All New Fire HD 8 Tablet Review (2016) – Amazon Strikes Again!?

Cheaper, Faster and Better than EVER before check out our Unboxing and Full Review of Amazon’s All New Fire HD 8 Tablet (2016)


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YouTuber says:

I have the Apple Airpods. Will they connect to this device? I know normal Bluetooth headphones will but I feel like Apple would be the company that makes they’re Airpods not work with all devices lol.

Bob Boberson says:

Good review… We got it for $40 this Christmas!

ljeffe says:

Good video, thanks.

Oscar Johnson says:

What would you give it 1 out of a 10

2catsnow says:

I just got this new HD 8 from black friday sale, this tablet seems incredibly slow when do web browsing, I timed it, to open the home page of with silk browser, it took 51 seconds from the moment i clicked enter to the page fully loaded. does this happen to you?

The nerd without Glasses says:

Is the 2015 hd 8 the same size as the 2016 version

Sebastian J says:

Wow That Is Nice Indeed…I Was Debating On Whether To Buy Another Tablet Or Not~And Whether To Buy The The Fire 7 Inch Or Fire 8 Inch…I May Rather More But The 8 Inch[Blue Of Course]…I Had The Fire 6 Inch Last Year…I We Just In The Amazon App Looking At That…I Couldn’t Believe It We Under $100…

RandomGuyOnYT says:

Way better than his Kindle Fire 7 review lol…

Lonely Stoner says:

a 3 year old would jump on all the add

Jamie W says:

Very helpful thank you. Just waiting for mine to arrive in the post.
Interesting how $90 there becomes £90 here in the UK.
But we are used to being ripped off!!!!

Lonely Stoner says:

your a fake piece of shit.!!!!

Chandler miller says:

just got it for 69

Paul Aguilar says:

can i use a micro usb cable for this one

Kat Lofton says:

If I am a prime member, do I have to pay for the books? Or if like prime movies?

GreenPigKing says:

They need YouTube or it’s a no go for me

Pathros Kefren says:

Do you know about some hdmi adapter that works?. Can you install Google play store?. Thanks.

Katherine Jackson says:

why can’t I mirror it with my tv ….

Katherine Jackson says:

why can’t I mirror it with my tv ….

Randall Buie says:

Thank you. I got one of these for Christmas. Have never operated a tablet before. I think I can access the basic operations now.

Brian Rorke says:

great job,thank you for your time and your awesome fanily

jeff peake says:

How’s the porn viewing experience on this? I don’t wanna blow my wad on it until I know.

Solomon Lopez says:

I love your vids I subed

Cara Webb says:

How do you take a screenshot on the Fire HD8 TABLET?

Grumblebuzz says:

Can I watch my existing Amazon instant video library on this device? It didn’t seem clear to me.

Pj Lewis says:

great speaking voice / easy to understand

Jordan Sinofsky says:

This tablet is garbage…

Martha J Zapien says:

Is this tablet for kids as well or does it differ from the kids fire 7in?

Bill Ro says:

Just got one very good introduction.

Clorox Doge says:

Hell yea the camera is better than the shitty hd 7 that have broke 😉

hobbo3003 says:

Sadly they don’t make the hdx line anymore.

Keshan Gibson says:

Does the tablet comes with Kodi?

poohbeartube says:

If you are not in sales you may want to at least consider it. I have seen numerous sales presentations and let me assure you that this was as good as the best of them. Thank you.

salutatiøns says:

6:00 *sees blurryface album* me: HOLY SHAT |-/ *continues with video* 6:14 *sees it again* *faints* finnally gets up and goes back to video

Lys L says:

Wondering how big of an SD Card and what type(s) are compatible?

Otherwise really solid, lovely Review. I’m now heavily considering buying this Tablet and your input really helped!

Sebastian J says:

16 More Bloody Idiot/Morons Dislikes And Counting…

gta five oufit maker says:

have you got to be a prime member to get apps :(?

Mayco Castillo says:

awesome post, convinced me to purchase this for my gf! keep it up

Endgame says:

wow you listen to some real coon music

Lonely Stoner says:

this tablet is a peice of shit.!!

Thadd Scott says:

Great review man, thanks. One question, is would you recommend getting the 32GB over the 16GB? Does the 16GB meet your needs?


Frances Lamb says:

thank you for your video I am new to your Channel. I got 2 of these for my kids. can you tell me how I can make it so my kids can’t buy anything or get into stuff there not supposed to I am new to this Amazon tablets. thank you. 🙂

winendesertrose says:

On the Maps app does the navigation work the same as on a smart phone (voice activated navigation) ? Im not a gamer but mostly want this as a alternative to my laptop etc.

Danny Nguyen says:

Just pick one up for $99. 32 gb version.

Kevin Gilligan says:

Looks like good value , will now go and check it out at Argos .

michael smith says:

very informative

Ramases Bullock says:

How to root it

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