ASUS GL502 (GTX 1070) Review – An Epic Gaming Laptop!

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hamster_hc says:

Too bad , site is broken.

HUNK 314 says:

The keyboard color is only red?

PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO says:

This or the MSI GT62VR Dominator ? I never had an MSI product but did have a ASUS ROG before. I am looking for the less noise the better and good cooling.

Indy700000 says:

Good video thx, don’t talk while letting us hear the fan noise tho that’s pretty pointless to do please

Tony Severe says:

Is there a difference in getting a 15 inch vs 17 inch
Besides price

Tim O'Donnell says:

How is this with photoshop? Adobe color scale?

Shadowsc133 says:

Not recommended: Oculus Rift wont work. All I see are red lines after installing. Wont happen on other pcs.

DAMEST3S says:

this or the msi dominator pro with pretty much the same specs. i cant decide

Nom Tumb says:

Can you do a video on “best laptop for video editing”?

DidoCool says:

Would you mind to visit my channel and subscribe? I also uploaded some content 🙂

jayviar laporte says:

Looked at the price tag and skerted out of this video

Blurry Face says:

Could you replace the battery with a better one to get more battery life?

James Angrave says:

I’m in the market for a portable video editing rig. What would your opinion be in regards to using this for rendering and production?

Ζαφ κουλ says:

just got this 2 days ago
runs so nice , but had to disable gsync as it limited my fps in all games to 60fps, just a tip …

Miguel Ruiz says:

hey, is it normal that my +1TB doesnt appear on my storage information? i have filled 250 SSD memory and I cant find more memory

Jane C says:

Kitty alert at 5:57!

trevnod says:

Is there a 17″ version of this laptop??

ewtubewatcher says:

1070 or 1060 hmmmm

Elfen Smash-ter says:

Does anyone else think that it’s red instead of orange?

NeYon says:

i want to get my self a 2000$ gaming laptop and i cant decide witch one i should get. There are just soooo many different options. Maybe someone of you can help me out.

Aqua Mac says:

I just got this for $800 at bestbuy

Masa Fulgur says:

i’m confused… so gsynch would allow the laptop to work as if it had a higher refresh rate?

Rick Brannigan says:

Great review thanks. Any chance of reviewing the G752VM?

Vicente Benitez says:

this or the razer blade pro someone help plz I’m on the market for a gaming laptop and its my very first laptop

TheJuicy3's / Trolling says:

@awe of tech Do you know the fps or lag for Ark survival evolved

my love songs says:

I am gonna get a gaming laptop, but NOT for gaming. I will use it for video processing. I assume this is a good one. I have a DVR that records HD content in .MTS format. With my regular conventional laptop, it takes FOREVER to edit out the commercials and resave i. (i tend to just use .AVI format when attempting to save the edited content.) I just hope to spend less than 3 hours editing, and saving, a 1 hour HD program with a speedy gaming laptop out there. Would this be a good one?

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

it’d be cool if you were a bit more critical of products. I need to know pros and cons, not just pros.

nandagopal gopakumar says:

hai can u review GL502VS-DS71

Manuel Espinal says:

so i cant put any of my pc games on this i have buy them digitally?

Stanley Park says:

I almost tried to buy 7700hq one when I saw one at the price 1550 dollars. But I thought I should wait for a month, only to see the price rose up to 1690… smh.

Nestor Collazo says:

the kitty made me like this video

jamreal18 says:

about the heat?
thermal design?

Wes Oshea says:

will this run call of duty the division an rainbow six siege an all the high demanding games coming out in 2017 would i be able to play all thease games for everyday use on good graphics

CyberHex says:

I don’t really play serious games that needs good graphics card and other stuff, I play basic games that will definitely will reach more than 100 fps with this laptop on ultra settings and I do travel a lot, so this laptop is perfect for me!

ThisGuyBrett xGBx says:

is it black and orange or red?

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