Apple Watch Apple Charger Review

Happy Tech Tuesdayyyyy errrrr it’s Wednesday……. oops

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John Schudar says:

I got the Griffin stand for $30. Had to use my cable. That came with my watch though. Cable not included. The watch stand charging dock by griffin. Anyways I wanted the official Apple one, but that cost doe. Same with my iPad pro. I bought the 360 degree folio by Targus for $60 + a $40 Bluetooth keyboard by Logitech instead of the Apple smart keyboard and silicon back cover which combined is $250. I still might break down and get it in the future. I don’t know though we’ll see if I get a raise during yearly reviews lol.

Kurt Taylor says:

Justine you need to do an apple collection update

Arron White says:

you are fitt

陈北宗 says:

Ever heard of Apple Watch 0G?

Stupid Militia says:

Galaxies are better in my opinion Justine you should try one

Dirtbiker 14 says:

they should make apple donuts

smerdy says:

You better just buy the holder for the iPhone and the Apple Watch that they sell…

Fredo says:

this should be called “Apple tuesdays”

Victor Damn Graceffa says:

Justine do they have a black charger? Cause my apple watch is black.

not really a channel says:

I suggest making more macbook unboxing vids

wenders says:

you should eat food with Shane dawson or lisbug

Amanda Bunch says:

can u answer my snapchat please I tried following u

Josue Quintanilla says:

I think that’s why Apple products are overpriced because they use good material

kirdot2011 says:

“wireless charging” ? did anyone noticed that the wire is only like 2 inches away from the device?

Gavin Ayers says:

Can you use it with an I phone??

Mica Krone says:

You should make a APPLE Monday since you are in love with Apple

comments101 says:

That probably cost like $10 to make the thing isn’t worth the price of an Android Phone

ACOG Cookie says:

That’s really cool

Nik Toldi says:

What’s that song at the end?

ACOG Cookie says:

Was it worth it

Gadget Trish says:

I just wish this thing came in black.

Robert Rowley says:

Yo the Apple Watch is incredible. I know because I have one.

Devan Dups says:

I love you Justine so much !!!!! I am one of your biggest fans! I know almost all your videos word for word! Your my idol. I look forward to your tech Tuesday and cooking videos. I also make a lot of your foods that you make they are so good !!! but your my favorite person in the entire world !!!!!

Omar Mohammed says:

Do a Review on The galaxy S7

S.Ky says:

Hey justine, just wondering if you would ever invest in a DJI drone, ive heard apple sell them in their stores now and i thought it would be pretty cool for you to feature in a tech tueday

Nik Toldi says: What is this song?! Please someone!!

ShakSterTV says:


dExter Tormann says:

This chick is deep! Lurrrve ya!

Nik Toldi says:

What’s that song at the end?

iBurtlez says:


Lori Waters says:

Hmmm is it really worth $80!!! I love apple and their products but geeeez! Why they gotta be so expensive!

dangerouslyloved16 says:

Lol I love your videos

Forgotteeen Xoxo says:

you really look like candice swanpeol… swanepoel??? uwhatever

Angelo Luna says:

Hello iJustine! May I Ask You A Favor Please? Can You Please Bring Your Book “I, Justine” In My Country: Philippines Please? I Am YOUR NUMBER 1 BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!! Love You!

Starwars Geek says:

Hey injustice can you do a video on either unboxing Apple TV/ Microsoft surface pro 4

Starwars Geek says:

Ijustine* sorry

VapeTime says:

I’m an Android fanboy but there is something about this channel….her personality maybe……but I’ll never buy apple lol

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