Asus G752 (GTX 1070) Review – The Best Gaming Laptop with G-Sync?

Dave2D review of the Asus G752 VS OC (GTX 1070). Covering build quality, internal hardware, gaming performance and the 75hz G-sync panel. Is this 75hz G-Sync Panel worth it??
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purgeist says:

Gaming gear is always red. Coz you’s fast n furius and sporty nd ferrari! I don’t know why they always have to make everything red, I don’t like red either and probably many other people would rather buy non-red-colored gaming gear. I’d love to buy msi gtx 1070 gaming x, but it’s fucking red and I’m not 10 year old kid.

Connor Blair says:

how can you improve the speakers? thinking of getting one but the reviews say the audio is rubbish

pedro ribe says:

Can you do a review of Rog G701vi

Serpathy says:

So it’s really fucking loud?

Waleed Alchaar says:

This laptop seems right for me! is thee anything else i should should be aware of?

Melvin Vega says:

half life 3 , jajajaa… good joke

Aditya Ramadhan says:

what is better . 120hz or 75hz in g752vs. i have 75hz monitor on g752vs

רוני ארואסטי says:


Sumona Florence says:

Half Life 3 is comi-.. *YOU ASSHOEL!*

humanzyx says:

lulz is right

(actually, the understatement of the century)

Titousky says:

OMG Half-Life 3 confirmed !!!

Ronit Sharma says:

Where do you get review units from?

eJayBls1 says:

I have G752 VS laptop with Nvidia GTX 1070 (samsung memory). A gaming laptop my ASS. I cannot play games. After playing one hour, this laptop getting stuck. Sometimes flickering screen. All drivers up to date.

Farhan Rizvi says:

Should I buy an MSI GT80 Titan with the GTX 1080 or Should I buy a Asus G752 with GTX 1070?

Badhon Ebrahim says:

danm that looks so futuristic, just only holding that beast in my hand i would have a feeling like that i am sitting in the set of OBlivion or something.

Ryan D says:

this thing is hilariously overpriced

citizen_no7 says:

if I remember correctly, 90Wh is maximum lithium battery capacity you can bring on aboard of plane in EU without special paperwork

Timbrheille Celis says:

dude give me laptop

Mendozer says:

A 1070 is pointless with a 1080p screen

Connor Blair says:

does this laptop feature 120hz as it states on ASUS website

J_slayer 1337 says:

Would i be able to upgrade the ram?

Amine Hamouda says:

is the previous model with the gtx970m is still worth it.. for gaming (fifa /need for speed..) and video editing!!?? because that’s the only model available in my country for 1700usd

Jenken Jayveen Frago says:

That Half-Life 3 “LULZ”

Clem Fandango says:

Filthy Casual.

Aristotle Brian Coronado says:

Hello dave! please compare ACER ROG GL552VW to ACER Predator 15 because i want to buy a gaming laptop this coming Dec2016 … Thanks bro!

Rana Elkurdi says:

why would any put red print keyboard very stupid from good company mmm

Heikki Nuru says:

Warning !! mine third one allready and all othem had same back light bleed proplem. Had “”17,3″, IPS, Anti-Glare, 1920 x 1080, 120Hz”” screen on these models.

LauchEleven says:

hey Dave !
any chance for you to get your hands on a P507 by Schenker with the gtx 1070 ?

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

cool specs but ugly looks and heavy

Jerry Yeo says:

will there be a gtx 1080 version of this?

craziii3 says:

I like your voice and how fluid your video review is. subbed.

GloireX says:

How do you know if your getting an orange back or a grey one?

Kadomatsu Matsuno says:

anyone have the best buy link?

Earvin Añonuevo says:

isnt there an updated screen with 120hz?

Super Sonic says:


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