Acer Swift 7 Review – The Thinnest Laptop Ever!

Dave2D review of the Acer Swift 7. It’s the thinnest laptop in the world. Thinner than even the HP Spectre!

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Anton V. says:

great review

craziii3 says:

man, dave needs to do a review of eve v once it comes out.

Surasin Tancharoen says:

like your channel, to the points, no verbose, just only the points.

qtyqty4 says:

why you all guys always say “you can or cant open it with one hand”? is it important for a laptop user?

Chouci Vang says:

Will you be interested in taking a look at the HP Spectre x360?

Brian Berkes says:

No back light? What? Are u kidding me?

Jon Erickson Chan says:

lost interest because it is not touchscreen.

Prexto Rex says:

Acer swift 3 is much better and cheaper.

Delano Myers says:

what game is that ?

Leoxn says:

Hey dave, best laptop under $1000?

The Ignorant Philosopher says:

When will the industry understand that making these thing thinner and thinner only server to make crappy products…

Kever says:

what is the point?

Smeetsh123 says:

so overpriced

Kit Chan says:

Do a swift 5 please

SERGE says:

Dave! what was the fps in CS:GO, looks very thin. Impressive device.

YungCharmander says:

You should make a top 5 mice to use on the go! I really need some help deciding which one I should buy. So far I’ve been looking at the razed orochi and the Logitech mx anywhere 2, any other suggestions?

Spartan Patten says:

hows the gaming?

Hassan says:

Today is my birthday. Can i get likes for lying?

Derrich Gan says:

hello could you do a review on Acer swift 3?

INR Anticleon says:

Really nice review. Spot on.

egomate says:

the huge minus is the absence of fingerprint scanner

iyekski says:

Whats with the thumbsdown? I don’t understand. If you dont like the laptop, dont buy it. Good thing u watched the review before purchasing right? The review itself is amazing.


What software does he uses to edit the videos ? Can anyone say please.

Andtp Fack says:

wow the ports are so shitty placed. If you need to use a dongle and a mouse than you have all that mess right there. Thats shit.
I own a old laptop that has 2 usbs on the back, its the best.

John Fuchs says:

Will you test the Acer swift 5?

Tommy Cuthbert says:

hp spectre is thinner

2010ngojo says:

I think Acer made this just so they can say they have the thinnest laptop, and nothing else. I mean only 2 USB C?! That’s it?

yasin sharifi says:

hi Iove many of your reviews
I wanted to ask you a review of xiaomi mibook air 13.3
could you please?!

Shots Fired says:

How does he check the color accuracy and things like that?

wellnessnyc says:

Hey Dave, did you try the Acer Swift 3? Would you recommend it over Asus Zenbook UX360UA?? Thank you.

Martin Tse says:

how does he do those thing he does at 3:10. like the outline

William T says:

The Swift 7 is too expensive where i live for what you get.

Bella's Gourmet Life says:

Do you think this laptop would be good for video editing, like for youtube videos?

Lensify says:

make review for swift 5 please? 🙂

mr.fault says:

Dear Dave Lee, thanks for great videos. I have one question, may be it is not actually related with Acer, but anyway. How you are doing graphic illustration of laptop you are reviewing? Is it a ready plugin or software? Or each time you are designing it. I need it for my diploma presentation. Thanks.

I Refuse To Defuse says:

What’s the deal with that huge buttom bazel?

coconut1984 coconut says:

Acer. Trying to be as useless as Apple.

areeb durani says:

Hello Dave!!
Will you review Acer Predator ???

Piusx4life says:

how would you compare the acer swift 7 and the asus zenbook 3?
same priceclass, which one is a better fit for university students?

One left says:

And the acer spin?
I need a new laptop wich is light, mandy functions, good display and useful for school. I wantedbuying tha late macbook pro from 2015 but im really insecure if I want os. I habe an i phone but anyways, what would you recommend from the windows section? What is comming this year?

James Ernest Enriquez says:

Can you open it with one hand

Alam Yael Hidalgo León says:

Dave, i spected view the videogame or video-editing performance with your RAZER core. ¿It’s not compatible with external Graphics?

P.d. I saw many videos of people buying an pci adaptor for put an normal videocard on any laptop. It’s that true?


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