Android Wear Review! (Smartwatches)

Moto 360. LG G Watch. Samsung Gear Live. Android Wear is changing the smartwatch game!

Top 5 Wearable Tech (Early 2014):

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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Taseen Rashed says:

I had two choice: Samsung gear 2 or lg g watch. I chose gear. I wanna kill myself now.

naruhina uzumaki says:

can it be connected to wifi

SirPing says:

I have a serious question:
Can I use prety any smart watch i want with my OnePlus One.

KingStivan says:

i just bought a brand new G watch for 50$ of crazy deal locally ^^ and i kinda like it^^

DaKindOG says:

which watch is he reviewing in this video?

MuMuCow8 says:

What is the square watch you are using in this video.

Scott Foltz says:

you should create an updated version of this video

Jim Milne says:

shame I am looking for an android watch but this wasn’t very informative as I need make models and we’re to buy I’m sorry but thumbs down

Poulet Patate says:

To send a text message with your voice, does it takes an internet connection? And to replys to a message text normally does it take an internet connection?

MZONE says:

any new reviews for the latest android wearables??

Puchowie says:

When you said Ok Google my Moto 360 responded….

Elizabeth ajayi says:

best way to cheat on an Exam!

_Explosions_ says:

what waych is that

Arky Caamaño says:

im looking tobuy a smartwatch and im looking for reviews and of course i went straight to MKBHD for android wear info. but… Marques… the thimg with the pedometer, you are supposed to use a watch in your off hand. This will help you with accuracy.

whez08 says:

Thank you, especially for the pedometer revelation.

Ezy_ Edmund says:

Damn android be copying Apple Devices

Kyle Netherwood says:

The LG G Watch R is so cool.

all I am says:

is it compatiable with a tablet and caan it use kik I WONDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR

janedybharwakabsenai says:

Did anyone know about Blocks Modular Smartwatch, when it’s going to be released.

theowlsofouterheaven says:

Bought me a LG G Watch for 100 bucks brand new. A little bit late to the game, but I figured I’d rather spend 100 to get in the game then drop 300 on the moto 360 gen2. I like it thus far, but its definitely not needed. It’s nice though I think not having to take my phone in and out so much.

Arash Tabatabaei says:

hi. where can i buy android wear?

ruzzell907 says:

Does Android Wear support Android Pay ?

Mr. TGamer says:

can i use samsung gear on HTC??

Karl McKellar says:

Fucking samsung copy apples ideas and they make it better (apparently)

Londa Waite says:

can you place or take a phone call from the watch? And which ones have the capability if at all?

Joseph Plays says:

Does it have a earbud plugin

ManNexusX says:

if i get a smart watch, then will people be able to read my messages that get sent to my phone then sent to my watch???

Exclusive Gamer says:

I’m getting one

Omar F Rodriguez Morales says:

Hi +Marques Brownlee , any upcoming review about the huawei android smartwatch?

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