Apple Watch Review: Is it Pointless?

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Deborah Dewick says:

Your review is actually better than Apple official review, thankyou! Sold lol!

90Mrknowitall says:

I’ve watched 4 videos about this and they all said the same thing ! It’s over priced and you can find better that does more useful things I might just get the pebble dolt see the point just yet I have an iPhone but i don’t need to spend 400.00 to NOT touch my 800.00 phone

vandit shah says:

bro what do u thing tah iwatc is much better or moto G 360??

xmikex902x says:

So I have an Apple Watch, got it for free because my mom works for AT&T and was gifted one, but I never hear anyone talk or argue about what I think is the biggest problem. How often are new ones going to come out? Every year or 2?? So a typical watch is timeless, but my technology is going to be out of date after a year+. So now I have to spend at least $400 every year or 2 to ensure its up to date? That’s similar to a phone, but you usually trade in your old phone or something. I’m going to have a bunch of useless watches built up sitting tucked away in a dresser somewhere ?? Idk I don’t get it.

Mariokart360 says:

I spotted that Lamar Willson contact! I feel like every YouTuber knows each other haha

TorTeja says:

What a great video! Great visuals to keep us engaged while you clearly explain the features, pros, cons, and opinions. Thanks! Best video I’ve seen for the Apple Watch.

James Stansell says:

Cardinals fan? I can’t trust a word this man says. J/k this was an excellent review. In depth, critical but fair, and awesome video work. Thanks

Andrea Zayya says:

Is this guy rich

Saja Misolin says:

Im curious. iWatch is build to help active, sporty, fitness people. But what about being in a gym for example? I guess iWatch needs to be close to iPhone all the time to function? I guess leaving iPhone in a locket downstairs in a dressing room and exercising upstairs in a gym doesn’t work. Does it? I have power beats earphones too. It would be great to have music on only by iWatch with power beats without having iPhone in hands exercising in a gym. But as I get it, iPhone needs to be close to iWatch in order to listen to music or function in general. How does it work?


moto 360 is watch has swag

BluntTomahawk says:

I’m sorry , but did he say $350 for sport edition? Where is he looking?

Jessie Ware says:

Good video.

Jorge Rios says:

Yeah I bought mine couple months ago and to me didn’t really use it that much. And you need to have your iPhone on you mostly so kinda pointless really but it’s there in my drawer in my room lol. Use my Fitbit surge more and battery life last 7 days!!

Satan says:

I got the same one you have New for $230 🙂

Nanette Carpenter says:

you are amazing! what a great job! enjoying your videos on apple watch!

Chicks2180 says:

I love love my Apple Watch

T3eddy Video Yakan says:

A shit man

Kaye2DaJaye says:

I wanna get it! But They can do way better

Michael Sandoval says:

This watch is fucking bad ass bro what the hell you talking about

Rita Nicholson says:

Great feed back. Very detailed of what the pit full of what Apple doesn’t tell you about. Will be waiting for a couple of generation out before I reconsider again. Thank you

Secret Profile says:


JTsensation says:

Good review bro

Jorge Alcantara says:

Are you iOS or android fan

Goreball studios says:

I’m posting this 366 days after this was posted

Mr Williams says:

Apple Watch isn’t for everyone.. Either you like it or you fucking don’t

Benson Leung says:

Great video and review!

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