Apple Watch Series 2 review

The Apple Watch has a handful of new features but the major one is the updated processor. Native apps run faster and snappier within 1-3 seconds. GPS is built-in so now you can run or swim without your phone.

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ludicrousminds says:

“swizzle ur control knob”

Adam Leibovitch says:

What size face is he using here?

Faridzky Adhi says:

No Safari?

Endermankid563 says:

What do u think series 3 will be like?

DJ Vinylove RESISTANCE says:

globalist scum

Nurul Aleeyah says:

does it have a camera?

Rishabh Chaudhary says:

What’s the point of an extra power button if there is a clickable wheel? Can’t they configure double press or long press to the wheel for the functions of the extra button? And maybe move the wheel to the centre.

Tsxtasy1 says:

196 bpm?! How was that heart attack?

DJ Productions says:

Good review!!

Pankaj Narzary says:

excellent watch!!!

kefkapalazzo1 says:

the double hermes band is beautiful

Jai Vaswani says:

I like the new Apple Watch.. Might pick one up this week. Thanks for the helpful review!

Amrutraj Gore says:

U said hungry.. heh heh.

khalid haoui says:

Get an appel watch now! Answer the question now for a chance to win.

Sophie Goodman says:

is this the one with nike

Jovan Rodriguez says:

I want it but it still isn’t reliable because it’s a watch with a battery. It dies.

Ketchup Kevin says:

wow looks different

MegaJogus says:

It isn’t a review, but an advertisement…

Sid and Jen DIY says:

The battery isn’t going to last longer they put the brightest screen they have ever put on any apple device on this watch so it needs more battery

Fat Lip says:

OVER PRICED garbage! you can find watches for 100 bucks that allow everything to sync via ios including video calls! yes thats right, a camera, but of course you will wait for apples watch v X

titomasso says:

I used to think the name of this channel was TechChurch, I guess I never read it properly. Great review though

drvannostran says:

Can the watch blow me? That would be helpful.

MnQ says:

I have the apple watch series 3

Its way faster then the series 2

Ronqxz 235 says:

Water resistant not water proof… Same thing with the iPhone 7 its water resistant not proof. If you want water proof the moto 360 and galxy s7

L C says:

I don’t run, I workout. Sooo what does this watch do? Lol

Imranpatel Patel says:

anyone needs it for half price contact me

Ketchup Kevin says:

wow looks different

Raul Borja The pro says:

Do you need a iPhone to call

Imranpatel Patel says:

on this email

herohunter81 says:

Everyone keeps saying water proof but it’s water resistant. Also the fine print says no snorkeling or jet skiing.

Regicidal King says:

Do they make an otter case for it because honestly a utility watch takes some abuse.

Aryan Tuteja says:

does the apple watch work with an iPad Air 2 ?

Syria AlAssad says:

Should I wait until Black Friday to get this watch? Does the price go down? I might buy this soon

Henrik Hämäläinen says:

So much new features

Muhammad Waheed says:

i phone 7 is taking 2 hours 17 mins to charge …. apple should give announce fast charger as soon as possible

Elfi Rizky says:

Can you gave me the Apple Watch I’m at Singapore I live at Yishun block451 level 3 home 03-134

Brad Guenther says:

cant he apple wtach 2 make calls and do wifi without your phone?

Adam Foster says:

boring. apple haven’t done anything interesting… again.

Yolosolo3659 says:

3:03 That’s a 650 dollar band right there

Harjeet Singh says:

best watch in my lifetime better than other smart watch like sony and others the best thing is GPS and water proof but costly

The Everything Channel says:


Basha Bill says:

Sounds shit

kashif husain says:

yes waiting for ordinary customer.



Damien says:

Is this a waste of money if i don’t work out?

Ben Simons says:

Can Apple Smart Watch take photos ?

Chris Batt says:

lay off the auto-focus on the over-the-shoulder shots

Hugh Mungus says:

2:41 it’s September 11th

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