Acer V15 Nitro 592G (Skylake) Review – Still a Good Laptop?

My review of the Acer V15 Nitro 592G – Black Edition gaming laptop. Enjoy!
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Review unit specs: i7/960M/8G/1TB

A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive gaming performance tests.

Is the skylake Acer V15 Nitro Black edition the best value gaming laptop for 2016? Is it the best gaming laptop under $1000? How does it compare to the Dell 7559? How does it compare to the Lenovo Y700? Watch this video to find out! =)

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Hahrambeh says:

I saw a new variation with i5 6300 processor and gtx960m, would you recommend that? It only comes with 4gb ram and no Ssd, will the warranty be violated if I add additional ram and can I add a Ssd?

Randy L. Nolasco says:

por que no haces uno de la Dell inspiron 7566

bigbendan01 says:

nice system, too bad about that ridiculous hd

Later Hater says:

I think you should keep the gameplay but play more demanding games.

Slyko says:

Keep your fingers from this!

I bought an Acer Aspire V15 Nitro that was on sale for 1300€ with 16GB DDR4, an GTX 960M and a i7 processor. They should have put a sticker saying “might not work with every internet connection” instead of “2x faster WiFi speed”. I bought it in Luxembourg in a store called Saturn and they were talking to me like if I was retarded or something, when I wanted my money back.
Everything seemed fine. I was using it for the first time online with Google Chrome and my internet connection seemed to be really slow. It took my like 4 minutes to open my facebook page.
I thought that it would be because of my internet connection at home but it wasn’t because I tried to open my facebook page with my old Sony Vaio from 2011 and the page opened in seconds!
My internet speed is about 90-100 mbps. I went on and it took my about 2 minutes to get my download result which were fine but it did not load the upload test at all. I tested it out with my Sony Vaio and it worked perfectly. I restarted my Acer 1 hour after and tried again but I got the same results. It seemed like my Acer didn’t upload data at all, so I tried uploading a small video on YouTube, just to test it out and after 20 minutes it didn’t even uploaded 1MB!

I tried and installed again the drivers that I found on acer’s website that someone suggested but it did not help at all.
Today I went to the store where I bought it and they were like.. “let’s test it out and see if what you say is really true”. I was like “okay, go ahead, you’ll see I’m right”… surprisingly it worked there! They told me that I was dumb and that I did not know how to use a computer. I was really frustrated because they did not want to give me my money back! Finally after arguing with them they accepted to give me a refund because I was under the 14 days where you can exchange what you bought.
I always heard from people not to buy any acer laptop because they have a lot of issues but I thought that they were saying that because they were having problems themselves. Now I know that they were right! Screw Acer. How can they sell something that does not even work!? It shouldn’t even be in the market.
Conclusion: Don’t buy acer laptops!

I looked for another laptop but I could not find any that I liked. Asus laptops have really good hardware but I find them really ugly, big and heavy. I love my old Vaio but it’s outdated and I wanted something that was light and pretty. This Acer Aspire looks awesome and that’s why I decided to buy it.. I did not know that I was making a big mistake. F%&* acer!

Mehanna Naif says:

Hey Dave ! Just bought one of it after watching your review ! However , is it normal that the hard disk vibrates when in use ? Anyone who have the same laptop, feel free to answer , it would help me out a lot !

myfinalheaven88 says:

New version with 1060 is coming out, review update?

Krishna Rastogi says:

man benchmark would really help from a buyer’s point of view

Tom X says:

Which gaming laptop has the best battery life?

spiritshifter says:

This or the hp omen 2016 4k version ?

like subcribe and also comment says:

should I buy razer blade or acer v15?

btw acer v15 cost $900 something on amazon

secret says:

does it support external graphic card?

Swami says:

no SSD?

spiritshifter says:

If I buy the 4k version should does dropping the res to 1080 p when gaming still make it look good ?

Ty Legazpi says:

your voice is making me horny ! and im a guy!

Digital World says:

lenovo y700 or acer v15 nitro??

Tan Jun Hong says:

Have you tested the razer core with this laptop? would love to know the results

Edward Nihal says:

Acer V15 Nitro 592G vs Lenovo Ideapad Y700 which one is better?

Jona V says:

can you use the razer blade on this laptop?

madcapper6 says:

Is USB 3.1 Type C the same thing as a Thunderbolt 3 port? I’m a little confused about that.

For anyone who knows about Thunderbolt, do you have any idea if there’s a laptop out there with a 3rd or 4th gen i7 and a Thunderbolt 2 besides a Macbook? Been looking online for a list of Thunderbolt 2 laptops but haven’t found anything so far.

Flogames says:

I have a question i have the same laptop and is it possible to upgrade to a gtx 1060m ?

Aaron Wright says:

Dude I am so buying this laptop as my dream machine, I don’t care about 1080p ultra 60FPS, all I care about is 720p 60FPS on medium. Nice review 🙂

Darren Leong says:

I’m gonna buy this soon! 0.0
Thanks for the detailed review!

Marcis Trubins says:

In uk it cost 500 pounds:)

darkl0rd33 says:

Hi Dave, great review! Do you remember how hot the laptop would get on your lap? I’m wondering if the temperatures would be too hot to comfortably use while in bed. Also, the newer edition of this laptop seems to have come out (VN7-593G-76SS). Any thoughts on that? perhaps in respect to the new Y720 that is going to come out? Thanks!

fadly yanuar says:

Does the usb-c also perform as Thunderbolt 3?

testpilot says:

I got the older model, make sure to get the extended warranty if anyone is interested in it, my screen started dying after 15 month.

Gaming Brim says:

There is an i5 6300hq plz do a reveiw

brunoWoWps says:

Excelent review

TrendList says:

Someone please tell me how good is Acer E15-575g
need some review on it.

Sobin Shrestha says:

Can you do a HP pavilion 15 review?? Please

den li says:

I am actually one of those who love seeing the actual game playing

JTundra says:

Anyone have any gaming laptop recommendations around the price range of 600-800 bucks

Anurag Reddy says:

Hey Dave i need your help in choosing a right and perfect laptop for me..
I am a product designer and i use my laptop to render a lot of things using illustrator, photoshop, Maya…..
And money is not a matter. I just want the best laptop in which i can do all my stuff with out lag.
and i personally liked Aspire V17 Nitro Laptop Black Edition – VN7-792G-70KY.

Richárd Sidarov says:

Lenovo ideapad 700 or Acer v15 Nitro???

i7 6700 hq 8gb ram gtx 950m 1tb hdd

i5 6300hq 8gb ram gtx 960m 1tb hdd

Lapis Lazuli says:

Would this be good to play world of Warcraft and Overwatch?

SoriPanda says:

does this have SSD? or HDD?

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