2016 Razer Blade Pro Review (GTX 1080) – The Best Laptop for Pros?

Dave2D review of the THINNEST laptop with a GTX 1080 – Razer Blade Pro. Covering build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.
Razer Blade Pro – http://amzn.to/2gErAix
Keyboard – http://amzn.to/2hRb4wX
Laptop Bag – http://amzn.to/2hzpOBH

Desktop Wallpaper Download – http://i.imgur.com/FF6Ii5s.jpg

Music Credits:
Intro: Matanoll – Clearness (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Pure

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EX Muslim Mol7ed says:

never buy a gaming laptop… worst investment ever. Get a console if you need something to game on while traveling.

FheCksTar says:

I’m left handed.

Shuhaib mc says:

why do you always play this shitty overwatch,don’t you get any other games????

Sunset Jesus says:

2:34 The expensive mouse mat

GamingDolphin says:


Илюшка ;3 says:

авыаж=ывзаыва изолента блять

Fissle Wine says:

I love the look of the razed but dell offer a alternative with ips screen which is still much cheaper , would love to see a comparison review from you…

redshirtspeaker says:

how can i buy this music from fili?

Mahip Deva says:

i just love your videos

Kwaku Akyen-Aikins says:

nice review. may I know how or where to get that amazing wallpaper on your mac desktop?

BSD says:

2:30 when you are so poor to buy a mouse pad o_0

Candor says:

I would have bought if for 32 or 3300, but I couldn’t justify the extra 600$ for the thin chassis. I think Razerblade could have sold a ton of more units if they lowered the tag by 300$. I went with the MSI GT73 VR 4K. Could you please review it.

Bikers Rsps says:

Fucking ching chong

N L says:

Fan noise complaints on a gaming laptop are just ridiculous from people who do. Don’t buy a damn laptop if you want complete super computer and silence, also if you have to have thin laptops then don’t buy a gaming one, get an xps 15 or something maybe with even a 1060 and that will be thin and have enough power to do what you want.

Robert Pergolotti says:

I’m horrible at making my own pc any help?

HaHaHa says:

If I had a dollar for the amount of comments that talk about the mac, I’d be rich

NM10 says:

Why doesn’t Razer laptops come in India, specially in Kolkata. Though the price is very high, like it will approximately cost like 4 lakh rupees here!!!! That’s an extreme amount.

yezra says:

1:48 Dave showing us the D

Amer Azim says:

if you put skins that covers the logo… will it pass at the security check at airport

Naresh Mahendhar says:

can u pls upload Alienware 17 r4 review

XxsupersonicxX says:

I don’t have nearly enough money to afford that .-.

harsindo Oetama says:

u have a good mouse pad

sean says:

The Dell 7566/7567 also decreases the fan speed immediately after quitting a game. BTW, you got an expensive mouse pad!

Amal Balraj says:

you know someones rich when he uses a macbook for a mouse pad…

Harrison Watson says:

Is there any deals for this?

Alchemy says:

I wish I will be the owner of Razer

waterjewdoing says:

Youre videos are always good. Honestly your voice is calming.

Freaky Gamer - Overwatch and more! says:

Can you review the acer aspire E5 575

megawall says:


Brendan P says:

Another fantastic and super honest review! I love your animations! Also, that mousepad tho….hahahaha

NFBraz _ says:

Msi gt83vr rekt Razer Blade

Shelby S says:

I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled onto this channel for so long. The content’s great!

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