AIWA EXOS-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review & Sound Test

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In this video we will look at the Aiwa Exos 9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It resembles a casette deck boom box from the 80s. It currently sells for $300 USD and it is probably one of the best sounding portable speakers so far. It does have a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery rated at 15600 mAh and it will play for over 10 hours, depending on the volume level.

I will also do a comparison in sound to the Bose Soundlink Mini just so that you can hear the difference in the sound. Not trying to make the Bose look bad cause it is a great speaker and of course it is a lot smaller than the Aiwa. But if you already hear the Soundlink mini and know what it sounds like, then you have an idea what the Aiwa Exos 9 can sound like in real life.

Here is a YouTube link to the music in the video:

Here is a link to amazon if you like to purchase one or to find out more about it:


Spencer Tasso says:

how do you take the grill off?

RG GAMES says:

wtf,where is Subtitles?

FRISKIEE HarneZZ says:

Of course he brings out the SoundLink mini… I’m watching with SoundLink mini 2

Scarlett Reynolds says:

job criticism pig slow partly round whole before phenomenon outside.

Vintageiro Som antigo says:

song name please

ITS VD21 TV says:

how much does it cost for 1

Redbmw BMS says:

This or Sony extra bass GTKXB7BC?
I bought this speaker and I love it, but if Aiwa is better and louder I will change it.

Synthematix says:

What the hells the point of stereo when theyre so damn close together

james jetney says:

Spotify extreme Quality

Pedro Martinez says:

quisiera uno de estos equipos

Jeremy Bass boosts says:

Why does people use such trash music?

SomeRandomGuyWithAChannelOnYouTube says:

My HeadRush Icon Bluetooth speaker sounds better than the Bose SoundLink Mini

MeatPopsycle says:

It looks like the woofer and mids are in the same cabinet. Im guessing the highs are, too. They should have separated them.

dellgone says:

I got two of them a week ago and they are incredible,Any questions ask…..What I really would love is the Fluance Fi70,or two of them linked if possible..Anyone have one?They take up a huge amount of space

Joschka Lutzer says:

BYE Bose 😉

BoomBabish says:

Great review. Can you please suggest the power adapter for this for Europe & Asian countries

Wen Schwarz says:

how can i contact you ? we would like to invite you to test our speaker

Mikołaj Pawelski says:

Only imagine if this had wooden body…

Scott Murray says:

Watching the comparison put a big smile on my face and I’m not even there! Can’t wait until my Aiwa comes in!

MrLehi99 says:

I almost bought the JBL Extreme but I saw this in Amazon recommended and gave in for the extra $70. I think it’ll be way more than worth it.

Willie Just Willie says:

Horrible choice of music…Ugh fuck it, great review.

Helio Pereira says:

Traga para o Brasil

moedem says:

The song to test this should be….I can’t live without my radio LL COOL J

Big T says:

honestly, they both sound crap

compaqtest10 kia says:

japan made product japan tokyo not scams u.s.

Sterling Skins says:

Aiwa is Sony!

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