A Most Useful Of Complications – My Top 5 Best GMT Watches + Sinn 856 UTC Review

One of my favourite and personally most useful complications in a watch is that extra 4th GMT hand. Whether you are a pilot changing timezones or a frequent traveler, this feature to keep track of loved ones and families overseas is one I find especially useful. Today I review one of the best dual time zone timepieces I have come across so far, the Sinn 856 UTC. I also countdown my personal top 5 GMT watches including the Omega Seamaster 300m, Orient Star Seeker, Seiko Map Meter SLT109P2, Glycine Airman and and course the Rolex GMT Master and Master II.

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elGrande says:

I have the Orient Polaris GMT white dial with cobalt blue hands and cannot take this watch off. It is my first watch with a power complication and I love it. I also have the Squale 30 Atmos GMT Pan Am and for the money, these two watches keep me very happy.

Yun Long says:

Love glycine airman GMT!! Can you recommend some online shops? And what is a reasonable price range for airman world traveler? Thank You!!

Martijn Niesten says:

Very nice video again. The Glycine Airman is awesome. Bu why Invicta bought Glycine….. Now I don’t want it anymore. Sorry but I hate Invicta

paolo zafra says:

Good to hear you’re usual voice back TGV! 🙂

Mwonger says:

Awesome review!

oh, but the way you poke at the crystal with that spring bar tool makes me cringe lol I wonder how resistant that top AR coating is….

mistermatsuda says:

I want that Sinn. I can afford it, but can’t pull the trigger!

FurrowedSon says:

You sound a *lot* better today – hope you continue to recover well, and glad it wasn’t a long stay in hospital. I love GMT watches so thanks for posting this.

George Karl III says:

So glad you’re back in the saddle TGV!

MrSmallpops says:

Love the intro music when you ‘roll the tape’…care to share who it is? Thanks

Sean Rafferty says:

always love your intro music

Malik Knows says:

Hi TGV, thanks for the review of the Sinn 856. I own one and was curious for your opinion.

As you mentioned, it is clearly a pilot’s watch with that instrument dial, yet I consider it a field watch that I can accompany me on just about any outdoor activity. I travel with it as my primary day-to-day watch, and slip a more elegant Alpina Worldtimer in my bag for dressier evenings out. Its robustness and ease of wear makes it a worry-free companion just about anywhere. Glad to see your interest in Sinn, and I hope you spend some more time with them. I’ve also got an EZM 13 which I use diving and it is in some respects more dear to me.
All the best,

Tim Archer says:

One of my favorite videos of yours. Nice to se the Glycine getting some press.

Jerome Riptide says:

Great review of the Sinn. I’m a huge fan of Sinn. My U2 is one of my most favorite divers ever.

twstrchasr says:

What about the Rolex Explorer II ?

Patrik Sebek says:

Good vid as always! 🙂
A question….Would you prefer an Airman with a GMT hand or a purist version?

David C says:

Hi TGV, sorry, it’s not related to this particular video but I’m wondering if you might answer this question. I’m considering a Hamilton Khaki King with the brown leather strap. I’d like to wear it for work where I usually wear dark chinos and black leather shoes. Would it be considered a faux pas to wear a watch with brown leather with black leather shoes?

alex says:

Show us your collection of tanks and aircraft. I’m thinking of purchasing one myself, just for the study.

Michael Orme says:

The old model Explorer 2. Still very affordable currently. If GMTs keep going up guess what’s going to happen to Explorer 2 prices?

brian connolly says:

love the GMT discussion. living in the UK I always have my GMT set with the GMT hand pointing at the 24 hour time. Panerai make a lovely gmt with a power reserve indicator too. great video.

Jack says:

Happy to see you in your “normal” healthy self 🙂

Kavinsky Smith says:

so what do you make of the GMT master II batman personally? as I’ve been getting kind of sweet on that honestly. although at the same time I’m doing a what the hell at its water resistance as it seems like it should be higher given I think its using the same case as the submariner.

Alisan Temur says:

Ih hm ih hm again from Rhodos.

Jakob Bredo says:

Would you please explain more in depth why ypu perfer ceramic bezzles? (Given it’s anything more than a simple taste preference). Great video btw.

Daniel Wood says:

Question to the crowd: Citizen Nighthawk or the Orient Star Seeker, which is the better GMT? Both are gorgeous. I like the hardiness of quartz and the solar-charge. Keep going back-and-forth on things like size (small wrist, 38mm-40mm is where I live) and cost. The Star Seeker would be the absolute limit of what I’d be comfortable paying for a watch at this time. The Nighthawk is large, yet is something I can make peace with given it’s features.

Thoughts? Thanks.

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Mido Belluna GMT, a very classy dress watch with a GMT hand

Ben Aronson says:

I love the subtleness of the date window on the Sinn. They can sometimes throw off the symmetry of a watch completely, but this one is done very tastefully.

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