Aiwa Arc-1 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Aiwa Arc-1 Bluetooth Headphones
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► Incredible sound: The Arc-1 uses a 40mm dynamic biocellulose composite speaker driver to deliver the most clear, distortion-free, rich sound from the lowest bass to the highest treble. When combined with the 24-bit DSP and aptX & aptX Low Latency codecs, this level of sound quality has never been seen in the Arc-1’s class before.
► Amazing comfort: At a super-light 252 grams, the Arc-1 sits comfortably on your head with protein and genuine leather pads for comfort through all-day listening sessions.
► Premium Accessories: The Arc-1 comes with a rugged travel case and durable nylon-woven, anodized aluminum-housed 3.5mm aux audio and USB cables.
► Futuristic features:The Arc-1 can connect to two Bluetooth audio sources at once – like a phone and laptop. A friend can also share your music by wirelessly connecting their headphones (any brand works) to the Arc-1 using the Qconnect feature – share music on the go anywhere!
► Amazing Battery – The Arc-1 boasts 20 hours of music playback and 800 hours of standby time. And when it’s finally time to charge, you won’t have to wait long – the Arc-1 can play up to 3 hours from a 15 minute charge.

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marisol diaz says:

Drake is the bomb

Flossy Carter says:

#Squad Roll Call

death mage says:

You sound like you was doing the dance , you should have showed us lol

David Pálka says:

Didn’t know Aiwa styl exists.

Solar Eclipse says:

Bass, mids, treble, soundstage, imaging? Any comparisions? Do you like everything you review?

Josh Maluchnik says:

Call test…aka scare some poor takeout kid on the other end

Arda Cetinkaya says:

Your the best

Alvin zapata martinez says:

hey Flossy

Jose Tenorio says:


Mark Schwacofer says:

i like em. good video but i think im getting the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Wireless

Katie Cakez says:

Omg I love you hahaha

Erwing Vargas says:

Finally, tired of crappy products with fancy boxes, is so stupid even if the product in the box is good, you still paying like extra 50 $to 80$ for manufacturing the stupid box.

Lizzy Ayala says:

Are they sweat resistant? I’d like em for the gym!

GHOLT81 says:

Thanks, appreciate it.

Acb game says:

floss targeting diners

FREE1UP says:

White Shoes IMMEDIATELY tests the durability of the case with the claws.. For research purposes lol.

Squaller says:

*a l i a m i n i u m*

Latrell Jennings says:

Wasn’t expecting white shoes to make the lyrics lmao

John Shaft64 says:

Aiwa made some awesome boomboxes back in the day.

Sandwich man says:

hey Flossy how are you ☺

Big A says:

Shoes was trying to make a bed in your hard case.

MRios1128 says:

My God I remember when floss had like 10k subs….HTC evo days..

Scott Larock says:

YO, floss, how you like the music player on IPHONE compared to android? I think android kinda flunky… do you prefer the straight wifi drop from itunes to iphone?

Earl Owens says:

Man I haven’t seen a AIWA product in years. I need to
check this out

Driftxcess1 says:

Aiwa still around?! I used to have their walkman.

Lunar Eclipse says:

Aye you should listen to Xavier Wulf

D.Remedy says:

My first boom box was a Aiwa

Tyrice Gary says:

A bro can you do a review on the Apple AirPods…I’m trying to figure out the best earbuds for me for running, workout, sound and phone calls.


0:51 DSP? DarkSydePhil

Brendan Birchall says:

Hey my man Flossy i got to say everytime i watch your videos i feel like im your my boy and you giving me real advice. Respect. Your the only youtuber ive ever watched that makes it seem like your talking to me. Its a major major major go! Shout out to white shoes.

RebornChiekoGaming says:

why cant u place the headphones on the mic?

Tech Nerd says:

When are u doing the real review on the Samsung galaxy note 9?

raider steel says:

Awaiting your note 9 movie….#popcornstillready

Justin Kongpachit says:

Listen until the end! Everybody!!!!! Please !!!!!

Totally worth it !!!

I wrote these headphones off when I first saw them on Facebook.

I want to apologize to Aiwa because flossy has spoken. And they are a major major MAJOR Go!

GHOLT81 says:

Thanks again for another top review. Would these be ok for the gym? Thanks!

Marco P says:

Could you please try out cheaper headphones (50 and under)? Would be nice to find some good ones

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