2017 Vizio 36” 5.1 Surround Sound SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar Review

This is the world’s first review of Vizio’s brand new flagship sound bar system. If you’re looking for affordable, feature-packed surround sound for your home theater setup this is definitely something to consider.

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Zack Trunzo says:

Are these out in Canada yet I have been waiting for these and the new M series 2017 to hit Amazon CA but can’t seem to find them? Great video!

Gustavo Parra says:

I have this sound bar, but I want to invest a little bit more in a better sound bar. Around 400$ . Do you know any other sound bar around this price ? . Thank you 🙂

Richard Petrus says:

Is this going to make my RedBox DVDs sound good? I hate it that when I watch them with TV speakers the sound effects are so loud but the people talking is so low. Would this fix the problem or the problem is how the dvd is compressed ?

JayMonstaR6 says:

$250? Hmm i might grab this.

Eliezer Brito says:

so the satelites dont have sound,or is just alittle sound that comes out of them?

Bradley Herrin says:

What HDMI splitter/switcher device is shown at 2:35?

Caesar the Lost God says:

What size is the tv

Andrew Dhulst says:

If you wish the rear satellite speakers to be Wireless, how would they be powered?

ray gnuoy says:

Do you have a video with using these speakers with google home?

Grisana LENDJOUGHOU says:

Hello Gus, 
Does anyone know the exact model name  ?

Grey says:

i just bought this exact model, very pleased but the satellite speakers are very disappointing would i be able to upgrade them using the same cables?

Looney Ink says:

I got the sound bar and the sub roofer is there a way I could add on more speakers if so can you please contact I am very interested

chase anderson says:

Where did you get the panels on the walls behind you?

meowmeow44444 says:

:56 sec “When there’s an explosion, and something rumbles….and it really does,…then you’re going to feel it………almost.” How do you almost feel something?

Mónica López says:

Does anyone knows how many watts it has ? 100? 200 ? Anyone ?

Michael Neary says:

You deserve way more subscribers

christopher crowley says:

What’s the model number ?

dorjeh lungtog says:

If the soundbar placed on the ground,will it still sound good?
Cuz im gonna use it with a projector nd the screen almost touches the ground, so i need to put the bar on the floor.

Antonio Gordon says:

Got the vizio 65 inch SmartCast with this and I love it

Brad Kamman says:

do you know if the HDMI ARC on this system supports HDR? (HDCP2.2)?

Ezaarkash says:

love vizio TV — but this is NOT wireless so they should stop advertising it as wireless… WIRELESS means, a dongle in the AMP, and NO WIRES ANYWHERE ! not speakers and not the sub or the soundbars –

Sutej Bhosekar says:

Can you use smartcast to also watch videos on tv from devices?

rich schindler says:

Just picked this up at Sam’s Club, $150. Sounds pretty good , and can’t beat the price.

Robert Lopez says:

In comparison to the Sonos sound bar and speakers, what would you recommend best?

forog1 says:

anyone know what wattage the subwoofer is the others not really as important to me as the wattage on the sub as i do not wish to blow it as it is great sounding sub but I’m concerned about its big sound from its size.

TheRandomS#!TChannel says:

I’ve done a ton a research but can’t seem to find the answers, but would you happen to know if i can pass an HDR signal through this sound bar, as my Vizio M series TV has only one HDMI port available for ARC/HDR which is currently being used by my PS4 Pro.

Mike Honcho says:

Does anyone know if I can unplug the two rear speakers and just use the sound bar and subwoofer?

Pri yon Joni says:

I think having the satellite speakers powered from the sub is better than having them wireless for the following reasons:

1. It only requires the system to pair one Bluetooth connection
2. A self powered speaker would be heavier to mount since the amplifier would be within the enclosure
3. A battery powered wireless speaker would need to be charged often OR
4. The speakers would still need a power source. Wires for power are a lot thicker than the provided speaker cables that go to the sub so it could be more clutter. With the sub, you only use two thinner speaker cables and only need one power outlet to use.

Yoalbert Gomez says:

HDMI works as connection but that limits you to the single input to which the sound at is connected. Optical cable is the best option for connection and quality. You can connect it directly to your tv or receiver via the optical cable so that it works for all the devices you have connected.

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