Apple Watch Series 2 Review: Best Smartwatch?

The Apple Watch Series 2 Review: Is it the Best Smartwatch?
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Bottle Pro says:

I’m getting one when I’m older.

Thefastlane425 says:

Fuck you Bogdon, and your eyebrows

Mark Simrow says:

But it’s such an ugly design, the Samsung S3 is way better looking and tons more battery and options.

Wyanko And Cwhannah says:


TheNickGuy408 says:

3.5 hours of tracking is pretty extreme, you’re with a very low percent of the population who needs tracking for that period of time. I run for 10-12 miles tops and it takes me about half that time, typical exercise “classes” are around an hour. For 95% of people, even health conscious people and athletes, this is a great upgrade.

Barani Dharan says:

Hi, Nice video. I’d like to know weather the strap for the Nike+ dustproof ? And how often is it prone to scratches ?

Lou Gavino says:

Gear S3 is far superior! Dont waste your money on the apple watch. Already wotks woth android. I hear Iphone is just ariund the corner. With superior life style improvements. ..some the apple watch follows footsteps in and seriously leads hy.

Steven D says:

Way to totally ignore the series 1.

chhaya Rathod says:

omg look at the number of view your channel is going down . Do something

Anthony Picariello says:

I bought the series 1 and absolutely love it. Their was no need for me to buy the series 2 due to the minimal amount of differences.

Mihir Joshi says:


Webster Kollie says:

not the best if you only have 2-4 hours of battery life usage.

Carlos R. Zapata says:

Is that an Apple brand band? Doesn’t seem to be. If not, where did you get it?

Jorge Rios says:

Had the first Apple Watch and used it for like a month. Ended up just going back to my Casio gshock. Just never could get into it or find value for it. Guess I just fell into the hype. Don’t really see the smart watch craze going much longer.

mrquicky says:

The apple watch barely compares equivocally to the android wear devices. It doesn’t even come close to comparing to the Chinese full Android smartwatch/phones. The waterproof feature is nice though.

Jorge Rios says:

Lol so if you wanna use the watch turn everything off lol. If you want to last the whole day only turn half off.

Akshay Dawar says:

Thinking of picking up a series 1 (hopefully)
Great video Marco!

Giorat23 says:

What screen protector are you using on your iPhone?? Txs!

Bao Duong says:

I purchased the original Apple Watch, and I am still using it every day. But I am unsure if it was worth the price for me. The last few months Ive been using it for a notification hub, a little texting, and mainly as a watch. In the past I used my watch to control my music, to take calls and other things. Now its mainly a watch, which is why I decided that I won’t need the series 1 or the series 2 versions. For my uses, I don’t need the greatest.

Quinn Soran says:

Great video, Phonedog.

Chimezie Suave says:

Gear S3 is a valid upgrade

Nate Fleming says:

is it best? no. why? phone compatibility is shit.

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