Apple Nylon Band for Apple Watch – Review

Apple’s multi colored straps are made of nylon to be lightweight and tough.
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VenoStuff says:

I’m getting the pearl-colored with in few days! 🙂
I’ve been waiting for it about a month now 😀

FANG says:

I wish they had used the same kind of adapter as the leather buckle have. That union that the nylon have to the adapter make it looks ugly!

Kyle Tacey says:

How is your nylon band holding up to getting wet? washing hands, pool, shower etc? Can it dry quickly? How is it if you get sweaty? thanks!

thploi says:

Thanks for the review. Perhaps, next time, stop down the aperture so more is in focus.. Please and thank you.

Alex Munoz says:

You sound like chris from family guy

vrticle says:

$15 sport bands 😀

Thomas Hamam says:

does it look nice with the silver apple watch sport

Ege Bilir says:

What about long time durability ?

Vick Lester says:

In your opinion would you buy the sport bands or the nylon??

DevilRedGaming says:

I have a question if you wore it for a while/ daily life does it feel scratchy against your skin or uncomfortable after a while

Eric Galante says:

low cost? bruh it’s $50 for nylon.

vrticle says:

buy knock off ones

freshapplenews says:

nice video 🙂

Andre Rivaldi says:

Is that Jawbone UP on your right hand?

EnemyofHK says:

do they get dirty easily?

iMicca says:

I have JUUUST returned from apple store and i have to say, nylon is amazing band

Bob Wareham says:

get a life this must be a joke

Christian Alexander says:

Which leather loop is that?

Cameron Stone says:

Would you suggest working out with this band?

thatthatthat says:

is Chris Griffin reviewing this??

iTechOut xPerience says:

How do you get a smaller size so if fits smaller wrists?

Prasoon Singh says:

The nylon bands actually looks nice. I’d get this one if I had the Apple Watch.

YouTube LT says:

What are you using for charging (dock/stand) the watch ??

KatBandit says:

Neither the sport band nor the nylon are worth $49 maybe $20 at the most

VexWard says:

What do you mean when you say “we”? You are one person!

xiingli says:

My other watch bands came in a nice case so it probably isn’t like the others? I guess maybe like the sports band case, not sure. I only bought the milanese and leather loop versions.

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