Acer Predator 15 (GTX 1060) Review: A Fast & Powerful Gaming Laptop that Runs Cool!

Here’s my review of the Acer Predator 15 (G9-593-72VT) gaming laptop with a NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPU. It’s fast, powerful and VR Ready. It also happens to be one of the coolest running gaming laptops I’ve tested. Watch for the full review!

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Mohamed Hashim says:


DH DH says:

just pulled the trigger on the predator 15 1080p GTX1070 32gb 256 SSD 1 TB 5400rpm from Costco, for $1700 seemed like a good value for brand new mid to higher range pascal GTX10 series

Apache Productions says:

looks like the rear of a Mclaren

sawajiri100 says:


brad swanson says:

it looks like a great machine. Great review!

boss fight archive says:

lenovo legion 520 this one or dell 7567 which one should i buy ??// tell quickly i need to decide soon

Nam Le says:

$1700? still has a HDD. M.2 SATA which is 4 times slower than M.2 Pci-e. USB C Gen 1. so No external GPU possible for when the 1060 gets old. Laptop makers need to step up there game.

minizeus002 says:

can this play battlefield 1 with 60 fps?

Mr.Shark says:

i bought this beast 2 weeks ago and im having a lot of fun with it, and i know that the refresh rate is 60 hertz but for some reason the laptop limits the frame rate on fraps from showing over 60 fps though i saw that on yours (I have the exact same model btw) fraps showed games going over 60 fps like doom 4. is there a setting i have to change to showing he actual frame rate?

ahdoah Hsieh says:

Love your gaming laptops reviews

The Mohawk Guy says:

bro bro, those small animations u did showcasing the ports were trippy

Last Banana_24 says:

Your sexy matthew

Billy Grc says:

Hola, do you recommend it for music production or video editing? To run programs like fl studio, pro tools and imovie..

V.E. G.A.N. says:

Just makes me think all the time the next 30 years what will computers be like

Killito _ says:

I got a predator IT SUCKS

Robert Rachita says:

does anybody knows when (or if) will be launched 2017 generation, with kaby lake ?

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

I’ve seen other reviews that state G-Sync only works when you plug it into a g-sync monitor. Now I’m confused

Ri Go says:

please tell me the thermal managemant in the case because the 17″ version seams to have problems with the gtx 1070 and gets mor then 90°C.
So how hot das the cpu and gpu get?

Double AA says:

not worth it

Last Banana_24 says:

Dave lee

Last Banana_24 says:

Lets have sex matthew

G P S says:

this is a good vidio

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

do you prefer 15″ or 17″ for gaming purposes? I already have a 13″ on the go light laptop, and I have a great desktop rig. I want a somewhat portable gaming laptop.

Martin Nagy says:

the asus rog gl502vt (with 970m) fan noise is louder than the acer predator g9 17 (gtx 1060) ?
if i have a gl502 and i hate the overheating and the noisy cooling fans worth it to buy an acer predator 17?

sorry for my bad english

Vin Jak says:

FU Acer too expensive

linkspyder says:

Great review; just a tip… your name should be pronounced like “mooniz”; in portuguese the O sounds like U

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