Aero 14 Review (GTX 1060) – The Lightest Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Gigabyte Aero 14 (GTX 1060) – Is this the best gaming laptop? A Razer Blade competitor that is thin and light but cheaper!
A Guide to Spinning –
Purchase Here –

Laptop GTX 1060 Performance Video –

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Proper Noun says:

I guess I should be asking how the color accuracy compares with the msi gs63vr because it’s the only other candidate at the price point. I just like the gigabyte better.

Sempronio Sero says:

What’s CPU in this notebook?

i Omega says:

fell in love with this laptop because it doesn’t look like a gamer nerd type laptop but has great things inside.

Kakasan says:

yoooo!that spin:D

Ti Lu says:

Hello Dave Lee! How long is the battery for watching movies?

Frederik Nebas says:

the design of the tv in the background is so nice, which model is it? Thanks!

Ahmed Alqabandi says:

I have that laptop with kabylake 7700hq, and everything he said in his review is true. but I would add that the track pad is soo baad and as he said it doesn’t detect your finger properly. But that’s it, that’s the only thing I dislike about this laptop.

Nick N says:

Should I be worried??
here’s the story: so I’m looking for a gaming laptop, particularly the one with gtx1060. so my choice was narrowed to Asus GL502VM and MSI ge62vr. But I read some buyers’ reviews that they received some unit that’s defective(screen issues, loose connectors, bad build, poor quality), as I’m looking forward into purchasing it, Should I be worried over this issues??

LDP Gaming says:

Review the Aorus X3 V7 please

Rafael Rauhala says:

I have literally the same specs on my sff desktop. Which cost me around $700.

Farouq Alzeer says:

thanx man

Simon Petrosyan says:

What does the g button in the corner do?

wpaia says:

thumbs down because i didnt hear the price

wagagagaggag says:

Dave is like the 3D definition of the word “chill”.

Kill Sscope says:

Gigabyte makes Ultrabooks now lol

RadiatingRedstone says:

I want to see a laptop around the Aero 14’s thickness with a slightly larger 99 watt hour battery, a 1080p matte screen, a GTX 1050Ti, and a 15 watt dual core i7 7600U. That would give you enough performance to play games at 1080p with decent settings, for like 3+ hours straight on battery. What’s the point in having a laptop if you are chained to a wall constantly?

Jivean Maes says:

Hey Dave, love your reviews and videos so please keep up the good work! Just wanted to ask if you could do a video comparing the msi gs43vr vs the new razer blade (gtx1060 late 2016 version) vs the aero 14. They are all similar and just thought your points on these would be good, thanks!

Robert Pham says:

that laptop finger spin. Dave is og

Coco康納 says:

UK links …

Timesof3 says:

How would you rate the keyboard and mouse of these over the xps? thinking of getting this and return my xps 15 9550

Doug Cannon says:

I still don’t know why yall call it a laptop when you never really use it for your lap. Might as well just call it a portable desktop lol.

Willem Preston says:

is the USB port on the power brink able to use fastcharge?

Yoo Jun says:

Wouldn’t the Aorus X3 Plus be considered the lightest in this category?

UPRIZE says:

they updated it with the i7-7700hq now, its definitely worth a buy 🙂

Godsaw says:

Where I live it costs exactly as much as the Razer blade.

Raspberry Fury says:

can you please make a video comparison for 1060 laptops

Khandar William says:

my heart skipped a beat when you spin that laptop

jpxdude says:

Hi Dave, great video as always! Do you plan on testing the Kaby Lake update of this model? Cheers!

Fainlol says:

does anyone have issues with the KABYLAKE version? when the laptop goes to sleep or hibernate the sound stops working!

Khalil Sobreira says:

2:52 wich program do you use to get those informations about the screen??

4NewHop3 says:

That laptop lid is genius imo. I like how much the color pops.

Roman Matys says:

Guys, which notebook would you recommend me for 1,000$ in terms of price/ performance?

JTundra says:

$1600?? Yea nvm

Airswag Thom says:

Looks nice

sardanus says:

why not i7-7700HQ?

Dave Lee says:

A thin and light gaming laptop with great performance and a fair price!
And if you’re interested in learning how to spin –


Proper Noun says:

I edit raw photos. How far off is the color accuracy for that as compared to most screens in the market (I don’t have a great screen atm)

nuclearwinterbg says:

How can you cay 1600 is affordable :O Not everyone is american

WackDance Gaming says:

Hey Dave!
Did you buy license to use the intro?

Amyar Memo says:

But i just got one with gtx 960m …

The Goon says:

Dave, that is THE BEST intro I have seen to a tech show yet as I genuinely laughed. Over the past week I’ve stumbled across maybe 4-5 of your videos, but am now subscribing. feelsgoodman

Nail Tan Koç says:

Please send me me a laptop I have old gt 330

Raol Xhumari says:

Today,no thunderbolt no buy IMO…

Hedrick Jaurigue says:

Is it a bad idea to get this laptop considering it doesn’t have a thunderbolt 3? I wanna make sure this laptop would be future proof in the long run

Noaman Atassi says:

Does it have a 2.5″ drive ?

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