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Andersmann Oceanmaster II 1000M Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Andersmann Oceanmaster II 1000M dive watch.

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Should I Smoke This? says:

Why is the volume so low? I can’t hear what you’re saying.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

I don’t like the dial. It looks like cheap plastic

NbgdStyler63 says:

it would be great watch but size is shit too big

AH H says:

Sorry but this watch is garbage

BeautyofScent says:

dogshit of a watch

osiris1802 says:

Wow, I like this one. Nice and clean styling.

atl3630 says:

Not my style.

kuglepen64 says:


mountainhobo says:

Not for me. I don’t like overpriced homages. However, to address the reviewer’s comment at 1:24 “my biggest quibble with the watch is the name, it’s trying to sound European” — founder ‘Raymond’ Chan Wai Man simply named the company after his son Anders. Notice son’s first and last name. Mystery solved.

TheMightyWill says:

Is there a watch this guy doesn’t like…?

Gary Cai says:

Please check your audio levels. Your intro music is way too loud, and your spoken volume in the review is way too soft.

DiamondDubstep says:

I read Audemars in the title ^^ then i read it again and clicked away 😉

Mike Brown says:

No History + Stainless Steel = Garbage!

Philip Seiler says:

What about the heart of the watch…crown action

kevlarre says:

I like the design and the dial, but the 47mm size is a real turn off and frankly a deal breaker. If this watch is 42mm or even 44mm i might buy this.

Nayr747 says:

It would improve your videos a lot if you cut the lights to show the lume when you’re talking about it. Also why give the price in Swiss Francs rather than converting it to USD? It’s $1,500 for anyone wondering.

kwk1 says:

I actually like the look and size of this piece.

Ooh Arhh says:

Too big, ruins the design..also over priced for the level of quality imo

cfunk10 says:

That’s an ugly watch. The “Andersman” lettering (or whatever the hell it’s called) is way too big. Must have been a freebie in exchange for the positive review.

Carlos francisco Chumil pérez says:

could make a review of the clock stuhrling emperor grandeur?

Ardit says:

Can you review an Itay Noy watch?? Thanks

sandydenny lives says:

Same movement as my ‘umble tissot at £350. Dear me, Oris and now this.

Ghujvan'Dumènicu Ghjuvan'Dumènicu says:

Total copy of a Panerai dial…

mx5cySS says:

I watch a lot of your reviews, and while helpful, you never do lume shots which can be a big decider for a lot of people

crackedcookies says:

“Andersmann like my name Arial”… fuck off mate

Chris says:

Not the most attractive watch but for a ceramic bezel and 1000m water resistance it’s a fair price.
I’d still rather have a Squale though.

Red House says:

Price increased by 50% from CHF1380 ( as at April 2016) to CHF2080 (as at August) . I think the price ridiculously high for homage and new watch brand. This price can buy many established brand and keep better resale value than homage. If want to buy Swiss made watch with 1000m WR, can consider steinhart Triton 1000m only cost €610 ( €512.61 excluding 19% tax). Andersmann should reduce the retail price instead to of increased 50%

Tyson Richmond says:

I like the dial and coloring… not really a fan of the large case or the name or the price or the bezel font.

meyoumovie says:

Fit and finish of the case look amateurish at best. 47mm YUCK !

ryvr madduck says:

Holy crap forty SEVEN mils??!?! No way I’m sporting this dinner plate.

earthcry says:

u never do lume shots. y

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