Amazon Fire Tablet Review (£50/$50) | Best Budget Tablet?

At just £50/$50, the new Amazon Fire Tablet is a surprisingly capable little 7″ device which I think might just be the best budget tablet you can buy right now!

‘Budget’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Low-end’ don’t do the Fire justice. It won’t compete with the iPad or a high-end Android tablet, but it’s remarkably fast, has a great user interface and despite not offering a HD screen, books, videos and movies look nice.

Watch my full review to find out why I think the Fire is one of the best tablets in 2015 and let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

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– The Tech Chap.

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Edmundo studios says:

Why is it £50? No conversion :/

frankco office says:

can you Skype on it?

the guy says:

does it have xfintiy

Brayan Morales says:

thanks for this great review. no-nonsense too indepth type thing. just real honest review

David Jaramillo says:

1:34….u wot m8

Catherine Mc Phillips says:

I know everything about this fire

Florijan69 420 says:

nice review

Oran Glackin says:

Im definitely buying this and a Kindle gift crad for my mum for Christmas

katy Harvey says:

I have it

PatrickJB says:

Just ordered one as they are now £35 on Amazon UK! Apparently they went as low as £29.99!!! Dam missed that, but at £35 quid it’s a no-brainer.

thedudecalledpj says:

Thanks for your great review 🙂

cabuscus says:

All i need it for is reading which it delivers solidly:)

RAmar Juve says:

It’s £29.99 now in argos. Great deal..

ahmed qasim says:

Hello Does this contain Altab on Google play application

mr. timebacon says:

I can’t decide between this or the hd 8 verson xD

Umair Butt says:

Can you get shoebox movieshd etc on the device

Aftab Ismail says:

dear the tech chap bro can u tell me something abt its betrtry life is it good .worst.or better.. bcz tomorrow i m goin to buy this tab may be its is cheap in your country but here in pakistan its not really cheap .. so bro kindly reply me

Patty Bell says:

got mine for 39.99 in Minnesota on amazon

Jason Burns says:

Great review…simple and to the point. I’m waiting for mine to arrive in the post. Do I need security on it? Anyone know? And why are the speakers always on the back? Who listens to music at the back of a device?

Catherine Mc Phillips says:

It comes with a cover that can transform to a stand and back again you can get 16 or 8 GB storage and you can get 8 inch and 16 inch. And You can set it up easily.But you can not get Android. 🙁 🙁 .But you can get to the appstore with 1 tap with the app. And more.. THE BEST fire!! And I know much much much more!!

robert Perks says:

I’m about to have one delivered. I’ve got an iPad for most use, but daughter is always on it most of the day. Got myself a cheap Asus zen tablet, and it is god awful,keeps crashing,no matter how many times I reboot,restart . Had a kindle fire hd second gen that is still working but very buggy and slow,as I tried routing it and made it slower, so I decided on this cheep tablet, got it for £39,99 on a fire sale

oddnamera says:

Guys they are on sale for amazon for $33 today only! I got one for each of my family members.{{linkCode}}&tag=fire01a-20&linkId={{link_id}}

Barry says:

Nice video even if the tablets are crap.

doug12341988 says:

Just bought one, thanks for your review.
£29.99 at Argos !

Catherine Mc Phillips says:

I wachted this video on mine.!!!!!

Linda Saunders says:

I’m on my 2nd one.My son (7) got it for Christmas,but dropped it.I was going to get the Nexus 7.Thank god I didn’t.For the price,it’s amazing.

Patty Bell says:

you download a camera app from playstore

kernowarty says:

Can you get a virtual back scratcher for this tablet please?

Space Monkey says:

Why pay to remove adverts when you can put a custom nexus rom on it for free and make it run a hell of a lot faster. Install MovieHd app while your at it to stream all the latest movies and tv shows for free. Sorted!

haych bee says:

is skype possible on this device?

Stewart Dillon says:

do you know if I can get slovakian language on the fire tablet?

Catherine Mc Phillips says:

The charger is great. And my come loose just email amazon to get a replacement.

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