2016 Razer Blade Review

Lisa Gade reviews the 2016 Razer Blade, a 14” gaming laptop with the power of a much larger machine. It’s clad in a stealthy aluminum matte black that you could take into a meeting, and weighs just 4.3 lbs. (1.95 kg). For 2016 Razer lowers the price, updates the CPU to 6th gen Intel Skylake, improves cooling, tweaks the Chroma keyboard, uses a more legible keyboard font.

** Read our full written review here: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/notebooks/2016-Razer-Blade.htm

The 0.7” thick laptop is great for pro apps and gaming. It runs Windows 10 on the Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad core, 45 watt CPU with Intel HD 530 graphics switchable with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 6GB DDR5 graphics via NVIDIA Optimus. It has 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM and your choice of a 256 or 512 gig PCIe NVMe SSD. It has what might be described as the world’s most entertaining notebook keyboard thanks to Chroma backlighting and many available effects with infinite color choice. Excellent Killer Wireless AC WiFi with Bluetooth, a 2MP webcam and a very compact charger are standard. It starts at $1,999.

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Oded Yatzkan says:

hello Lisa!
I’m an architect, using a lot of 3D and graphics programs… I’m traveling a lot, so i need a lite portable machine.
I’m debating whether i should get the blade QHD 2016 or Origin EVO-S 15,

any recommendations? thanks

Edwina David says:

can this work with like homework or assignments

Lesley Harrys says:

Best laptop I’ve ever had. Not perfect. Not the best value. But best allrounder.

Bi bew says:

GTA V is ultra setting??

Han Zhang says:

hellooww HP, stop doing that. lololol

EtrnL_Frost says:

lol @ “let’s see how stealthy I can be!” Proceeds to let a heavy SAW rip.

Sly ninja says:

I got the pro version of Razer blade the Razer blade pro its better

The Last Gamer says:

how much does it cost?

ripperx444 says:

Things important on any lap top… battery life (sucks on this), track pad( sucks on this), software ( WINDOWS sucks!!! always has. pop ups all over, crashes and updates every 2 days)

The Strider9 says:

will it last for 4 years atleast? on moderate to heavy use? or laptops like Alienware are better?

Julian Ruano says:

18:56 actually it does get really hot, enough to cause pain

GoRaw GoVegan says:

where do you purchase that brand of laptop???

Slink YT says:

the laptop is to small can’t play i have asus rog the lastest lol

Edwin Inda says:

2016 Razer Blade or MSI gs63vr?

Go Russia says:

бл, а русские тут есть?

Milan Tomcik says:

How does this QHD looks like when gaming at 1080p? Does the image look blurry please?

ShuaRemy says:

19:09 man nipple got me hard hahaha

Mrcrazytony97 says:

only $1,200…

JooJoo Flop says:

Lisa Razer needs to.. and i mean MEDICALLY needs to send you the blade PRO really need to hear your views on it before i buy it!

Tasty Tyrone says:

Can this run The Division? Just wondering because my desktop pc can’t.

Marsh says:

ummm….any store I can get this?

MonkeyPancakeGaming xXXx says:

is that a man ?

duby149 says:

I’m at a toss-up between this and The HP Omen I never hold a laptop that cost more then 300 dollars and the last computer desktop I bought was 10 years ago so I was thinking of dropping around 1500 for a gaming laptop but I’m. Otherwise going to play anything on a super high end setting I’m a console gaming erro and want to take advantage of the new Microsoft play anywhere thing so what should I do I was going to go with an i7 and 16ram but I don’t know witch one would be better when it comes to graphic cards

Refrieddog says:

Whats the battery life with just web surfing?

Finn McCoy says:

Could this handle rust?

jjjim1 says:

Got mine a month ago and love it, I do wish the screen wasn’t so glary though. Can you recommend a vendor that makes matte screen protectors for the razer?

John Renz Caballero says:

If the Blade had an ethernet port he got my Money

ShuaRemy says:

19:09 man nipple got me hard hahaha

Zach Mann says:

Is it worth the money to upgrade and get the 1060 or just go for this model. I don’t plan on doing intensive gaming but still want something fast

Harry Sood says:

what are some good external hard drives/ssd’s for use with the thunderbolt 3/usbc? i’m looking for something budget


my dad will buy it for me

Rory Azul says:

18:52 got my ass

Andrei Bunea says:

Please compare the New Surfacebook with the New Razer Blade and the New MacbookPro

BRBallin1 says:

Don’t those vents attract a lot of dust into the laptop?

David Ford says:

I’m still not a huge fan of the videos introduction jingle. You need to call Charlie Sheen.

the chemtrail kid says:

Any plans on reviewing the FHD version?

camiji says:

Part of me think’s I remember reading on this Model that the Fans on the bottom Blow out instead of sucking in air making a laptop cooler useless.

Yayap7 says:

I would love to see a review of the 1060 FHD(1080p) model!

ripperx444 says:

Worst customer service on earth. My credit card has a pending charge that they won’t release and the credentials to see your order status that they emailed do not work. Customer service takes 48 hours to reply with some canned bullshit and don’t answer the simple question of …”what is the status of my order”. They told me you can’t access the site because of “heavy web traffic”. Are you fucking kidding me? After 1 full week they replied and said .. oh it’s back ordered. Card is still pending and no lap top in site. I tried cancelling the order and they said “we can try but can’t promose it will go through and returns shipping will be on you”

Spazz says:

most mlg gameplay

ItsMo says:

Hey, what screen recorder did u use the one with frame rates?

Dough says:

Can u give that to me?

RadespotosR says:

does anyone know why do they still sell the 2015 edition ONLY, 50% more expensive in Europe?

Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

just got mine, and the screen looks a bit washed out. anyone could share its ICC profile file product of a formal calibration? I don’t have the device to calibrate the screen. thanks.

Marius Kugland says:

There is a new version of the razer blade with gtx 1060 inside

Huy Vo says:

like how this channel does not take dramatic close up shots of products.

CalmGameshow says:

grandma plays: farcry

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