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This review is on a very special diver’s watch: the Carbon Diver from Audemars Piguet.

This diving watch from AP is made out of forged carbon and has a great, stealthy look to it, which I love. If you walk into a room of people who don’t know much about luxury watches, they might think that it’s a special G-Shock or something!

But make no mistake about it, the AP Carbon Diver watch will put you in a whole other level when it comes to watches. You will definitely stand out in the crowd if you decide to buy one.

The dimensions and functions of this watch are the same as the other stainless steel diving watch from AP, but the dial (with the yellow highlights) stands out a lot more, which I like.

The retail price of the Carbon Diver is $27,500.

Since there aren’t a lot of these watches available, you will often not be able to get a super deal from your watch dealer for it. In fact, you will be lucky if you can find it preowned in the range of $16,000 to $18,000.

The only similar AP watch to this one is the 44-mm AP Carbon, but we’re talking about two different watches here.

As far as the Watch Game is concerned, you cannot go wrong with the AP Carbon Diver.

It will definitely get your Yacht-Master II buddies talking!

What do you think of the Carbon Diver? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Arthur Scargill says:

“So this is none other than a super glorified G-Shock”. I love your reviews Eric. Thanks for the video, take care.

Gatorade and Rice says:

The one thing that i would hate to experience (if i were to own one lol) is people having the misconception that the AP is a Gshock or any other similar brand (like luminox, seiko divers). Eric what are your opinions on owning high end watches that have these misconceptions? Do you ignore it or embrace it?

Haru Yamagucci says:

*Eric the young stud and Archie Luxury should do a collaboration video together. That would be Epic!!*

fabian bergström says:

Pretty similar to my aquatimer 2000 3568. Like it!

alex weber says:

Great video!

Alexander Vicious says:

Looks like a cheap piece of shit. AP in general are ugly looking watches that have crap complications and are super overpriced. Don’t even get me started on the servicing costs! Fuck AP.

Dan Alvarez says:

Like you say, a very nice piece with a stealthy look. Love it!

Maq Shar says:

Wow this looks offbeat from other classics. Must be extremely lightweight, like you feel nothing on wrist.

10000000peso says:

Nice to the point review!  Just to change things up I would love to see another Cuban chain tutorial

Noel ryan says:

Eric, you are the man. Reviews are by far the best on line. Also the models you select are class. I am thinking of buying the AP diver Chrono in Navy. Bold but different. Do you think it is a safe bet?

Nisten T says:

“you’re wearing the equivalent of a two-tone yachtmaster 2 but you’re showing it to them in a plastic G-Shock, this is the watch right here” – ahahahaha dying

jim dandy says:

Eric, is carbon ok for durability such as an accidental bang, etc? Asking because I have a Cannondale Evo Hi-Mod and carbon bike frames are light but also you need to careful with them

MAHDIfied4SOPHIA says:

looks too much like A HUBLOT

Michele Calò says:

My favourite AP without a doubt. Love the video, Erik. Simple and no nonsense.
Keep it up!

Omar Sade says:

Selling mine I live in the UK holla

Ac31o1 says:

What do you think about the omega Geneve?

Iraj Pudasaini says:

not worth the money

Melon says:

It must be awfully sunny there!

Introduce Forex says:

Love the AP carbon diver. Great review!

North1867 says:

That does look nice on the wrist and quite the low key statement too.

jska sjsk says:

Hey crm do u guys have this exact model for 16k?

TheYoungConnoisseur says:

Had one, traded it for the Bumblebee ROO and while I loved that even more initially its novelty wore off. Too much color for a daily piece, even for my polo, jeans and exotic car daily outfit. Perhaps without the yellow tacy ring the colors would be more subtle and still entertaining. Had I not swapped this one out, I imagine it would have stayed in my rotation for some years.

Omeed Baghelai says:

Where do you see this for 16-18k? I haven’t seen a single one near that price. They are all over 20k.

manduheavy vazquez says:

Is a great machine. I have ap diver ceramic and is wonderful. Audemars always is exclusivity and quality. Greatness review.

Amirul Rahman says:

nice video. you should do wrist watch check before starting.

hopey1809 says:

Hi Eric! Can you do a presentation or a review of the different Hublot x Italia Indepentends?? This watches are unbelievable good looking

Adam Foley says:

Eric, as always fella,top draw review son!

Maurie Barnes says:

Great review. Liked & Shared!

Marcelin Photography says:

Awesome video as always guys!

Michael Lee says:

Always wanted to get a glorified G-Shock :p

Sam Ho says:

Fantastic watch!

Yeoli Livunts says:

Another dope video my bro!

john strachan says:

Best watch channel on youtube. Top quality, no bullshit.

itsKibble Talks Watches says:

Awesome little review! Though I am still yet to find an AP that I prefer to the 15400 in blue 😀

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