Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band: Review

This quick video takes a close look at the new Woven Nylon band for the Apple Watch, specifically the one available with the Space Gray Apple Watch Sport. Enjoy!







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Shailen Nana says:


Ahasan Sadik says:


Bender Rodruigez says:

I like the Nylon band better

Fahad Jawed says:


Stéphane says:

the space grey scratch easily ? i want to buy one but dont know what to choose, sorry for my english

Kyle Pollard says:

You rock detroitborg keep up the good work

anshbirani says:

how do you get do much money to buy all this expressive stuff????

Bend Em says:

The amazing thing about the nylon bands is it breathes so well it doesn’t sweat or smell at all. It’s a great functional band. I have one, I might want to also see a thicker version so a choice of thin and thicker a nice medium thickness. I would still buy both.

Michael Gonzalez says:

Just to confirm, the space gray band buckle is made out of aluminum? The same material as the sport watch? I ask because I’m allergic to stainless steel so I have to be careful of the metal in the bands.

JamieMadrox195 says:

I got an apple watch a few weeks ago with the nylon band. I find it to be more comfortable than the plastic band but after working with it i can see why the plastic band would be better in some situations.

Mr.MudgeHole ! says:

Difference between Nylon, Cermanic and Stainless Steel please? I’m getting one

Paul Madden says:


GothicKittyMadness says:

Which wold you recommend for the gym?

DaChicken Boom says:

I’m getting the same watch you used in this video

Dennis Schmitz says:

i ordered one for my sg 42mm watch sport im excited how it will feel and look on my wrist

lvlaple4Ever says:

Does anyone know if this band is waterproof?

TurboPikachuX says:

I bought my Space Gray Apple Watch Sport in Oct. 2015, featuring a black fluoroelastomer sport band. I do love the sport band as I can wear it out to work thanks to its superb durability, and out to exercise as it is sweatproof. However, I’ve found that in casual settings, such as merely eating or playing video games, the fluoroelastomer material *does*, in fact, like to tug and grind at the skin on my wrist in humid settings, and my wrist gets noticeably hot and extremely sweaty as the band does not breathe at all. Thus, I have purchased a Woven Nylon band I expect to receive between Apr. 27 – May 4.

Edit (4/27/2016): I have received my Woven Nylon band! The nylon material is exactly as I had expected: lightweight, breathable, and looks really amazing; helping my Apple Watch Sport blend more smoothly into my outfits than the bold Fluoroelastomer Sport band. However, I do have an issue with it right from the start: the lug that connects to the watch body is an extremely tight fit, and I have to make a significant effort to install or remove it from the watch body. I have seen videos where it actually won’t even snap into place on certain individuals’ Stainless Steel and 18-karat gold Apple Watch units. It *does* safely snap into place on my Aluminum Apple Watch Sport though (a clear indicator that these bands were geared specifically towards Sport models). My issue here is that switching between bands for work/exercise and for casual outings is one of my most important features of the Apple Watch, and applying/removing the Woven Nylon band to the body isn’t as graceful as I had hoped. For the sake of optimism, I feel like the plastic lug connector just needs to be broken-in, but for now, it has a lot of resistance compared to the other bands in Apple’s repertoire.
I will edit this comment again once I have been wearing the Woven Nylon band for 4 months to share whether I prefer the it, or the Fluoroelastomer Sport band.

Ultra High Rolleren says:

Actually just bought a woven Nylon 🙂
Looking forward to receive it next week :_-)

Anthony Correa says:

I have that one

Ahasan Sadik says:

Dhaka Bangladesh


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Grandma_Jiggles says:

My Woven Band comes either today or tomorrow. I love my Apple Watch and i cant wait for it to get a new band.

itza Rico says:

woven fabric band!!

Gudla Ramesh says:

thank you man borg i was thinking a gift for my anniversrey thankyou for this beautiful video

Ross says:

This is exactly what I did. I had bought the Stainless a month ago and returned it. The space gray aluminum is so much lighter and comfortable as not as thick. Thanks for this video because it helped me buy this watch and the band is a beauty.

EagleBot13 says:

I love this new band! It’s a shame I can’t get one as there is no large size, only the one small size.

Dwiata Chandra says:

Is it waterproof? The band, not the watch

Zulwerks says:

I prefer the nylon

Joachim Dimayuga says:

Does it dry fast when submerged in water?

Joshua Wilkin says:

I’m so happy that the new band came out because my sports band was starting to get a bit old I’m also happy that the space grey band has a colour matching buckle to go with my space grey Apple Watch ⌚️⌚️⌚️

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