Aorus X7 V6 (GTX 1070) Review – The Best Thin 17″ Gaming Laptop?!

Dave2D Review of the 17″ Aorus X7 V6 with a GTX 1070 and a 1440p 120Hz G-Sync Panel. Crazy performance in a thin gaming laptop.

Cheaper 1080p Version –
Wireless Headphones –

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Shahriar Farkhan says:

Is this an IPS panel or a TN panel? I don’t understand why no one states the type of display but state the refresh and G-sync.

Fu Zexi says:

Hmm… one question, do you think this screen can handle some graphic design or video editing? The contrast ratio of this screen really worries me.


it need a giveaway

Snow says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on mine.

pramesh gurung says:

So gl702 is the cheapest laptop that i can buy???

Hursh Patel says:

DO THE NEW AORUS X3 V7.I wanted your opinion on the build of the laptop

Scott keomany says:

So this laptop has 6 cylinders

uberDoward says:

This vs Razer Blade Pro 2016?

rmp5s says:

All this, still cheaper than the new Macbook Pro. lol

Edmund Dragojlović says:

Is that covered port on the left side a full sized display port?? cause one review said it

David Pierson says:

You like Overwatch a fair bit I see 🙂

AE01 says:

Is there any good laptop with 15″ screen and a GTX 1070 or better with a 4K display??I want it for some gaming and alot of video and photo editing

Joshua Patron says:

Can you do a video comparing these keyboard keys vs the 2016 Macbook Pro with touch bar?

Vinit S. says:

Is the QHD panel IPS or TN like Alienware 17’s QHD screen?



William Xie says:

How is the fan noise compared to Alienware 15 r3 GTX 1070?

Sebastian Silva says:

Do you have any plans to review the new Razer Blade Pro?

Jenken Jayveen Frago says:


floKKe says:

Really like the style of your videos. Gaming laptops are so great, but expensive.

How is the Aorus’ build quality compared to the Razer Blade Pro?

Donjoey Ker says:

I can’t decide between this one or the MSI GS63VR I am going to play Forza Horizon 3, Rocket League, Stardew Valley and Minecraft

bangrsNmash says:

if this had thunderbolt it would be a no brainer for me.

Andrew Nassar says:

What’s a good gaming laptop for university?

Spencer Edwards says:

Nice laptop but way over priced.

Chris O'Heat says:

until it runs all games at the least at 120 fps im not gonna waste my money.

Soon Hee says:

Hello there, I’m planning to buy this laptop but I heard in the reviews that this product has screen defective issue. I play current games OW, BDO etc. will it affect my gameplay? please advice. Thank you.

shivraj jadhav says:

i want to buy a gaming Laptop 4k display, Core I7 K series processor, GTX 1070 or 1080. Which one is the best ? My priority is Higher FPS and Good Display. MY budget is $3200 Which one do u Suggest…..

Anri Orlow says:

Oh oh, sooo much too much!

Lisa Dickson says:

Damn Lee those r some ugly hands

Chris Vlok says:

Hi Dave, really good job on the channel, your reviews are great!! i just missed out on the comp for the laptops which sucks but it brings me to my question. I render using 3DS Max and I love to play some games on the side however I enjoy some demanding titles such as Witcher 3 and so on. I would like to get your advice on what laptop to purchase in order to give me good render speed and quality as well as good gaming performance with a screen that has good brightness and colour. I am looking around the 1500 – 1800 USD mark. Do you have any suggestions?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

AelKurun says:

Do you know the model reference of the 94Wh battery? I would like to upgrade my old 73Wh battery. They look exactly the same so…

Pixelated Thomas says:

harsh I could get a safer that would kick this things butt for 2600

Gilette Abdi says:

cool Video

Kinger says:

is the screen tn or ips?

Zack Halverson says:

Desktop killer, even for streaming

Tarık Emre Kırhallı says:

Sweet background image on the tv back there, can you send a link?

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