Apple Watch review: it’s finally here

We follow a day in the life of the Apple Watch to find out whether its specs are worth the price — from battery life to apps, screen size, and fitness tracking.

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Christian Fielding says:

I like my Samsung Gear S better than the Apple Watch.

Rajesh Gumber says:

waste of money!

Arman Arceo says:

this isn’t even the best smart watch out there

Dee Kay says:

I love how honest the verge reviews always are

ItTrevz says:

what happens if u dont have a apple phone and u use it like that would it still work or it won’t let u carry on? Please answer this question

lovesamr says:
Please visit my link and help me raise money to get the watch.

Gabriel Barbaro says:

Great video! Particularly liked the scene at the bar with the notifiers interrupting the meeting – really inventive! Congratulations and I learned a lot too! Thanks!

BLINGZ Youtube says:

Such a cool review! thanks for the pointers

Ayush Saha says:

You give a 10 min review on a watch, but a 5 min review on a phone.

keisha aygi says:
The Super Psycho Killer says:

Can I watch tv on it? I just want to watch tv everywhere.

black king says:

Andriod is best

HaterzLuvForever says:

Apple sets the bar, and then android always surpasses them. Apple just needs to give up, Samsung smartwatches are better. Also Huawei smartwatches as cool too

iGEO says:

Totally pointless. Why the fuck would I want to keep looking down at my wrist as I go thru my day? I don’t even do that with my phone. And for 350 bucks? Get the fuck outta here.

Adhito says:

100 $ less now ,Still not convinced ?

George Back says:

Got this Christmas Day. Love it. 42MM Slate.

david rokine says:

Never ought to pay everything to obtain Apple Watch listed here
+ +
Bought one of these Apple Watch and need to do unpack shortly..

rediceman tpc says:

What I think about it.The look of it is not that appealing and seems the its monitor is low resolution and these do not justify its cost.


Somebody send me there heartbeat or like one of the drawn emojis I got my watch yesterday and no one has a iwatch I know so 414-745-0479 thanks

Toughboy hot says:

Got Mine From Amazon With 13% Discount

Augustus says:

Smart watches will most likely become the standard like smart phones have become, but we’re not there yet and this watch isn’t worth it for me

Ano Niem says:

“It looks like a first generation iPhone”. Spot on! Exactly what I think when I look at it.

Lakelurks says:

Why the fuck would I get this when I can just use my Pip-boy? #VaultLife

Tech Coolness says:

nice review

DJ Khaled says:

Lol, the only time an Apple product will be more customizable than it’s Android counterpart xD.

Bowny Locare says:

Just do couple ticks and you might have an Apple Watch here
Number of fair concern and you are completed!

Harold says:

I have a SS 42mm, have had it for a few weeks and didn’t like it at first but now i kinda love it. Emphasis on kinda lol. But overall it’s great.

DGPF says:

why so many likes?

HKB 123 says:

You can put your Apple Watch on the moon setting so they will come in but not make a sound…

Pauvy Feldman says:

Who needs heart rate monitor???? You can find one easily in the world!!! This is STUPID

Gagan Gurung says:

The verge is the worst reviewer in the youtube

Toughboy hot says:

nice review btw

Lava Bender says:

I haven’t rolled my eyes harder with any other Verge video.

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