Acer Predator 15 Gaming Laptop Review (G9-591G)

Lets check out this 15.6″ Gaming Notebook with a GTX970M!
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TheHalomaster256 says:

Where the fuck did you get this version with the I7 Core because there seems to be only 2 versions and the I7 version is £2k with a 980M!

RyaNxNorge says:

Is it good for foto and video editing? Maybe it’s a dumb question, but i’m really not good with pc. I’m considering to switch from mac to pc because of the lack of good features on mac lately. And trying to find a premium pc for foto and video editing.

Firman Koestiana says:

Can i play Line Age II 2016 on that?

Antt says:

Never mind I see, alright what is that price, hmm… 4,000 DOLLARS WHAT OMG THIS IS WHAT OMG THIS IS INSANE RIP OFF NO WAY ILL BUY THAT

Wonderzed says:

can you customize the colors?

devan nez says:

this laptop is terlalu larang .wakwaaaow

Jason Hollmann says:

Is the ram upgradeable?

romeo lagardon says:

aww.the very worst thing a gamer can have.. is tha wrong position of the touch pad!! tsk! it reside just below the WASD. which is really going to be annoying when youre playing first person games…

Nick NackPatiWack says:

nice review kevin! if i were to go with this laptop, this or the 17″ one which add an extra $100 with the same specs. oooorrrr go with the msi apache pro series?

Lawrence Lugar says:

Nice wallpaper…where did you get that?
I want this laptop — i’m kind of brand loyal to Acer, used them before for my PC monitor.
not that interested in a MSI, Asus, Alienware, HP etc etc gaming laptop brands.

khaled zahran says:

Thanks alot for this review man everyone is just reviewing the highest varient of this laptop which has the 980m and i wanted to check out the 970m. Thanks again and keep going!

Digiphex Electronics says:

I like the thoroughness and logic of your review. Nice job.

may1787 says:

ALL THE WAY ASUS ROG GL752VW-T4077T, Intel Core i7-6700 HQ Quad Core Processor, 17.3″, 16GB DDR4 RAM
128GB SSD + 1000GB HDD, Dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5 Dedicated Memory…JUST NOW I BOUGHT IT IN £899.99.


can you review MSI gp62 6qe leopard pro ..

ZnEaKySpyNL says:

seeing the ACER Predator G9-791G-71PK whats about 400 euro more expensive.
This laptop in the video way faster like 3500mhz against the newer version with just 2133mhz.

I like the smaller 15.6 inch screen. Videocards work way better on a smaller screen.
It can be upgraded to 64GB ramm!!!
Processor and videocard are the same.

The only diff is the screen and it has 2 ssd drives of 128gb.

Worth the 400 euro more on the newer version.
NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! For this price, its the best gaming laptop for a decent price

raizen357 says:

What does he mean by slow?

Barnaby Tiu says:

Which would you recommend, an Acer Predator or MSI apache with the same specs?

N7-Spectre says:

I want a new gaming laptop so bad but I can’t buy one right now knowing that the new pascal gpu’s are coming in a few months.

Snoop Cat says:

Can GTA 5 run on this laptop

Alex Abuan says:

should I get this one or the gl552vw for a laptop? I have gaming desktop so this is not my main gaming

Delroy white says:

Great Video

ponas tomas says:

Cant decide between ths and 980m alienware r3.

Moritz Grandjean says:

Wait, I thought the 15 inch version has just a 128 gb ssd and a 1 tb hdd, sorry for my crappy english.

Yarnell Riley says:

Nice little laptop.

Jack Liao says:

Does anyone experience eye strain from this laptop’s display? I just got it and its giving me pretty bad eye strains no matter which display mode i put it on in predator sense.

Carlos Reyes Bustamante says:

+ Tech Showdown thanks for the review =)

King Mon says:

Hi, I just bought this laptop and I have a question regarding its built-in battery. Do I have to unplug the charger whenever its at 100% to prolong its longevity? Right now its plugged in most of the time and its still losing battery, kinda weird.

Can someone please explain to me as to why this is the case?

muhammad noval says:

Which one is better? Asus ROG G752VY or Acer Predator 17?

Raidescence says:

can it play bo3?

Player Noob says:


The Hood says:

I dont like the delee on the Predator, im going for the Alienware 15.

trecherous3 says:

Is it worth it at this price? $2499.95?

FireStormHD says:

Would this laptop be able to run black ops 3???

Irish Spring says:

Unnecessarily big and heavy.

Banshee Hawk says:

how would you rate between this laptop to alienware 17

Foxi says:

Wow :O That is really expensive. I live in Denmark and can get this one with GTX 980M 4Gb + 256Gb SSD + 1Tb HDD + 16Gb DDR4 RAM + FullHD + intel Core i7-6700HQ + Alot more. Price would be 12.999 DKK or $1.500 so holy S**T :I

Antt says:


GoPr0o says:

whats the name of the game at 12:15 ?

Daryl Aniñon says:

this laptop support gsync or not?

Top Ten Present says:

wow, it’s amazing video for us.

Jesse O says:

Response time? This is probably a stupid question but what do you mean exactly? Like when you click the mouse it takes a bit too long to register? If so, that’s probably super annoying when gaming.

Bent Mathiesen says:

Have anyone counted the use of “really”? Could be interesting if we hit below or over 1000 🙂

Nephyy Gaming says:

Carrying that laptop for 18 mins is quite impressive!
Nice review as well

Dragex S. says:

This thing’s got a lot of what I need, but I’m kinda turned off by the design. Not sure if I’d want to carry this everywhere since it apparently weighs 8 freaking pounds, hell, even use it at the coffee shop whenever I have free time. xD

Joni Vähäpesola says:

Is it worth the money? Can it handle “long” game sessions without overheating? Lets say like 5-6 hours? And is there any lock or mode that you can disable the touchpad when you are gaming…. Looking for a gaming laptop and this looks so sick that o want it.

Mr buster says:

hey man, how do i turn the turbo boost on?
would be really helpful

Still Quiet says:

I was planning on using this for gaming and school. Never crossed my mind that i looked hardcore with it hahahha!

Soare Michele David says:

Looks like a laptop from 2009.

mike kratos says:

my amd a8 is overclock can play game leaked processor so fast can we swap?^^

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