Acer Predator 15 + 17 Review – Powerful Gaming Laptops

My review of the Acer Predator 15 and Predator 17 Gaming Laptops covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive gaming performance tests.

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Google Edits says:

I am not a big fan of Acer but…. this maybe chnaged my mind i have to check it out in a store and safe up some money if i like it

Rana Elkurdi says:

i liked the keyboard so much looks very comfortable for typing

ItzCrumple says:

As an owner of one of these, You can change the backlighting, Currently have mine set to cyan. This is for the ’15 model, It can run basically any game you want it to on high-ultra. And the stickers they scatter on it are weirdly satisfying to have tuere.

I’d recommend buying it. Worth the money

Robert Rachita says:

im planning to buy a new laptop, i had an acer i bought almost 4 years ago so its outdated. yet i am undecided between the acer predator 17 and asus rog g752, both with new pascal cards. What should i choose? i know acer is slighty cheaper (better specs for same money as the rog) but i prefer the rog’s design. such a hard decision…

Lyle Wiley says:

Acer Predator G5-793-72AU GTX 1060 is equipped with a G-SYNC Monitor.

Kelvin Reyes says:

Can I replace the ssd drive and add a larger capacity ssd?

Casatony says:

what’s the name of the game at 4:11 ?

Ghanim Mansoori says:

I do have a Question. whats the best gaming laptop? Price doesnt matter please let me know 🙂

oshjosh joshjosh says:

Can you do an upgraded version of this since they can now have GTX 1070 on them.

Carl Chen says:

What game is that at 4:13?

SKWING says:

Can it ru. Ark

Sinke says:

are you sure that it doesnt have g-sync? my friend works at a store who sells this laptop and he says that THAT computer is the ONLY one in the store with g-sync i dont know if it matters but i live in finland

Froughttrack says:

Need help deciding between the Asus Predator 17, Asus Rog G752VT, or the Asus Rog GL502 need thoughts on which is better

ponas tomas says:

Why the fuck predators are so expensive in UK.. For 100-200 less you can buy an alienware even with same or slightly better specs. Also the extra fan you can swap in is just an useless gimmick which is kinda rude from Acer.

Connor Blair says:

can i use my 2TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD with this laptop?

Kelvin Reyes says:

Can I replace the ssd drive and add a larger capacity ssd?

Jason Darbel says:

Hey Dave 2D ! I would have liked too know the name of The games you played? Thank you and merry Christmas :)!

Tien Tran says:

Hi Dave, new egg have this Predator with gtx 1060 226ssd I7 6700hq. would you recommend this set up for 4k video editing? what about this screen color accuracy? or would you recommend some other laptop

Naruset Lomaban says:

How can you afford all the expensive laptop what do you do with it

Navneet sharma says:

can we add 2nd hdd over 1st and can we upgrade hdd

aditya bachhawat says:

which software do you use for the animations in your videos

Shitlord says:

I love the acer predator (i got the 17) thing handles wonderfully

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

this or the alienware?

Петър Петров says:

nice review men

David Schön says:

wicht Model Nummer is The 17 inch

B. Ning says:

Dave Lee, Can you Please review again the New Acer Predator 15″ G9-593 /17″ G9-793, both with GTX1070, it seem has improve a lot and with Real G Sync.

Morgan Thurmond says:


Jason Lang says:

Dave2d’s voice is so smooth and calming.

azazel haque says:

do a alienware 17 r4

Ashish Dutt says:

Do you buy these????

Oscar Fernandez says:

should i get this or the asus strix?

George Hernandez says:

Am I the only one aroused by this?

Gaming Legend 246 says:

you bought both? o.o

Sivakumar Nama says:

I’m gonna sell this useless iMac for this powerful beast

Adam M.Noor says:

Selling my PS4 for this beast

Willem Preston says:

I was really hoping the button near the trackpad was a fingerprint sensor

winterthrone29 says:

I bought Acer predator 17 G9-791 6 months ago and I can say I regret nothing. Money well spend. I was pretty sceptical with acer in the begining but they have really outdone themselves.
I have upgrade ram to 16 gb (2x 8) and soon I will put better SSD. I got him with some Lite-on ssd (its not bad but also its not good, below average. Read speed is 480, write 140)
Almost all games run on 60 fps all ultra. And cooling is amzing. CPU is around 60-65C on some more demanding games 70C, GPU never pass 46C

Sid B says:

Do you have Irish heritage? Your accent sounds a bit Irish.

silver surfervo says:

is this supposed to compete with the ASUS ROG G752

weed man says:

i am thinking about buying the one with a 1060

FirstNeva Follow says:

chance to win acer predator.
go to link :

Russell Masc says:

Im planing on picking up the Acer Predator 15…wanted to know…could I swap the hardisk with one that runs on Windows 8.1? Are the Predator addons like Dust Defender and Predator Sense available for older Windows versions?…dont want to go through the trouble of reinstalling all the design software’s and games that I have.

2ndAmendmentGlock says:

Just as a personal preference, I really wish it had a removable battery. It’s just nice to be able to replace or extend battery life by a quick switch out instead of having to take the whole thing apart.

Curtis Meiring says:

Can I work for you.

Ben Canete says:

hi dave ? will you review Acer Predator 15 G9-593-761L gtx 1060 15″? what do you think? is it good ?

Fatalframer says:

Do you know if this is better than the asus rog 17″? I’m not sure if I should get this one or the asus.

Trofin Cristi says:

Dave i have a question please, is the second free SSD slot a PCIE that supports up to 2200mbps , on the official site i see that they specifiy only SATA 600. Thank you in advance and i hope you have the time to answer.

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