Apple Watch Review!

The definitive review of Apple’s first wearable.

10 Apple Watch Questions Answered:

Apple Watch:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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Andrew Severson says:

I don’t understand how he has the money for all of this tech. Anyone else wonder?

Rodel Johnson says:


Kristian Brandt says:

This is just an incredibly stupid idea. People check their phones constantly so why have this. For some time now a watch has been a statement rather than a necessity. It’s a gentlemen’s accessory, sort of like cufflinks and pocket squares. Because of the technology inside, smart watches are bulky and unattractive to look at. Apple has done a good job with the contemporary design, but it’s still not an elegant watch. Especially not when competing with conventional watches. Sure there are plenty of nasty and vulgar watches out there, but you’re not forced to buy those designs. And this is an Apple watch, meaning the Apple watch 2 will likely be released in 5 to 10 minutes, and you’ll feel cheated and hopeless for spending 700 dollars. Okay my Arne Jacobsen ”Bankers” watch isn’t exactly cheap at 350 dollars, but its design is absolutely timeless, which is ironic considering it’s a time piece XD Also I only have to charge it every 10.000 hours rather than every 24 hours.

Brandon Howarth says:

iwatch ewatchs but for windows microsoft would be good- maybe too soon yet. or new invention- mcwharf or a mcflight thru- or mcspace burgers or and under the ocean mcsubmerine burger.

Elnur Loly says:

Is it worth it

ShmetoTech says:

Where’s that series 2 video at

Rupert Lenon says:

This is like the emperor’s new clothes! Everybody sees the reality except the person who wears it!! I love technology and the only benefit of a smart watch could be its text/call notification feature ( if you are not allowed to use your phone) But that doesn’t justify a $ 300plus tag!! Seriously , somebody has to be that stupid to spend that much money on a watch that in order to work correctly has to be synced to a phone, recharged every day, etc, etc.

Rk4K says:


Jasmine Lois says:

In the UK we have a different case. It’s a long box with a case with a space for the watch

Alex Yip says:

Are u going to inbox and review the series 2?

The Man Of The Hour says:

That is the best introduction to a vid ever

DanielZGaming says:

Can it call

kai_best says:

I told me to stand up and walk around in a test so I did! I got isolation

John NoNameGibbon says:

Looks ugly and pointless.

Superman says:

what model is this?

Tech says:

I still wear mine every day and the longest it’s ever lasted is 3 days.

Brian Williams says:

You saved me money today. Thanks

TheWaffleLord | Sploder Games says:

It’s an amoled display…

jade c says:

It doesn’t have a password it can easily be stolen0.0

Mr.Awesome 91 says:

even my nagging science teacher has one.

McMilk says:

5.50 it is an OLED display

The one show wonder says:

am i able to get game’s on the fake apple watch

Joey Colianni says:

can i shower with it?

Ben Dunn says:

$300 for notifications ? lol

Yuanna Lewis says:

G ctrtfrfdd

Jonathan Gonzalez says:

is it compatibale with a android phone

Kristen Bossio says:

Guys in amazon there’s watches identical to this for 20$

Maximus Jones says:

I want one but I’m android not apple

Amazing Ayaan says:

give me one plz

DingHow! says:

I would play on this all day at school

F r y i n g P a n 6 9 says:


Gonçalo Martins says:

Is there any way to read PDF on Apple Watch? Thanks

Zakin says:

I have no idea people spend thousands of dollars on watches.

Adhito says:

If I clear notification on my Apple watch will it clear my notification on my iPhone too?

john hoever says:

good video dude

Violet Ragle says:

me to

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