Apple Watch Space Black Milanese Loop: Review

Quick unboxing and review of the new Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop. Also features a comparison and longterm review of the regular stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop.









Muchammad Bagoes Setyawanto says:


Guilherme Checchia says:

Does it pulls your arm hair?

Vick Lester says:

I just got the space black Milanese loop 42m for my BIRTHDAY TODAY. IM LOVING THIS BAND.

Jørgen Færgestad says:

I like the stainless…

Jai Burlingham says:

Damn, I’m interested to know what job this guy has. You know you’re doing alright when you buy an Apple Watch just for the fuck of it.

Salomon Villafuerte says:

I love the space black more!! I’m going to buy it soon

Kristian Brandt says:

There is something desperately mesmerizing about mesh bands. I really like the locking mechanism, historically mesh bands have always been a pain to adjust. Shame it’s attached to such a pathetic excuse for a watch.

Vishu says:

I got one from china for about $12, and after a long comparison it looks/feels/functions exactly like the $199 band with one difference, the clamp magnet has not gone weak after a long use 😛

Lance Kragenbrink says:

Michael, I am trying to justify buying the Space Black Stainless Series 2 over the Space Grey aluminum series 2. I will be getting the sport band regardless. Please give me a reason or two I should buck up the extra $200.00 for the stainless. How does the stainless finish last compared to the Space gray Aluminum? As always thanks for your advice!

Ade Baba says:

Always very detailed. great vid

Michael Lee says:

Hey i have the space grey apple watch sport edition and was wondering if anyone has any good bands that would go with it and kind of match the color or not look bad on it because nothing seems to match except the black bands (ie: sports, nylon, leather loop, Milanese loop)

Vince De Graaf says:

Do you think that a black Apple Watch would look ugly with a Milanese loop?

Carson Varney says:

Which would look best with a gold sport Apple Watch, the black or silver Milanese loop?

Omar Correa says:

Love your crispy shots Mike.

Samuel Palev says:

That place grant several Apple Watch yet!
+ +
Bought one of them and need to do unpack quickly!

Conner Hologa says:

Space black

Amir Agarwal says:

I’m getting space black. In fact, I ordered it today

Mattheking21 Hi says:

Space black

CamRides says:

Space black

Sanahas Kuranage says:

I even had this prob. stainless steel back or stainless steel?

TheLILHIRN says:

I bought a black sport and ordered this band with it. Hopefully it looks good on it

Aubrey Graham Headass says:

I think the black Milanese loop doesn’t loop nearly as good as the silver

Petr Havlík says:

What mike do you use, the quality is just insane!?

The Pussy Diaries says:

Is this man incapable of pronouncing MILANESE?

Anzila Jessani says:

space black

James Kang says:

Space black

Dominick Ray says:

38mm too small to you I have a 42mm I have a sport one now

Cheng-Yu Lee says:

Your voice is melodic. LOL!

Ben Nichols Gaming says:

Space black

Thái Hoàng Duy says:

iPhone 7 Plus

An Awesome Guy says:

Does this match the space black sport edition?

Chaunce Randall Cramp says:

i have the space black apple watch and Milanese loop

Hashim Shah says:

500th comment, and space black is the BEST

p000000Lverr says:

i wore the milanese and rode my motorcycle on a windy day—–it snapped and was run over by a car and the rest is history.

Vali says:

Stainless steel milanese loop………..

Héctor Aguilera says:

This matches perfectly the new iPhone 7.
I hope the next iPhone 7S is made from this material and has a wireless charging back similar to the one of this Apple Watch.

Mohannad Yasser says:

The space black Milanese loop is much better

Graham Cave says:

I just bought my self the stainless steel version which I like more than the black

ignacio fletch says:

I participate here last period and obtained one, may someone else interested..
+ +
Secured one of these Apple Watch and need to do unpack shortly

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