Acer Predator 15 Crazy Gaming Laptop Review

Looking for a gaming laptop? This might be the perfect solution, with it’s aggresive design, aggressive specs, awesome display, great sound system, programmable profile and macro keys, the Predator 15 is an awesome gaming laptop that’s hard to beat!

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Linkon Em says:

nice review but you did forget to talk about the weight, that things weight 3.4Kg I think which is really a bad thing.

Raiden ZxO says:

asus rog g752 cheaper and better

perafelix says:

Hi Jared, i want to buy a gaming laptop and I came down with either the Acer Predator or the MSI GT72 Dominator. Which one you think is the best in terms of durability/heat/noise? Thanks a lot

Marius-Adrian Z says:

to catch a predator, dope tech, and nice video, giveaway maybe?

Haider Ali Tariq says:

That looks like a standard display port to me….

ricardo fragoso barrera says:

Haven’t seen that kind of bezels on a laptop since I throw away a Compaq Pentium 4 Laptop back in 1999…. XD Asus… WTF!

For my taste, keyboard is ugly. Apart from that, the experior design is freaking dope… but I agree with the exterior material… very likely to get scratched and dirty… 🙁

I can’t see myselft buying a “gaming” laptop anyway. 😀 Desktop gaming FTW!

Velvet S says:

Thank you for the review. 🙂

SeinaruArvid says:

can you link me the samsung NVME for predator 15 I want to buy one.

Jerald Guevarra says:

breath of fresh air for a tech channel… clean, smooth and like most of the stuff covered… staying tuned for more videos.. keep it up! Good Job.. BTW the Predator ROCKS

Avishek Adhikary says:

Your reviews are awesome Jared

big fan

xerox8908 lew says:

“with samsung nvme ssd”
Then i found that every variance in my country come with liteon……..

mnguyea says:

I don’t know why all these gaming laptop have to look like an over testosterone dude machine and what’s with the red lights for all of them.

Brian Berkes says:

MSI  gt73 has a better screen 120khz no screen bleed… this laptop has a LOT of screen bleed! Also, the MSI has a GTX1080 GPU… I took my predator back and got the MSI GT73vr -003 and I am a much happier camper…. Also, no keyboard cover was available for the predator… I bought a key board cover for me MSI on Amazon for $7.00 and am quite happy with the silicone cover… Another thing to note about this laptop… You CAN NOT turn off the GPU and use the built in graphics like you can on the MSI… I lot of reviews over look this… why would I want to do that? Well it saves your battery big time when surfing the web and doing email stuff…. But thanks for taking the time to review this… Just wanted to voice my opinion… take it for what its worth…

Samescape says:

I bought this one.. Hands down my biggest purchase at one stop lol. Well Worth it

El Uruguayo says:

whats the name of song?

Mudig says:

i wish more companies make gaming laptops with nicer designs. this thing is fugly. Alienware and Razer make pretty nice looking laptops.

sloth s says:

I’m sorry but your voice sounds like a smoker how’s being smoking for over 10 years

gautam arora says:

g sync is too much important in laptop? did it makes any difference?

alex vargas says:

what a dont like. The price to high, the keyboard looks amazing bug the screen is pretty ugly and an unique boton for mouse pad disable is freaking stupid, 1080p display for 2016 too old at that price

ankit saklani says:

awesome review but too costly

B.S Gaming says:

Is acer predator 15 available on UK shop??

adam n says:

what was that game you played with the sword/ knights?

Joseph Loera says:

I just got this laptop… unfortunately I can’t play Overwatch. For some reason it always crashes or disconnects from server. I am so bummed out.

Oppu Sarkar says:

Thats the speed all utubers should talk and I had a feeling u r GEEK when it comes to spec AWESOME less time great speed wow

Rajiv Sayee Prasad says:

Love ur editing style. Great informative review. Thinking of getting this laptop so thank you because your video helped me decide.

SHARE 4 U says:

nice video description

francis joseph says:

the screen looks like a 10 year old laptop

Abdulaziz zahrani says:

whats the name of game

RosenFiddlesYou says:



Great videos perfomance at all.Suscribed to your channel.Please take a look to my channel and suscribe.Thanks

Neil Patrick Faller says:

for $2500 laptop, Auros X7 v5 with 970m SLI is better choice, same or better than gtx 980 desktop


piece of shit … mother like alienware not like the m18x r2 with sli 980m …. and way this acers gpu and cup are soldered to mobo lmao! junk

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