AMAZING Watch Collection Review – Rolex Omega and Tudor

AMAZING Watch Collection Review – Rolex Omega and Tudor

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I review a viewers AMAZING luxury watch collection. A collection that consists of watches such as the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Daytona, Rolex GMT Master II, Rolex Deepsea James Cameron, Omega Seamaster, Omega Speedmaster, Tudor Black Bay and Tudor Pelagos amongst other things. Mike is a big fan of Rolex and dive watches, it really shows. Let me know what you guys think of the collection and what you think of his choices within the Rolex, Tudor and Omega ranges.

Also check out Mike’s instagram to see some more amazing Rolex and Omega dive watches.

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Tomasina Covell says:

That Air-King is just hideous, pure trash from ROLEX, it’s a redialed Milgauss and just polar opposite of what an Air-King should be about, even in its size and weight!

OmegaCaldereroid says:

stop hating and start loving… by buying a DSSD, ndSub,expy2,Ploprof8500,P.O.9300,2xSMPchronos,BluePelagos,etc…etc… that’s what i did and kept them all in the vault… so i only use seikos,orients,orisV7750,and protreks… lol

FloridaGary E says:

I prefer variety in design and manufacturer, so my collection will only have 1 dive watch. If I were Mike, I would also consider other brand choices. It sounds like his pockets are deep enough to do this. Consider A. Lange & Sohne, JLC, Glashutte, Greubal Forsey and some of the botique brands that Federico refers to. I purposely left out Patek because their perceived value is as much of a mystery to me as Rolex. Full disclosure, I’m not a Patek fan.

boostedgixxer says:

Rappers and ballers lol. Missing the whole point of those vids.

Dutzu Miho says:

Anyone judging Mike as a go wild guy who is just buying on a whim is a fool. He is a very knowledgeable collector.

Brittania says:

Why spend so much on essentially the same looking Rolexe’s/Tudor’s which overlap – why not buy other brands, if you have the cash. The tudors are a nice set. I would have had an Explorer 2 Polar instead of that Air King! Seems like a man with a lot of cash and little imagination!!!!!! It’s what Frederico wanted to say but had to be more polite!

Wherecar 54 says:

Yea too many divers, not many gold watches either. I would not have the Tudors or the Omega divers I would swap all those for a JLC master, and or A Blancpain fifty or both. Some dress watches in yellow gold…etc.

LaP3400034 says:

good Video. You should introduce more viewer collections.

Jules Verne says:

Y’all just jealous he got dolla

Steve Gee says:

That’s new money.

aovint63 says:

8:05 – “…a little bit of overlap there” – that’s an understatement that should grant you a job in the Swiss embassy.

M Riley says:

Nice collection, I see the direction. If I were him, I would add a Date Just or a Day Date. Also, a Explorer I and II to get close to complete a full modern Rolex collection. Looks like he can get there right away.

gulfmen86 says:

Holy shit! Why is everyone whining about Mike having money? The guy seems successful, and he is enjoying his success. Instead of hating, go do something productive.

Sam Jep says:

What a collection wow. I’d like to ask Mike a question. If he had to choose 3 of his watches which would be his top 3:)

Robert Cowles says:

Welcome back Federico. Couldn’t wait for your next Watch Talks episode. Two things to cover watch goals this year a Speedmaster Professional with the next 4 months and hopefully a Sub by year end. During the episode you kept mentioning AD. How could I build my collection via the pre-owned market. Thanks again for your insight and Great having you back.

Gerson Blanco says:

I agree with you on building a relationship with your AD is very important to get what you want, but a fan dive watch collection with no Patek Nautilus? To me it looks like he buys whatever is “hot” on the market which is fine since he seems very satisfied with it, however having those deep pockets it’s hard for me to believe he never took a look on la-creme-de-la-creme of watchmaking… I wanna be honest with you, Federico. You are such a great host and the way you get to the point and explain with very easy words (i understand everything eventhough i was not born on a english speaking country) what the main idea of the episode is makes you one of my favorites on this platform. Sadly, many people didn’t like this episode and i’m gonna guess why… It’s not you, it’s the topic… Impressive collection that takes a lot of money to build, no history behind how he acquired those pieces, first in line to get the hottest watch out there, no developed taste on the buyer (to many including me), i was expecting meaningful vintage pieces with those very strong pockets, and the list goes on… There’s nothing wrong with all that, but your audience is full of average joes (like myself) who appreciate a meaningful watch, a good story that justifies the buy and an unnecessary flashy watch gets the crowd happy… One more time, you are a top dog and i congratulate you for that. Thank you.

hervé Chretien says:

A true first world question for Mike every morning : which Rolex shall I wear today ? It’s me being jealous here 😉

J Thang says:

very happy he has the means to build a collection to his tastes. but just way too many divers and rolex for my taste. i would love to see jlc, iwc, glashutte original, grand seiko, breitling, and panerai in his collection to go along with his rolex, tudor, and omega. that’s what i strive for someday.

free hey says:

Really nice. If I were him though, I’d sell a few of the divers and get a 1680 Sub.

William Moss says:

I buy all my watch through one authorized dealer for the past 8 years (34 watches) in NYC

xiaoquan says:

I wouldn’t say Mike is a true watch lover/enthusiast, he is simply just a collector of expensive watches (Rolex). His collections is very obvious that he buy watches to show off his status and financial capabilities.

Those watches that you recommended are really sweet recommendation, he ain’t gonna buy it because nobody knows what it is. He can’t instantly show it off to anyone whilst a Rolex can easily do the job for him.

I will sell off everything he have, except for the Sub, Daytona and speedmaster and get the following watches:

Vintage Heuer Monaco
Lange datograph
Junghans maxbill
Grand Seiko Snow flake

if i have the money, i would order a watch from Philippe Dufour, Greubel Forsey, MB&F, a Brequet and a minute repeater watch from Patek.

But Mike probaly wouldn’t, he will still continue to buy watches that is instantly recongnize by common folks.

Factotum de la Cità says:

The difference is that Rich people buy the watches they WANT to have…regular People buy the watches they CAN afford…great vid, tks Federico..!

mohammed hassan says:

since you like diver let me suggest one and not expensive tool watch the longines heritage diver 1967 chronograph 🙂 i am thinking of picking one as a beater what are your thoughts frederico of this one lots of hate for longines in the community !!

Austin M says:

Too many watches and too many new watches. Sounds like this guy just went out one weekend and bought 15 brand new watches

Harold Bullock says:

Nice collection. I love that he has a Vostok in that group. It is a well thought out party of timepieces. He shows consistency with the way he put this together.

jose antonio zamora reyes says:

What is a marmite watch? may i ask.

celestialfix says:

Excellent review Federico……..congrats to the collector-owner.

m7mmed///M says:

What other brands have the quality of Rolex? , I just don’t like their designs.


Very awesome collecton Mike has. Since he is into Rolex sport watches and have already got several models, why not make it complete? Go add the Explorer, Yatchmaster, Sea Dweller etc. Sell the Omegas! Just my opinion. Great review! Thanks.

Philip Allen says:

Great video great collection it must be great to walk into an AD and have them know you and your taste to get you to where you want to be. I found money no object I would go Lange next.

IM Dimitri says:

Federico, although I respect your opinion 100% ( I am a fan) I have to state my take on watch collecting. First off, congrats to Mike and his collection (impressive indeed).

If I was to invest this type of money and effort in a collection I’d go for the traditional sense: watches that are hard to get not because there is a waiting list (due to popularity or Rolex hyping up the model) but because there were only a few made. What comes to mind is the Rolex 5112 (Steve McQueen) or the Daytona 6263 for the Peruvian Air Force (only 650 made) or the Speedmasters references 2915-1,2 and 3. That I think is the true essence of a watch collector. Having a bunch of divers that anyone with money can get is impressive and respected but its not watch collecting in its pure form. Finally, I am old fashioned in a sense that, if you are going to collect watches, concentrate on one brand and be rally good at it.

Anyhow, just my two cents. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your next one.

David Barnwell says:

Who cares about diverse when you got divers, ammirite?

Peter Zurek says:

I would keep building Rolex collection by adding missing iconic models, sell Omegas and Tudors and start buying high end dress watches PP, VC, Piaget, Lange…

Matthew So says:

he NEEDS the hulk, Pepsi ceramic, and sub blue/ gold…sell everything else that isn’t Rolex…lol

Reece Gordon says:

It’s not how I’d build a collection with that sort of disposable income available to me, but it’s enjoyable to see variations in collectors approaches. If everyone collected in the same manner and went through an unofficial box ticking exercise set by fellow enthusiasts, we’d end up making the most unique collection very vanilla. So it’s good to see collections such as this, despite them deviating from individual preferences.

Bruno Vrančić says:

If you know why you like submariner, you will know why you like vostok amfibia. Except if everything is in bling factor. After you buy vostok for under 100$, you open case back with your Chinese watch tool, first you will see is that waterproof technology is more bulletproof  than rolex, after that you take the toothpick, and adjust the watch to +/- 2 sec./24h thru 3rd year by now (you easy regulate it by overnight position to +/- 0 sec. over longer period).  That is maximum 30$ a year maintenance costs, and counting. New movement is 30$, but it is very likely that 19800 b/h will make it 10 years service free. Low beat will make its accuracy more sensitive to vibration, but because of that it is not junk in whole context of the watch.Everything said above is of great value for horology amateur.

jcs200000 says:

Always enjoy the watch collection reviews. Interesting to see what others value and how it guides their choices. There are no wrong or right answers.

home movie productions says:

I’m not familiar with the phrase you were using.. you said “I recommend dress watches or _________” not sure what you said or what it means. can someone clarify?

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Ehmm, I can’t really argue with the watches in themselves but it is a very much a “show off” collection. I’ve seen people spending less but have a much more interesting collection to be honest. Why does anybody need so many steel sports/ diving watches?? And of course his AD is going to provide him stuff, I would if I had this kinda customer spending this kinda cash. But let’s face it buying from AD’s isn’t necessarily the most smart thing to do financially..

Gold grinder says:

I hate when people use Abbreviations to speak. Does it take too much time to say authorized dealer instead of AD ?

Mr. Stranger says:

a Patek Philippe world time or Zenith el primero would suit this collection…cool collection Mike congrats.

You are Offensive says:

Hi Frederico, what do you think about my collection? Cheers

Jason Sawatsky says:

Mike….you son of a bitch.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

I’m sorry, but this is not a collection. It’s just a bunch of watches. There’s a huge difference

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