Apple Watch Series 2 review: all about fitness

The Apple Watch Series 2 is both water-resistant and comes with built-in GPS. How well does it actually perform?


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Nicholas Naudé says:

Such a great ad.

woodenllama says:

Will the 2nd Apple Watch work with the iPhone 6 or is it only for iPhone 7?

Ege Bilir says:

regardless the best review for the apple watch thanks !

amacro11 says:

Great review- I subbed

Joe Grundy says:

some awesome shots in here for a review! nice one!!!

Shady Mike Gaming says:

Her ass fat

sorlino89 says:

2:55 nice butt

Bibasik7 says:

I’m on “The Verge” of buying one of these

Ba dum tss

Tommy Scott says:

LMAO the ending was hilarious. I like this reviewer and the crew guy

Callum Harper says:

Briefly ability company beach reform.

Tevin the Menace says:

You look like a pornstar

Sulogno De says:

does the series 2 software allow you to add multiple music playlists to your watch? One could only add 1 playlist in apple watch see 1

Ludvic Freire says:

What city is this one?

Mikypwns says:

They’ve planned this

John Scott says:

Apple CULT at its worst. I’m really sorry for anyone that believes in this shabby marketing propaganda.

Samuel Ajah says:

What type of bike is that

SpicysaucedHD says:

Im not too interested in the Apple Watch, but nonetheless I still watched the whole video. Nice cuts, good music, very good presentation 🙂

Sarah Turner says:

love the art in the background 🙂

Amari Martin says:

ass fat

quest 123 says:

Running is bad for your health

Preston Trump the best says:

Apple why didn’t you just make it water proof the 1st time

Matthew Dasilva says:

I like the idea of the features it has for everyday use but if it dosent track pacing acctuarately for the price I can’t justify buying it. Is the gps less accurate then TomTom or Garmin?

Jeremy Christian says:

Please include the music track you use in every video in the description

ninjewx says:

FLO from progressive is looking good

Emilio Arévalo says:

Deliciosa esta nena :v

John Snow says:

the most annoying reporter in tech

CharredTea says:


Marshall Gaming says:

Just charge the freaking watch every night

Carlos Tobon says:

one thing apple isn’t mentioning is if it can withstand time in a sauna

MM PrincessPlayHouseTv says:

Just wondering if u can make calls with out the phone?

Elkin Torres says:

I love that t shirt #nofilter

Juan Belvedere says:

‘No filter’ t-shirt while she has makeup lol

Preston Trump the best says:

Apple should recall series1 and make it water proof and have gps

Gustavo Gutierrez says:

So can I leave my phone in my car and pair my headphones with this while I go running?

Robertas says:

Nice review! I sold my own, but because of the new OS I took to upgrade my wife watch to test it. And it feels new!

卫慧敏 says:

I just sold my Garmin 225. It’s awesome to see the “waterproof” on series 2.

Mark Wang says:

gt 750m -> r9 m370x The fastest macbook pro ever. That’s how apple saying things.

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