Android Wear 2.0 review on LG’s new watches

For 3 years, Google has tried to get us to care about smartwatches. Now it’s launching the biggest update to Android Wear since its launch, and along with it, come two new watches from LG (Watch Style and Watch Sport) to show it off. Is this enough to get us to care about Android Wear? Subscribe:

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Lei Zheng says:

Do you post other smart watch video, like apple watch?

pilsen120 says:

How does it perform when you workout with it? No one talks about the fitness part of the watch

James Cruzat says:

been waiting weeks for theupdate to go live when the hell are they releasing it

Archie Wei says:

Lost me at too slow.

NicholazWoW says:

I really want an LG Sport, but it appears that Google is showing once again that they’re not a manufacturing company even with LG handling that side. The Sport has been sold out on the Google Store since day 1 and it’s 16 days later… wtf.

Matthieu42 says:

Moto 360 1rd gen will be updated ?

Scott Knudson says:

We get it, you’re hard for Apple.

Anup Neupane says:

huwaei make a wear 2.0 already!

J B says:

I’m so happy that I got the gear s3

Yusuf Hashim says:

The biggest problem with android wear for iPhone is that being a fitness oriented platform does not sync with Apple health kit, oh pebble was such a beauty!

Jobaa87 says:

They’re both ugly and overpriced. I’ll stick with my Ticwatch 2.

Hopefully I can get the AW2.0 apps on it

Daniel Lindgren says:

The Verge consistently has some of the most informative, well rounded reporting on the latest tech. Always excited to see you all do a video on something I’m interested in!

Breakdown Entertainment says:

still like my g watch R
hope to get the update soon ^^

Matt Lawrence says:

The app selector shouldn’t be a list, it should be in a grid. Scrolling through several apps to find the ones you want is terrible for usability.

smayan goel says:

Samsung gear s3 is way better. only the apps are not so good

Claudiu Lucian says:

SmartWatch? not yet, waiting for pixel watch in q4 2017 or 2018, because: 1) sport edition can’t change bands, style edition doesn’t have sensors, we need a phone which is stylish and has NFC+BT5.0+GPS+LTE (LTE is not that important for me personally like the rest of the features) 2) it needs a decent SOC with A33/35 cores, not the crappy A7 and a more efficient lithography like 14nm 3) a better battery life 4) 50m water proof (like Apple watch series 2)is a must, is nice to swim with it 5) 350$ is way too much, it is Oneplus flagship level price for a SmartWatch, but 200-250$ is decent, stop overpricing like Apple

Соɾу ℛ. says:

I just want a slim smart watch that I can put custom faces on, and this looks to be just that. The biggest downside for me is, of course, the battery life.

july aguilar says:

piece of crap

henrique lange says:

why don’t google simply make an “virtual ring”?!?!?!? that’s really simple man, and you don’t even need the hardware!

Ho Chi Videos says:

would moto 360 support Android pay?

Terry Jackson says:

1-2 years later, these maybe good. Currently, nope.

Caleb Wagner says:

If the style had GPS and NFC I would totally buy it.

Nether Warrior says:

Just wait for the apple lawsuits to kick in on this watch in a few days

Scourge159 // ScourgetheGamer says:

does the style have call capability

Eddie Ell says:

If it doesn’t last more than 5 days on a single charge it’s not worth it!

J B says:

How in the world can you design a watch and you can’t change the watchbands??

Benja says:

wich watch is it?

Joost TL says:

fake technews

S_T_O_R_M says:

how does LTE works in this watch we need a sim card or something else ?

Stefan Weiberg says:

Only question for me: Can I replace my smartphone by using a Android Wear 2.0 watch with LTE?

Aldo Felipe says:

I love LG products. but anything over $200 not worth it for me.

Michael Lim says:

Samsung Gear S3 is still the best smartwatch.

theSyd says:

For everyone that’s screaming “APPLE FANBOI” at The Verge: these watches are widely criticized by the Android community. They are just not really an improvement over past Android Wear watches (and by past I mean 2014).

WeThePeople says:

I have a moto 360, its great for notifications as you can just leave your phone is your pocket. It looks nice but other then those two points there’s nothing else that is amazing. They just don’t have that wow factor… Yet. It does look very nice when it is charging on the dock though, especially the glow is gives off at night. If these watches were cheaper yeah I’d recommenced any tech enthusiast to pick one up but the prices are just too high to justify buying one. If you can pick up a moto 360 first gen for like 50 bucks then its worth for the avg techy.

weedwak says:

Why does Google keep working with LG? Great, now Google watches are gonna bootloop.

Chuck says:

i thought moto360 will no longer be upgraded by moto.

Voyteck Rzenesepa says:

It’s still just an expensive toy, a hi-tech gimmick. I’ve reduced the number of apps and notifications on my phone. A smartwatch would be a horrible distraction on my wrist, always screaming to get my attention. Great little gadget for enthusiasts, a gimmick nonetheless.

Ghanshyam Nakrani says:

i wanted to review apple watch nike edition.. with each every features and capability.. but due to lake of equipment i cant… i want to work with guys… its deam!

cyrus r says:

I want a watch that I don’t have to charge it every night

Family - Time Video says:

Hello, I usually wear watch on right hand. Can you rotate the display when you wear the watch on right hand being the crown on the left side (so the display won’t upside down)?

Ashley D says:

Your shirt is dirty!

Randy Bashor says:

Battery life should improve if apps are not loaded to the watch,which is optional. Um, the review did not mention this. For this & other reasons gave it a thumbs down. The problem with the Apple watch is the iPhone requirement, imo. Talk about over pricing & an ugly watch that only looks great on a woman’s wrist.

Dane Reid says:

Another swipe at android by the verge. Fake news!!! lol

Joost TL says:

a bit cynical review. and constantly saying with they ripped from apple. the “crown” really? a presumably standard hardware feature on a smartwatch. not that you guys dont know that. It’s just something someone would mention who is payed by apple. you are fake technews

rocker1821 says:

The lg is too big yet the apple watch is too small so someone should make a in between

marcus Free says:

@verge why have you not come out with a full review video of the gear s3?

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