Apple iPad Pro 9.7 tablet review: Is it really for work?

Apple is adding more professional features to iOS and to the iPad lineup of products. Delivering a smaller iPad Pro certainly helps reinforce Apple’s hardware commitment to developers who might produce more robust apps for iOS. Does adding stylus support to an iPad really give consumers a machine which could replace their laptops? How far can we really take our work on this slate? Here’s our full review of the iPad Pro 9.7!


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ItsToxicc says:

Sunshine superhero in the video?

Hector Bautista says:


Phil Fathero says:

what is that case you’re using to carry everything?

DaimondGamer718 says:

I personaly think a special version of ios called something like ios pro or something should be for the pro tablet

taufique salam says:

This video is really some coolness like it really inspiring Me to be an YouTuber n sound & video producer Thanks Juan you are doing amazing job mate

Random Me says:

I just bought an iPad Pro 9.7. The only thing I do with it is to read books on ibooks. lol.

Joel Mondonedo says:

Choosing between this or the iPad Air 2. Which should I get for media consumption?

Jesper Bouw says:

So i can buy a iPad pro instead of a MacBook? I just need powerpoint

Siriki R says:

Hey .. Which key board you r using to connect to Ipad Pro in this Video ?

Antonello Curci says:

what keyboard are you using?

Nyani Cat says:

What about people that draw and write? (Like me)

Clinton W Salvato says:

I think we’re a ways off yet with a tablet fully replacing a desktop / laptop computer. From my own experience there are just some areas, i really don’t like the touch screen environment. I’ll even go further and say I don’t even like a trackpad for a mouse, and prefer a physical mouse and keyboard.. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s when Apple and computers as a whole were young, so I got used to the old way of doing things.

I will say though I like having a combination of technology today though, because having multiple devices often works better, then trying to use one device for everything. Either way, great video. I loved the presentation. Have a great day!

NYSBGamal says:

Does it work well with google apps like calendar docs sheets now news and inbox? I currently have all samsung products but interested in this ipad

Sculletbutt T says:

What is the game name at 1.25 minute ? Look fun

Demetre Saghliani says:

What was the keyboard used in the video?

On Clash says:

Os that editing app cost money?

Vanesa Bedregal says:

Hi, does anyone know what keyboard he is using? I’m looking for a cheap keyboard for my iPad Pro

Natalia Paschoal says:

Please, what keyboard is that?

Ryebanana says:

Everytime I see a “pro” who works on an iPad my first thought is that he is not a pro at all.

These are good gimmicks but not really for real productivity.

6644pmr says:

By far the best review available online for this version of the ipad pro. great job Juan

Isac Aguilar says:

I got the iPad Pro 9.7 for Christmas and I love it! It’s great for me but I don’t really use it other than playing games, watching YouTube, and doing projects and does great for my standards but I don’t really have to do crazy work because I am only in 7th grade

Sina Bakhshalian says:

That was a great review… I can say the best I’ve seen… Thanks 🙂

Aghinari says:

What is that arm you are using to hold up the tablet? Looking for a productivity tablet and second screen for my pc, that seems right up my alley!

Branden Schuler says:

does anyone know what mount he was using when he was typing on the desk? Great review Juan just ordered me one through Verizon.

Starwars Geek says:

Also I currently own the iPhone 6S+ (it’s huge) and when I picked up my iPad I thought wow it’s massive! I used it for 5 minutes setting everything up, I went to pick up my iPhone and i said wow my iPhones’ so small

Alin Sihote says:

What keyboard its that. Please, exact de model . Thanks a lot.

Phoeun Chhunheang says:

Best iPad Pro 9.7 review!

Factor de transcripción says:

Where can I buy that keyboard ?

Lone Phantom says:

This is exactly what Apple is trying to do. The iPad Pro is a real computer but it needs the Apps! This is the future of mobile computing. Nobody will have laptops anymore, it’ll be surface and ipad clones with keyboards, making it more mobile. They’ve got the power and the portability, now bring the Apps. I think that is the vision of Apple.
If they could bring in Applications like Final Cut or Adobe premiere into a MOBILE format, then the vision is just about there. All they would need to focus on is refining the hardware and introducing a more and more advanced OS, or iOS. I think eventually they are going to make something like an iPadOS and keep iOS on phones.

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