Apple Watch Series 1 vs Series 2: Unboxing & Review

Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 unboxed and compared with a focus on new features and performance improvements with a comparison to the original Apple Watch.






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Take1tsleazy 1 says:

He says “premium” all the time

Dexter Data Matthew says:

P r e m i u m

Jeff Bomareto says:

When you put the Series 2 in water mode can you still use the countdown timer and/or stop watch? Also – I have the Series 1 and first few days in the shower… when I get out the speaker hardly works when using the phone. Basically not able to hear.

TLG Meme says:

The unboxing and start up on the series 2 when my dad it was amazing!

Dank AF Trump says:

The thiccness

marcianoacuerda says:

Let’s play a drinking game. Everybody drinks everytime the DetroitBORG says “premium”. 🙂

Alex932Gaming says:

You have hairy arms

seth rollins fan 2006 says:

The small band is so tiny for me, and I’m only eleven so I think they need to make the small one a bit bigger.

JerTheGeek says:

Love my Series 2! Very nice upgrade with the brighter display, waterproofing, faster processor, and GPS.

KEVON says:

Nice video

Matthew Valadez says:

My series one is stainless steel. But apple is only selling the aluminum now for series one

MonteLSV6 says:

Hi DetroitBORG, does the Series 1 watch have the ability to have GPS (from iPhone app) to be broadvcasted to the watch to look at instead of glancing at your phone?

Marcus TheSavage says:

I’d rather break my arm and have an Apple Watch then not having one

Bella Darla says:

Talking way to fast!!

Nongster 5280 says:

How come yours doesn’t come with a charging brick?

Thái Hoàng Duy says:

iPhone 7 Plus

Panzerkampfwagen VI says:

No gps? Does it come with the find my iPhone app on the Series 1?

lovingorca says:

I just got my series 2 Apple Watch Rose Gold Pink Sand Band.

Maddy Fischer says:


Douglas Howard says:

I opted for the series 1. The two is great and all, but I don’t see myself using the GPS function. Also, I think the screen brightness is perfect on the 1st series.

Oh and I can’t swim, so waterproof isn’t really a selling point to me lol

Areebaun Ali says:

Detroit borg u did not do the unboxing of the apple watch hermes can we expect that one soon

Misael Villeda says:

Can anyone tell me whats the whole point of the Apple Watch or a Smart Watch in general? TBH i have never owned a regular watch since i have my phone to tell time…i just dont see the point in buying this…Unless someone could convince to

Dontay Mc Call says:

+DetroitBORG Fucking stupid white faggot , you’re annoying af. Get tf off YouTube .. I fucking hate white people

Ryan White says:

what’s the difference between the sport and series 1???

Wrench Junior 6320 says:

Mike are all apple watches the same like I can buy the normal series 2 Apple Watch with sports band and just buy a another watch strap if I want
Is the Apple Watch it self from all editions the the except the material?

hanqi song says:

not in the same?

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