Apple Watch Unboxing (SPACE BLACK Milanese Loop) – New Color Review

Apple Watch Space Black Unboxing with Milanese Loop! Watch the NEW Apple Watch 2 color Reviewed and Unboxed. What comes in the box and what’s changed?

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Following Apple’s March, 2016 Media Event, the company Released an entirely new Milanese Loop color option and Apple Watch Combo: Space Black. The Apple Watch Unboxed in Today’s video is identical to the original, save the new color option.


Jose Flores, Jake Lowe, Marcus Moore, Chad MacLeod, Kevin Hernandez, Noor Sa, Daniel Sheppard, Tyler Sanderson, Ernest Aguilar, Matt Kane, Ally Starr, Jorge Lopez, Jose Reyes, Tyler Sanderson

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Izhar Ali says:

is this can be connected to a android mobile ?

Pixelon says:

*Posts daily jailbreak updates repeating the same shit over and over*

*now that iOS 9.3 is out everyone actually wants jailbreak news*

*doesnt post any jailbreak news*


Moon says:

day: 283
jailbreak: unkown
info: searched

imreallysureovereigh says:

The raw stainless steel one is definitely more classy, that’s why no manufacturer like Rolex is doing dlc coating or black versions at all, black watches look a bit too playful to me.

Johnny says:

apple watch jailbreak?

mrgibson says:

you didn’t pay a ton of money just to get another color?

The Voltage says:

Can you help me with the Pokémon go hack it says this is installed from another profile when I try to get it

leslew778 says:

Space black is stunning

Austin Cummins says:

How has the space black help up with scratches?

Miffy Mifsud says:

Hey +iCrackUriDevice I was just searching the web and found proof that i0n1c has released an iOS 9.3 jailbreak tool. Could you make a video showing if it’s real or not? Thank you

Shiroyuki Tsuki says:

Definitely the space black version! I complete agree with you that it looks a lot more clean.

Cesar Carrillo says:

I’m selling my Apple Watch space gray 38mm

TechTyler says:

Would a space black sport look good with that Black Milanese loop?

JAGS Films says:

Is this series 2?

danYT says:

Classic flaps

StuartPLAYS says:

i want a apple watch so badly

VenoStuff says:

The black one looks great, but what about it gets scratches?

Joshua Pingley says:

I just got a space black 38mm AW yesterday (with sport band) and am torn between which color milanese to order for it. Part of me wants to go with the black to match it, but I also think the space black/silver milanese combo looks awesome too. Thoughts?

Darline Garcon says:

+icrackUriDevice my Apple Watch Sport on beta 3 and my battery drained supper fast. Why

xXzynkXx says:

black watch is better

Samuel Palev says:

Pretty trustworthy place to entry your odds for getting Apple Watch
I will do an unboxing for obtaining last gadget raffle on this source.

Thomas Keener says:

Space black

Proteus says:

It’s just fucking aesthetics, nobody cares. People are too rich and blind to see the things that really matter. Not a fucking “premium” strap.

Taqi Saffi says:

New Apple Watch ,space black

W0WthatsjustSad says:

You know what? I’ve been a loyal subscriber since you were jail breaking iPhone 4’s with green poison on iOS 4.2.1. So probably like 3 years. And I have to say it’s a damn shame what’s happened. You’ve turned into a channel just focused on click bait and repeating things you’ve said 100 times just to get views. Stop it man. I don’t wanna unsubscribe. You helped me out so much back in the early days of jail breaking and idk how much money I made off of jail breaking kids iPhones at school for $20. Step up nigga

Itz ChrisPlays says:

I subcribed like right now plz reply

Jay Ll says:

New one


The Space Black with Milanese loop looks better, so can i have your old apple watch? xD

Mert Jensen says:

Like black better

Ronnie Stringer says:


Taqi Saffi says:

Black Milanese loop

Isaiah Harlan says:

2:54 well that didn’t sound racist at all.

prillio manusha says:

Never ought to pay everything to obtain Apple Watch right here
Few acceptable concern and you are done

floof says:

I don’t know if you know about this, but look!! It seems like enmtw is keeping his promise
And he unprivated his Twitter account!! He might be releasing a jb soon 😀

Ben Bacon says:

The black one

13Xorxe says:

All the way space black with black milanese loop.For me the most beautiful combination

Snapchat Dotcom says:

How the fuck do you scratch the thing!

Atinder Singh says:

hi actually i got apple watch its aluminum space grey and its 3 month old but its apple logo is gone which is back side of the apple watch. can you tell me what should i do thanks

moose185 says:

does anyone think the space grey watch sport with the silver milanese loop would look good as a combo?

peter calanni says:
callum hanna says:


Harrison Harper says:

does anyone know if Apple will release and Apple Watch app for android because I’m sick of my moto 360 and don’t want a gear watch or a gear watch.

arazm20 says:

Can you post

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