Alienware 15 R2 2016 Gaming Laptop Review

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Pastor Siqueira Júnior says:

I can play GTA V in this laptop?

William T says:

My friend has the 15 r2 and I have the 13 r2 and you won’t tell a difference in games like MOBAS and Steam Games like Ghost in the Shell

ViperIce says:


Trevor Todd says:

Hey a guy stole your content

Bob Kruegar says:

I’m really bad with this kind of stuff. Can I still use google docs and slides etc with this laptop? I’m looking to get a laptop but need it for school as well.

Ken Zhou says:

Reasons why people buy a laptop other than performance per dollar: 1.Build quality 2.After sales service 3.Laptop design 4.Driver support and ease of troubleshooting 5.Brand 6. and so on

TheNetwork says:


Jacques Jacques says:

hi my name is jacques. and i just want to know if you can play “spintires” on these laptops

Steve Pulford says:

I have well and truly fallen out with apple the new range of macbooks are poorly thought out, un upgradable and no hard drive storage space. I am a House music DJ and I was looking at a Alienware machine to run Serato DJ on and my mixer would it handle this software and hardware without issue. I was always told if you do music do mac but I am finding the present machines a massive let down and bought a new one last year and I just feel like i wasted £2450… Please give me your opinion I love windows 10 and my daily machines are windows inc lenovo laptop & desktop and a microsft surface pro

HoPe ReCoN says:

I really want one but I don’t have the cash to buy one all I have is a terrible chrome book and my console is always being used so I barely get to play some quality games in peace so I really need a gaming laptop to play wherever I go and bring to friends house for LAN play but I can’t. I really want one anyone help me pleaseb

pagla07 says:

I don’t want undermine your opinion but there’s a huge difference between a gtx 970 n 970m

Jerk LP says:

Vety profesionell review

Ankaj Venkat says:

Are you sure that it uses a 970M coz i own a 980M version and it does not produce 30fps on ultra constantly. It dips below 26fps also and throttles like crazy on ultra so i can only play on high settings at 40-45fps…

Allen Smith says:

I got a free laptop for an “honest” review.. Lmao

brushpicks11 says:

apparently the screen on the r2 is horrible (under 200nits) how does it look for every day usage? Thanks!

James Pelletier says:

I am getting an Alienware laptop cus I need portability but also want gaming power. If the portability wasn’t something I needed, I would definitely go for a desktop

Jacob Triplett says:

I would buy this laptope if it wasn’t so darn expensive

Rock GamingTV says:

I own a alienware.
256gb ssd.
Short review.
As a laptop not comparing with desktops.
Display (9.5/10)
Battery (9/10) (as gaming)
Build quality (10/10)
Performance (9/10)
Looks (my opinion) (9.5/10)
Cooling (9/10)
Future proof (9.5/10)
Price as a gaming laptop (8.5/10)
Price as a laptop (6.5/10)
Overall if u travel a lot or don’t have enough room space for a desktop and want a desktop like performance and have enough money to spend on a gaming laptop then this is the best u can get. It’s cheaper than other gaming laptops and is overall better than others. It has the best display, build quality, battery, cooling system from any gaming laptop. And I gave it 9.5 for future proofing cuz of graphics amp.
U may like asus more or razer or some other but alienware is the better one for me.


Why buy this for 2000 pounds u can get a clevo which has i7 6700k and a desktop gtx 980 desktop version!!!!!!!!

Anime4 Mii says:

boring video, laptop is dumb
Just buy a tablet!

Hankdafishtank A says:

That is a thunderbolt 3 port, not usb type C

Slayer 91 says:

asus g752 beat this little noob

BlooJPudding says:

What’s the boot time?

Jim Oliver says:

Chances are your Alienware will be fine..But should a problem arise that is not an easy fix for Alienware, they turn into lying dirtbags real fast imho. I had Moe (the scumbag) state ” he could not fix my issue because I had lodged a complaint against Alienware, and my account was “locked “unless” I removed my complaint”, that is the way the dirtbags at Alienware roll.
Remember your best defense against these weasels ” I am going to file a dispute with my Credit Card company” Miraculously my account was unlocked, a shipping box was sent from Alienware, and a prepaid shipping label was sent. My system was repaired, and shipped back to me free of charge within 2 weeks….right after I “disputed” the charges with my CC company. After getting the run-around for over 5 months (appx).
This issue happened over 10 years ago..that is how much I “still” despise these dirtbags,imho.
I am sure no one at Alienware ever thought their actions would be revealed via YouTube, Yelp, etc etc.,
I even asked the people at Dell, who had recently acquired Alienware to assist me in this matter they refused..Dell sucks also imho. I build my own desktops since my first IBM Clone XT using DOS 2.11 (?).
My son just had to have an “Alienware”. I have always built my own desktops, or have purchased Asus, Acer, laptops when needed.
Alienware and Dell are human trash imho in my book, and I will “never” forget how these dirtbags roll.
Again “Chances are your Alienware will be fine” this comment is intended for those that receive a defective unit that is not an easy fix.
Beware Alienware and Dell are SCUM imho (after 10 years, I still “HATE” these weasels).
So yeah I am a “hater” when it come to Alienware…Big Time !!.

Jimmy Two-Times says:

I feel dumb, but where can i find the place where you put in a disc?

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