An Excellent Answer To Fashion Watches: Grayton Review

This is a review of a timepiece which is squarely aimed at drawing people away from fashion watches and back into the world of mechanical timepieces at a reasonable price for European brands.

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rando tooming says:

reminded me at first some of the Zenith watches. i like the clear looks and empty spaces on dial, it is definitely a well designed watch. and that degrade bleu is astonishing! not to mention the hackable Seiko movement.

Christian Cerna says:

I think it would look more aesthetically pleasing without the date window.

El Guapo says:

Very clean and legible look. It looks much better in leather strap. Lume numbers would be nice. Good looking and great price !

Kes FitzGerald says:

Another excellent video, Armand. Thank you.

This is a lovely watch – well presented, great shape and with a reliable movement. Indeed, I was moved to check my bank account and look up the website. No purchase as yet but certainly one to put in the “mix”, for my next watch.

In response to your question, I will hazard some observations. Whilst I understand and appreciate the borders around the numerals, they increase the size of the numbers this, along with the styling means they come across as slightly “cartoon-ish”, more generously it could be viewed as “playful” but the balance just seems to run into sizing problems around 10 and 12 – appearing a bit too full. All this is further emphasised by the alternating dots also appearing quite large, for my taste at least.

Anyway, I have to admit to now being a middle aged man and possibly why I observe these things in this light. But it does all suggest that Grayton after after a much younger age group (which their website and your comments suggest) – possibly late teens, through to early 30s. If this is so then this is all good because this is a market that needs the converting, as it were.

However, it would be interesting to see this watch with batons or maybe thinner Arabic numerals, giving a cleaner face. That would have some appeal to me and the cheque book would be at the ready. I guess, what I am saying (unlike my post) is that sometimes with these things, less is more.


prince of beirut says:

i’m impressed by the watch! really well made (especially for it’s price) i’m not a fan of the spring strap removal system. another thing is i also agree with armand that the leather grain should be finer. over all a great watch though!

ZCherish says:

Absolutely beautiful watch. Ticks all the boxes, save one; I wish it came available with sapphire crystal. I’d even accept an upcharge for it. Timepieces in a price point only slightly above come with sapphire crystal, so it would be nice to have that as at least an option. Maybe $235 (as currently advertised on their site) as a base price and somewhere between $260-290, depending on the cost of the crystal, would be appropriate.

Petar's channel says:

Hi Armand,
I really enjoy your videos.
If I can have a friendly suggestion is the audio. The audio sounds a bit dull. If I could suggest is to opt for a better microphone, even the hands free mic usually sounds better than just the build in mic on your cellphone. Because your reviews are mainly talking think about is as a radio show. And most of the radio shows have velvety soft audio quality because they really focus on the good sounding microphones.
Please accept that as encouragement not a complaint.

Tom bryan says:

nice watch, especially considering the price. I think just slightly smaller numbering on the hour markers would lend a bit more elegance though.

Armand R says:

So NH35, 40mm case, with Mineral Crystal at about $250 USD. I like the watch but not the price. For the same I could buy an Invicta at about $70 with the same movement. Granted Invicta is crap due to their CS and QC. So are we saying that for $180 more I could get a watch with a company that truely stands behind their product? And is it worth it if it’s only a fashion watch? Your thoughts?

ewanoffshore says:

For the price I think the watch looks fantastic. I would rather see the date window further towards the edge of the dial as I think it looks oddly positioned but I appreciate that is a restriction of the movement being used. A gorgeous watch for the price tho!

Tony Hill says:

Looks good at the price and specification.

Amit from Israel says:

what is the ref number or model? they have few models on their website

Daniel McLaughlin says:

Seems to be a good value watch.Love the case shape. I think the dial however looks a bit cluttered with the numeral size, perhaps batons would be more elegant. Lastly the date window on the 40mm would look better if it was at the same radius as the indices. Congratulations on your recent award btw.

Joseph DeFrancisci says:

Does it have a sapphire crystal?

tungstentickler says:

I got an invicta 8926 for £62 (€70). with the same movement. not the same overall quality as this admitted but a great submariner homage and most importantly a “real” watch. all those looking at fashion watches, please get yourself an auto. they are cheaper or same cost as fashion and far superior quality and value

George Papadimitriou says:

Can you tell me your opinion on Casio EF-518D-7AV please??

rumle says:

As it is fighting against fashion dress watches, I would make the Arabic numerals smaller, or fully replace them with markers instead. But what a package for 200 £

Shinda Haisha says:

Nice watch, the dial is quite beautiful. You had a lot of problems with autofocus because the background was busy. The camera tried to focus on the objects in the background numerous times. I suggest you find a nice spot where you want to hold the watch and then just block the focus. Very good video as usual !

Firas says:

beautiful watch. Thank you for the review.

Volt Lover says:


Watch Tinkerer says:

Nice looking watch for the price. I like the color of the dial you’re showing here, and the fact that it is gradient. I’ve gone to their website for a look-see. I like most of their color combos.

Michael Kopcho says:

This is a well designed attractive dress watch and one I would buy except for one disappointment that would prove increasingly irritating for me to experience over time and that is the weak lume on the indices.

Wherecar 54 says:

I was concerned with the lugs, seems like they would hold up for a period of time. Nonetheless, beautiful watch for the money.

Shawn Chinnery says:

Lovely review mate,hope you keep up the good work…..cheers

Abhishek Srivastava says:

great find. awesome watch.

mountainhobo says:

Curious – since 4H35 offers day/date complication, why no models that offer same, only date? This is a dress casual watch, and with its size, it could easily handle it. Nice review, btw. And yes, beef up the lume on the indices a bit.

Vince Watches says:

I am very open mind usually but sorry this watch is not my taste at all. It looks so much like I want to be something I am not. There is so much superb value propositions at Tissot, Citizen, Seiko…For this kind of price you have some fantastic Victorinox on the second hand Market or even more possibilities looking in the vintage direction that this is not a viable option in my humble view. Nice review anyway, well done.

Fabricio Giampietro says:

Beautiful watch. Glad to se brave companies return to retro styled watches, the look is spot on. I’ll definitely consider buying it

Ryan says:

Beautiful dial, instantly reminded of some of the H.Moser models. I’d prefer less prominent hour/minute markers & printed text so that the dial can take more of the spotlight. Maybe slightly shorter minute markers for the non-divisible-by-5 minutes in the minute track? The font on the “4” kinda bugs me. Date at 6 instead, for symmetry?

Cherian_Thomas says:

Beautiful watch! Love the blue sunburst dial! Great value too at this price point… my personal preference for the date window would have been at the 6 o’clock position as the current configuration seems to break the symmetry a bit…this would not defer me from considering purchasing this watch.. great video… thanks!

raindog951 says:

Love the quality, love the price, love everything about the watch, except the strap (which I would replace anyway as I don’t like Leather straps), and I dislike numbers on my watches. If they brought out a watch with simple sticks, in lovely shiny mirror finish, I’d definitely buy one.

Teamhonn says:

I could live without the huge box. what am I supposed to do with all that packaging? Just put in a small box and save the money please.

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