Aorus X3 V6 Review – The ultimate gaming laptop?

This is the Aorus X3 V6 – a high end 14″ gaming laptop with some killer specs – namely the GTX 1060 6GB and the i7-6820HK. Is this the ultimate gaming laptop though? Watch to find out!

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Monax says:

i’ve been subbed to this channel since 6k, I check on the channel once in a while, and it looks like you are stuck at 26k subs, I suggest that u got some tech convention and revew the stands/products, this types of videos seem to get quite a bit of views if uploaded on the right time

노승수 says:

I personally do not like Aorus X3 plus series. After the first release they have not changed anything – except for gpu and cpu. On the other hand, Aorus X5 and X7 have changed their display options, keyboard, wireless cards, and more. I honestly think that Aorus doesnt really care about x3 series at all.

badoomtch says:

I can confirm it doesn’t have a 2.5″ drive space. Just two NVMe drives.

John Hanson says:

x3 plus v6 is honestly a disappointment to me. they didn’t give the laptop what it needed. it needed a 1080p panel option (preferably gsync like the x5), the rgb fusion keyboard, thunderbolt 3, come with 1tb of storage of some sort, matte glass track pad, the battery of the aero 14, and maybe if possible a little thinner. this version isn’t worth the upgrade at all. the aero 14 is a much better purchase from the same company. gigabyte owns both but it seems that they are trying to replace the x3 and the p34 with the aero 14. I’d love to have the x3 if it had all of those specs I said and if the fan noise wasn’t too loud. oh well maybe next iteration or something.

Dat Boii says:

im fucking early

TechteamGB says:


Anyone who wants to pre-order one from Overclockers UK – it would be awesome if you could use these here linkajimithings!

- BWP - says:

Nice video, I was waiting for that! I think you can overclock the GPU only on the X7 DT version, which has the 1080.

I’m chosing between the X5 V6 (GTX 1070) and the Aspire V Nitro (1060). The only reason I consider the Aspire is because Acer is a more well-known brand and I’m unsure about the build quality of the X5 V6. What is your opinion? Would you say the X3 V6 you reviewed feels sturdy and high quality?

vxthunder says:

I had the WEIRDEST dream last night. You travelled all the way to the US to document a PC build with me, but things went terribly wrong. The “case” for the unit was just a large plastic tub held down by a few 2×4 pieces of lumber from the hardware store. We didn’t cool anything, the RAM was missing, and we loaded Windows 95, which for some reason could only load minesweeper and The NY Times articles. You then left me with this broken heap of garbage, putting sunglasses on and saying, “See you around, buddy.” before leaving for the U.K. You posted a video online about th experience, and everyone had a good laugh at my expense.

I have no idea what any of that could possibly mean. Hahahaha.


Oh my god, that aorus software looks awful, otherwise the laptop seems great.

Kimoe Dabu says:

is it tn panel?

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