ASUS GL502 (GTX 1060) Review – 45% Better Performance?!

Dave2D review of the ASUS Strix GL502 VM with the GTX 1060. Covering the G-Sync display, gaming and video editing performance.
G-Sync Panel: sRGB – 84% and AdobeRGB – 55%
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Cole Perrault says:

Just to clarify this seems like a gl502vm-db-74. Anyone know the differences between this and gl502vm-ds74?

Alex Loskutov says:

Does it bother you that the speaker can be accidentally, easily closed with your hand ?

flyingwaiter says:

Hello Dave, thank you so much for the review. I am from India and this laptop hasn’t been launched yet..will be out in the first week on Jan2017. Is it still a good buy … and would it last long enough if taken good care off.

Kai Clein says:

is the color inaccuracy a problem or just a minor issue?

Asif Mohammed says:

Should I go for the 1070 or 1060? 1070 is suffering from heat issues it seems! I’m an architecture student myself! Any suggestions? I need a Pascal Chip laptop with 15 inch or above? i7 6th Gen! With a battery backup of atleast 5-6 hours! My base model is ASUS ROG Strix GL502VS! Are there really heat issues or should I go for other brands?

Dhanan Jayan says:

Hi D, plz help, I finalize MSI GS63VR(1060) and GL502/702(1060). mostly I’ll work video editing, Photoshop work n music. plz plz help me.

Brandon Hsia says:

Can you add a ssd on the base model? Is there a difference between i7 7700hq vs i7 6700hq for gaming?

nSv 23 says:

Max is 16gb on this laptop right? 4 years from now you think games will require more than 16gb?

Reuven Wachtfogel says:

really great professional concise review. well done!

pramesh gurung says:

Is it 60hzpanel??

Fariz Paulana says:

I miss lappie with detachable battery. :'(

Miraz Prajapati says:

If i were to buy this laptop in USA and import it to Asian countries, would the power adapter work? since there is a volt difference in USA and Asia. Or is the adapter a universal adapter?

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

man ya I noticed my 10 series desktop GPU runs hotter than my 9 series card

pramesh gurung says:

Which is cheaper vs or vm??

Tay Kai En says:

1000th comment!


watching on my gl502

moaaz arshad says:

Which gaming laptop doesn’t get hot much?

Boris Bobrov says:

Hello! Can you review ASUS FX502VM? 7700HQ+1060 3GB

The Bennett says:

Recently picked mine up with a Nvidia GTX 1060 in it


Sananchat Watthanapanalai says:

How much is it and how much is the one with gtx 1070

Jiajing Yang says:

is there thunderbolt 3? some said yes and others said no

Kai Clein says:

what’s the screen refresh rate?

Athl1n3 says:

Great laptop, got it 2 weeks ago and not a single problem
Runs perfect!
Maybe a cooling pad would be a great choice if you’re willing to play on ultra!
And about thunderbolt, it does really support thunderbolt 3…
Design, Screen, are much better than I thought!
Battery isn’t what you’d expect but it can live up to 3-4 depending on work you throw at it..
Worth it!

Dulan says:

Wow.. I should get it.. my hp laptop’s battery Barely lasts an hour just doing school work..

Night Hawk says:

What’s color accuracy for god’s sake? is this really noticeable or u guys just have to say a con lol. I got a MSI GS70 and think of upgrading to this but I don’t want any less quality.

ZXX says:

i saw this laptop, and it looks uglier than in the video, bulky and plastic as hell, i wish they would of went with better construction

Damiano says:

is it true that the battery keeps discharging while using it in game?

ChocolateMoose says:

Does anyone watching this have this computer?

Nebrium Sk says:

Does it get hot too like the GL702VM?

wakamoto1105 says:

I really can’t believe they designed the exhaust grill this way… I’m interested in knowing from people who bought this laptop, how are you guys keeping this laptop cool for long gaming sessions? I heard CPU temperature can reach 100 Celsius which is pretty much on the verge of crashing.

Bennet Wekwerth says:

I laughed way to hard about the Optimus joke 😀

Kryptonice34 says:

Just found you on youtube today, absolutely love your review videos. The attention to detail you exhibit is like no other channel. Anyways, I was wondering if you think this laptop is the best choice for its price range. I want a 1060, because I see it being much more future proof than the 1050. At the same time, I can’t justify another 350 dollars on average for the 1070. The laptop would be primarily used for Cad/Gaming. I am a college student as well but have gotten along with worse battery life.
Thank you,

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

I’m confused when they are updating to the optional AHVA 120hz screen. Any ideas?

Fetrq says:

Should i buy this or split the money for a dekstop and a laptop

Gaurav Yadav says:

Please do Gl502VS (gtx 1070) video

cena51000 says:

y were u on cornhub at 2:50

Sebastian Donis says:

so the laptop cpu after almost an hour of gaming is at 70 degrees cel is that high and will it wreck the laptop?

sniperhunter ftw says:

can this play Skyrim

Darius James says:

which is better gl502 or gl702?

donaughtee says:

I dont know if i should wait for the 1050ti Notebooks or this One…Any recommendations?

Matthew Jonson says:

For me its come down to the ASUS GL502VM and the CUK MSI GE62VR Apache Pro VR from amazon. The Asus with the SSD is around $1,499, while the MSI is $1,199. Really looking for something that will hold up while traveling A LOT. Any suggestions is super appreciated!

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