Apple iPad mini (WiFi+Cellular LTE 4G): Unboxing & Speed Demo

A quick look at the Cellular version of the iPad mini which supports LTE 4G connectivity.







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James Bond says:

could i just take out the sim card and use straight talk on it?


How old are you? Infamouse

DimDia says:

The ipad mini does not have a retina display. Do you easily see the difference between this and the ipad 4 retina display??

Jason Ou says:

I like the ipad mini I think a lot of people like the ipad mini

CheEjay Valera says:

Hi, Just want to ask if the battery life of this unit can lasts longer? What if im a heavy user? How long it takes?

United States of America says:

How many iPads do you have?

chelsiejane11 says:

I have the same one and its fabu

Sabrina Lumia says:

Do you have to pay monthly for the cellular lte with the iPad????

Kelly Alexander says:
this is the only link that works for me

사라애요 says:

what does it mean if its a Cellular Ipas mini3 whats the difference of the Wifi and Wifi and cellular please replyy

Yourgrace shade says:

Is it with retina display??

Bae Sung Ra says:

can it make use of the wifi?

DynamiXxXx1 says:

he works for apple

Mishxoxo says:

battery life?

Bff Emma is Yoda's says:

I was wondering if ” version-wifi Lte” means if it has cellular data? Thanks

robert hingston says:

Ipad mini as phone

VadimCool says:

Have you heard of a return policy? 🙂

Tangmo98ss says:


Spark says:

I don`t think his a millionaire.I think he has a well payed job and he earns some money from YouTube too 😉

Alex Javier says:

can the iPad mini work with metro pcs network?

Jenny Elisme says:

j’ai acheté ipad mini retina 4g 64go en Amérique et il marche pas en france avec carte sim comment je dois faire  

kpowell121able says:

how the hell do u know?

Crackers Mallows says:

Does it have a SIM card slot? Like a nano sim?

Max Kenow says:

I already have the first gen ipad mini wifi only but I don’t know if it is worth getting a new ipad mini first gen with cellular, is it?

ShadowJP3012 says:

Do you need a SSN to activate your plan?

SaintGeorge67 says:

I’ve got a mini 2 wifi version… is it normal for then to receive incoming calls even though it not cellular version ?

rushikesh pandya says:

good one

Sterlinglh16 says:

You talk very nice. Clear and at good base. Not too fast nor too slow.

Liza Macuha says:

I purchased this mostly for use with a credit card reader for a gift shop. It works well for that use. I have played around with other features.

Bernie McGloin says:

I have a ipad 2

maosa al abdali says:


niclna says:

cellular version? so i can use it like cellphone, to make outgoing and receives incoming calls

United States of America says:

How M

beka bissenov says:

Я нечего нужного ненашоль покажите как настроить алтел 4g на айпад3

Evelyn S. says:

Can you pay it off, like per month?

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