:

The links take me to a regular 1050

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