300BPM streaming skill (Gaomon tablet review)

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IT: http://amzn.to/2cvkPyS
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CA: http://amzn.to/2c6oaUp

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Stormdelta Wanzai says:

Notebook are better

kekz says:

nice ass

ImPrizzo says:

Nice ass

Jegler says:


RafaelEKH says:

stop attention whoring, faget

H Tapia says:

xDDDDDDD wtf 1:26 gore hard

Peppy's Unwanted Child says:

200 pp per second

Konrád Kecskés says:

But mouse can everything.

ok says:

I knew you’re a jew

DetectiveStrafe says:

Sexy Verto 😉

00000ghcbs says:

the blood was fake, disliked

Abhiraj Rao says:

Are those eye drops next to the Cookiezi shrine? 4Head

ylside2121 says:

Some time I have to make a video about this secret ass-streaming technique 9:47 , since you already revealed it to the public :/

Eszerd says:

Do some dota2 mid only

Wicher612 says:

That is all cause of your wodden gay-ming chair

Rifky R. says:

this is some high quality content

Kynan383 says:

Hey my 300BPM streaming skills are copyrighted you fuck DansGame

Jkjk original review man, was fun to watch haha 😀

Roasted One says:

quality content, good job :v

Fullyverified says:

What the hell?

SilicalNZ says:


Roseus Jaeger says:

Quality content

DatBoiSora says:

Pass the bleach

I can’t handle the cringe

? ? says:

What is happening ? I lost my self into satanic content i think..

Branko Lekic says:

“This is harder than Image Material”

Kazuma-desu aaa says:

you look like papa franku


Dyldonious says:

Plate shattered but plate is still in one piece what is this fake shit

Jason Anaminus says:

me irl

waste of oxygen says:

this is beautiful

loltroll854 says:

You looks like Angelsim, lol

[ G h o s t ] osu! says:

Low-key you just helped me find a tablet thats not 200 dollars that I can use. My current one is dying rn thanks ^^

Eitoon , says:


S-PREME says:

verto my nigga u look like a jew

Chuki The Wolf says:


P.S. verto is Sexy :3

Project Overturn says:

If you can single tap 150 bpm, BAM 300 bpm streams.

If yuo can single tap 300 bpm… BAM 600 bpm streams

Name Less says:

2:02 killed me

Pixelbyte says:

“this is harder then image material”
wait image material is hard? what about that 9* map?

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