Acer Iconia One 10 Tablet Review

This is my review of the Acer Iconia One 10 Model B3-A20

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Graham Linux says:

I have a Nexus 7 Tablet with 32GB storage which I never seem to use anymore. When I am mobile I use my Smartphone and the rest of the time I use a Laptop or desktop. I think Tablets are falling out of favour, or maybe that’s just me.

Hyper Sky Lord says:

my country only has a 16 gb model the only 32 gb is and i pad witch FOR SOME REASON MY COUNTRY LIKES TO OVERPRICE THINGS BY 100 EURO COULD GET A IPAD FOR 300 ERO IN POLAND BUT OH HEY IN LATVIA IT COSTS 409 wel atleast i get more memory than my old phone and tablet

Gaby Luis-Araiza says:

how do you screen shot

Kevin Andrews says:

Nice quick intro…like it

Cherry Sandy says:

the video was SO good ! I’ve never been that entertained by a review 🙂

Anime4 Mii says:

so that what your past was like, since you went to school as a highschool
my goss you like girl!

SnepKaunt says:

Anybody can read the spec sheet. How about testing battery life, some games and some benchmarks? How about showing how good is that front facing camera? How about showing the display in the sunlight?

Hajra Hashim says:

l like Acer is my tab

Desi Television says:

this was a great review

Blizard The Furry of Sabertooth says:

how do I do a video on my acer?

CreepersGateway says:

Outstanding review. I rally like your format and delivery, keep it up!

Andrew Fomin says:

Man, your videos just really awesome! Thank you & keep doing what you doing. 🙂

Mabirc says:

I prefer Tablets with a great and sharp display and very good performance and its ok if they cost more.

New Message says:

I just got one and it freezes all video after 10 or so minutes. The audio still plays, but the video stops dead.

Richard Dale says:

I use my tablet all the time for YouTube and email but still prefer physical copies of magazines and books.

team please!!!! says:

I got Acer iconia one 10 and 7

ғl Ð'тll says:

atleast it has a headphone jack

Gordon Keenan says:

Acer – For me that’s all I had to hear Bruce! Maybe I’m jaded with the amount of Acer gear I have had to deal with through the years. but I dread to think how long the tablet will last, plus when it develops a fault, how quickly the issue will be resolved.

Dorothy Francone says:

I just got one 6 days ago. I am so used to my Iphone and Ipod that I am having trouble getting used to Android, Chrome, Google. Have been on the phone with the tech support for 3 days and some of them are good and some do not know how to speak English. So for me, I have not made up my mind on this tablet. But, I will say the price was good at $129.99 and I had a 64gb SD installed for an additional $30.00.

Cam says:

Although the Acer Iconia is name-brand, I think the TechTablets youtube channel does a good job providing info about those no-name companies, so you know which companies to avoid. I bought the ChuWi Hi10 (with attachable keyboard) for about a total of $200, and it has a 1200p screen, 64gb storage, 4gb ram, and 3 USB ports, which makes it great as a 2-in-1. I think going with lesser known companies gets you better performance, but more risk of a DOA product. Luckily, mine works fine.

Brian Binns says:

I enjoyed this review. Laughed at you consuming literature on the John. I am really enjoying your new format.

Mr Wilson says:

Love ur videos

acdc ! says:

nice review,i just ordered mine on my local shopping channel!

Xane Jane says:

yeh! save the trees lol go digital.

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